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April 29, 2024 Cover

Volume 102, Issue 13

As climate change accelerates, small populations are having a larger impact on their ecosystems

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Volume 102 | Issue 13

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Quote of the Week

“These animal effects are hidden in plain sight, and we’re ignoring them.”

Oswald Schmitz, professor of ecology, Yale University

  • Can CRISPR help stop African Swine Fever?

    Gene editing could create a successful vaccine to protect against the viral disease that has killed close to 2 million pigs globally since 2021

  • Periodic Graphics: The chemistry of hydrangea color changes

    Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning illustrates the chemistry behind hydrangeas’ hues

  • Plastic production belches out over 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions

    Study finds emissions from making common plastics stem mainly from starting materials

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Reaction Mechanisms

Mechanochemistry strips cargo molecules from a loaded rotaxane

Using polymer strands to pull a ring along an axle could release repair molecules in self-healing materials