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October 19, 2017

Single-molecule experiment reveals polymer growth spurts

Researchers get the first detailed look at how catalysts crank out individual polymer chains

October 19, 2017 | Biological SCENE

At last, cancer-fighting inhibitors hit deubiquitinase target selectively

Two research groups find small molecules that block the enzyme USP7 and show promise in mice with tumors

October 18, 2017

Harry Gray shares his advice for new professors

Caltech chemist reflects on his first years as an independent researcher

October 18, 2017 | Materials SCENE

2-D materials make photodetectors ultra-efficient

Stacking ultrathin transition metal dichalcogenides improves devices’ ability to convert light into electrical signals

October 18, 2017 | Environmental SCENE

EPA restricts dicamba herbicide

Manufacturers agree to change labels to limit spray drift

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