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Food Science

Quiz: How much do you know about the chemistry behind Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is an annual celebration involving several unique traditions. Test your knowledge of the chemistry underlying some of those traditions.

by Andy Brunning, special to C&EN
February 8, 2024



Before you take our quiz on the chemistry of Chinese New Year, make sure you check out our Periodic Graphic for some helpful hints.

When hot water is used to make dumpling dough, starch gelatinizes. What sugar is released during this process?
Which of the following are the two main proteins involved in forming the gluten network in dough?
What is the chemical name of the pigment historically known as Chinese red?
From which of the following plants did the people of China obtain a red dye for clothes?
In addition to potassium nitrate as an oxidizer and charcoal as a fuel, which of the following elements is present in gunpowder?
Which of the following metals is commonly used as a fuel in flash powder?
Which of the following is the most commonly used oxidizer in flash powder?

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