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Quiz: The elements essential to human life

Test your knowledge of which elements humans can’t live without

by Andy Brunning
April 25, 2019


Before you take our quiz on the essential elements for humans, make sure you check out our Periodic Graphic for some helpful hints.

Which of these elements makes up the greatest percentage of the average human body by mass?
Which of the following elements is not found in any of the 20 essential amino acids that our bodies use to make proteins?
Which of the following elements has key roles in fluid balance and normal nerve and muscle function?
Which of the following elements does not have an important role in our immune system?
Which of the following elements is found in our blood and helps carry oxygen from the lungs to our bodies’ cells?
Which of the following metals is found in vitamin B-12, which is essential for making red blood cells?
Which of the following is an effect of manganese deficiency in the body?

You Scored 33% - 1 out of 3


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