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ACS Meeting News

Your guide to the 2019 ACS Spring National Meeting in Orlando

C&EN’s editors pick the speakers and symposia to catch

by Celia Henry Arnaud
March 10, 2019 | APPEARED IN VOLUME 97, ISSUE 10

Credit: Shutterstock


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Click any speaker or symposium below for talk times and locations.

Must-see presenters

Credit: Argonne National Laboratory
Khalil Amine,
Argonne National Laboratory
Improving batteries for electric vehicles
Credit: Celgene
Credit: University of Michigan
Julie Biteen,
University of Michigan
Improving superresolution microscopy in live bacteria
Credit: Courtesy of Jean-Paul Desaulniers
Jean-Paul Desaulniers,
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Developing photoresponsive siRNAs
Credit: MilliporeSigma
Jacqueline Ignacio,
Recycling single-use plastics in biopharma
Credit: MIT
Kristala Jones Prather,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Engineering “valves” into biochemical pathways to control microbial metabolism
Credit: Univ. of Delaware
LaShanda Korley,
University of Delaware
Mimicking biological mechanics with supramolecular systems
Credit: Courtesy of Minjoung Kyoung
Minjoung Kyoung,
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Imaging enzyme assemblies in four dimensions
Credit: EPFL
Marinella Mazzanti,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne
Probing uranium(V) chemistry
Credit: University of New South Wales
Shelli McAlpine,
University of New South Wales
Controlling protein folding with small molecules
Credit: University of Florida
Leslie Murray,
University of Florida
Sculpting multimetal clusters to improve catalytic output
Credit: Courtesy of Rosa Palacin
Rosa Palacín,
Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona
Exploring rechargeable calcium batteries
Credit: Idaho National Laboratory
Credit: Courtesy of Matthew Romeyn
Matthew Romeyn,
NASA Kennedy Space Center
Feeding astronauts with crops grown in space
Credit: Courtesy of Richmond Sarpong
Richmond Sarpong,
University of California, Berkeley
Using C–C bond cleavage in new ways
Credit: Courtesy of Karen Steelman
Karen Steelman,
Shumla Archaeological Research and Education Center
Delving into rock-art paint layers with X-ray fluorescence
Credit: Courtesy of Wilfred Tysoe
Wilfred Tysoe,
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
Designing self-assembling molecular electronic circuits
Credit: US Navy photo by John F. Williams/Released
Christopher Voigt,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Engineering communities of plants and microbes for smart agricultural systems

Your scheduling assistant

There are so many symposia to choose from. Here are a few to get you started.

Archaeological Chemistry

Sunday PM, Monday AM/PM

Analytical methods illuminate the chemistry and materials unearthed at archaeological sites.

Micro- & Nanoplastics in the Environment: Detection, Characterization, Fate & Impact

Monday AM

Researchers want to understand how the plastics are getting into the environment and whether they’re causing harm.

A Decade Later: The Death of Sheri Sangji as a Catalyst for a Change in Safety Culture

Monday AM

Safety professionals explore how tragedy led to changes in the safety culture.

C&EN’s Start-Ups to Watch: Entrepreneurs Discuss Chemistry for New Frontiers

Monday AM

Representatives from C&EN’s Start-Ups to Watch will talk about what it takes to start your own venture.

Creating a Common Language for Chemistry: IUPAC’s Past, Present & Future Roles

Monday AM/PM

Celebrate the 100th birthday of the guardians of chemical nomenclature.

Innovative Green Chemistry: Striving toward Zero Waste API Manufacturing

Monday AM/PM

Chemists are looking for ways to make drugs responsibly and sustainably.

The Chemistry of Disasters

Monday PM

Learn how the chemistry community responds to and is affected by hurricanes, fires, and explosions.

The Flavor of Subtropical & Tropical Fruits

Monday PM, Tuesday AM/PM

You’re in Florida. It’s a great place to find out what gives oranges, mangoes, and other tropical fruits their distinctive flavors and aromas.

Covalent Inhibition Beyond Cysteine

Wednesday AM

Covalent binders now have other amino acids to latch onto when inhibiting protein targets.

Bioactive Delivery: Frontiers in Biomaterials

Wednesday AM/PM

Learn about how biomaterials are improving the delivery of agents to cells and tissue.


Visit the official ACS national meeting website for the full technical program.

Download a PDF of our curated guide.



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