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Issue Date: December 21, 2017

Chemistry in Pictures: An eye for dye

Department: Science & Technology
Keywords: Outreach, fluorescent dyes
Credit: Erik Rodriguez
Photos of an eye painted with fluorescent dye under black light and white light next to photos of the paints in vials under black and white light.
Credit: Erik Rodriguez

Erik Rodriguez, an assistant professor at George Washington University, encouraged students in his instrumental analytical chemistry lab to paint with fluorescent dyes left over from an experiment. “I thought this would be a good activity to keep the students from getting bored while waiting for their turn to use an instrument,” he says. Student Nadine Lo painted this eye using malachite green (bluish-green), fluorescein(yellow), and sulforhodamine (pink) on a white index card, shown here under white light (bottom) and light from an ultraviolet light-emitting diode (top). When he’s not teaching, Rodriguez enjoys painting with bacteria expressing fluorescent dyes and sometimes uses the microbes and other dyes in his outreach work.

Submitted by Erik Rodriguez

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