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ACS Meeting News

Your guide to the ACS Spring 2020 National Meeting in Philadelphia

C&EN's editors pick the speakers and symposia to catch

by Celia Henry Arnaud
February 24, 2020 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 98, Issue 8
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Click any speaker or symposium below for talk times and locations.

Must-see presenters

Photo of Lydia Contreras
Credit: Courtesy of Lydia Contreras
Lydia Contreras,
University of Texas at Austin
Harnessing RNA as a built-in biosensor
Photo of Sambeeta Das
Credit: Courtesy of Sambeeta Das
Sambeeta Das,
University of Delaware
Using magnetic micromotors to steer signaling molecules
Photo of Domenic Di Mondo
Credit: Courtesy of Domenic Di Mondo
Photo of Ulrica Edlund
Credit: Courtesy of Ulrica Edlund
Ulrica Edlund,
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Developing materials for clean air and water
Photo of Millicent Firestone
Credit: Courtesy of Millicent Firestone
Millicent Firestone,
Los Alamos National Laboratory
3-D printing shape-changing nanoparticle composites
Photo of Aaron Frank
Credit: Courtesy of Aaron Frank
Photo of Maria Gallardo-Williams
Credit: Courtesy of Maria Gallardo-Williams
Maria Gallardo-Williams,
North Carolina State University
Improving inclusion in the classroom by using virtual reality
Photo of Eric Garber
Credit: Courtesy of Eric Garber
Eric Garber,
US Food and Drug Administration
Detecting 15 food allergens, plus gluten, in a single assay
Photo of Terry Hazen
Credit: Courtesy of Terry Hazen
Photo of Jennifer Johnston
Credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Johnston
Photo of Gavin Jones
Credit: Courtesy of Gavin Jones
Photo of Bart Kahr
Credit: Courtesy of Bart Kahr
Photo of Niveen Khashab
Credit: Courtesy of Niveen Khashab
Niveen Khashab,
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Fine-tuning the microporosity of supramolecular structures
Photo of Tamar Kohn
Credit: Courtesy of Tamar Kohn
Tamar Kohn,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)
Measuring how ozone inactivates waterborne viruses
Photo of Carmelo La Rosa
Credit: Courtesy of Carmelo La Rosa
Photo of Kimberley Lentz
Credit: Courtesy of Kimberley Lentz
Kimberley Lentz,
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Predicting the correct human dose for drugs
Photo of Kang Liang
Credit: Courtesy of Kang Liang
Photo of Joshua Pottel
Credit: Courtesy of Joshua Pottel
Photo of Kathleen Reape
Credit: Spark Therapeutics
Kathleen Reape,
Spark Therapeutics
Getting a gene therapy approved
Photo of Robert Strongin
Credit: Courtesy of Robert Strongin
Robert Strongin,
Portland State University
Analyzing aerosols formed from cannabis extracts during vaping

Your scheduling assistant

There are so many symposia to choose from. Here are a few to get you started.

Graph Theory Underpinning New Domains of Physical Chemistry

Machine learning can reveal the what of data correlations but can’t explain the why. For that, there’s graph theory.

Sunday a.m./p.m., Monday a.m.

Food Packaging Materials: Safety, Active Packaging & Sustainability

Scientists will describe developments to make packaging materials that keep food safe and fresh.

Sunday a.m./p.m., Monday a.m./p.m., Tuesday a.m.

Chemical Safety Film Festival

Come learn what makes a good safety video, and watch excerpts from some of the best.

Sunday p.m.

Scientists Running for Public Office

In this panel discussion, scientist candidates will describe their experiences on the campaign trail.

Sunday p.m.

Meet C&EN’s 2020 Trailblazers: The Women Reshaping Chemistry’s Start-Up Landscape

This symposium featuring women entrepreneurs will be preceded by a Power Hour breakfast cohosted by the Gordon Research Conferences.

Monday a.m.

Strategies for Optimizing & Predicting Human Dose

Pharma scientists will talk about the challenges of accurately predicting the best dose for a drug early in the development process.

Monday a.m.

Challenges & Opportunities for Inclusive Chemistry Curriculum Design

Educators will discuss how strategies such as course-based research experiences can lead to a more inclusive curriculum.

Monday a.m.

Mental Health & Graduate School

This panel discussion will feature honest talk on the mental health challenges that graduate students face. Audience members will be able to participate in an anonymous Q&A moderated by C&EN.

Monday a.m.

Re-envisioning Chemistry’s Role in Environmental Sustainability: Perspectives on Progress & Future Directions

Chemists are key players in achieving environmental sustainability. This session will address issues such as green engineering, the circular economy, and critical education needs.

Tuesday a.m./p.m.

Macromolecular Science at the Dawn of Its Second Century

A century ago, the publication of Hermann Staudinger’s macromolecular hypothesis launched the field of polymer chemistry. This symposium will look at the current state of the field and the challenges ahead.

Tuesday a.m./p.m., Wednesday a.m./p.m.


Visit the official ACS national meeting website for the full technical program.

Download a PDF of our curated guide.



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