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Issue Date: January 9, 2018

Chemistry in Pictures: Cobalt snowflakes

Department: Science & Technology
Keywords: Chemistry in Pictures, snowflake, cobalt, synthesis, nanoparticles, science, chemistry
Credit: Kehley Davies
A black-and-white micrograph of cobalt nanoparticles in the shape of snowflakes.
Credit: Kehley Davies

These structures may look like ice crystals, but they’re actually cobalt nanoparticles that Kehley Davies at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, synthesized from cobalt(II) chloride. The particles assume their snowflake shape during synthesis; if the chemist had stirred the solution the particles were in for longer, they’d have adopted flowerlike structures. Davies synthesized these particles as part of a research project focused on producing hydrocarbon fuels from visible light and simple reactants coupled with the cobalt particles.

Submitted by Kehley Davies

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