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For District II director: Christina C. Bodurow

September 8, 2019 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 97, Issue 35


A photo of Christina C. Bodurow
Credit: Courtesy of Eli Lilly and Company
Christina C. Bodurow

Indiana Section. IQVIA. Indianapolis, Indiana.

Academic record: Kalamazoo College, BA 1979; Princeton University, MS, 1981; Princeton University, PhD, 1984.

Honors: ACS Fellow, 2014; Volunteer of the Year, ACS Indiana Section, 2014; ACS Award for Encouraging Women into Careers in the Chemical Sciences, sponsored by the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, 2001.

Professional positions (for past 10 years): IQVIA, vice president, Global Regulatory Affairs, Data Sciences, Safety & Regulatory, 2019–; PharmaDOQS, president, 2018–; Eli Lilly and Company, Lilly Research Laboratories, 1984–2017, Medicines Development Unit External Sourcing, senior director, 2009–17; Global R&D Operations Product Research & Development, director, 2004–09.

Service in ACS national offices: Board of Directors, director, District II, 2017–19, councilor ex officio, 2017–19; Women Chemists Committee, 1989–97, chair, 1995–97; Committee on Corporation Associates, 1991–94; ACS Advisory Board for Industrial Relations, 1996–98.

Service in ACS offices: Indiana Section: councilor, 2016; alternate councilor, 2002–3; past chair, 2001; chair, 2000; chair-elect and Program Committee chair, 1999; ACS National Meeting Host Committee, chair, 2011–13. Indiana Regional Meeting: Special Event, chair, 2004; Indiana Section National ACS Meeting Host Committee, chair, 2011–13.

Member: Member of ACS since 1980; Drug Information Association; ACS division: Organic Chemistry.

Related activities: Butler University, adjunct professor of chemistry, graduate program, Sept. 1985–Dec. 1989; Indianapolis University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, adjunct professor of chemistry, graduate program, Jan. 1990–May 1992; Princeton Chemistry Department Advisory Board, 1997–; Princeton Graduate Leadership Council, 2005–13; Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association; Global Partnerships in Clinical Trials Advisory Board/Faculty, 2010–; Partnership in Asia-Pacific Clinical Trials Advisory Board/Faculty, 2011–16; Indiana Life Science R&D Summit Founder, 2015–; published 14 journal articles; two patents (organometallic catalysis, β-lactam synthesis).

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy for the ACS Board of Directors. I have found my many years of involvement in ACS to be inspiring, challenging, and very rewarding, and it would be a privilege to continue to serve in a second term as District II director. ACS has the power to significantly impact the future of chemistry in the world, and I have worked with ACS leadership, and across many facets of the society, to realize that goal. There are several key issues in particular which will ensure ACS’s benefit to chemistry for all humankind. They include continuing to grow and nurture the membership, public advocacy and education, and diversity and inclusion.

ACS membership growth. It is well known that ACS’s membership has declined in recent years. Our able ACS leadership and staff have made significant efforts to understand the issue and institute effective programs to recruit and retain members. Of particular concern is the decline in industry members. During my tenure on the board (2017–2019), and leveraging my industrial career experience, I was involved in a strategic initiative aimed at increasing both the number of industry members, but also the number of companies associated with ACS. My work with the Corporation Associates Committee resulted in a refreshed strategic direction, with new tools, to change the trajectory for corporate relationships with the ACS.

ACS engaging the public. ACS leadership and staff are constantly working to develop and deliver critical information about the chemical enterprise in a nonpartisan way to government officials. When the immediate past president, Allison Campbell, developed a workshop to help members learn advocacy strategies at the local level, I invited her to the Indiana Section to perform the very first pilot of that program with a local section. The workshop will be refined and made available to many local sections across the country. Having a voice, and a seat at the government table, is a critical aspect of educating the public and advocating for the importance of the chemical enterprise.

ACS for all chemists. As ACS grows its membership in the US and around the world, the strength of our community has as its foundation the ACS values: passion for chemistry; focus on members; professionalism; safety and ethics; diversity, inclusion, and respect. While I embrace them all, and recognize that they are all important, there has never been a higher need for focus on diversity, inclusion, and respect. As a champion of women in chemistry for over three decades (established WCC-Lilly Travel Awards, 1989; chair, WCC, 1995–97) and strong advocate for inclusion of chemists of all backgrounds, I will continue to raise awareness, address issues, and ensure that participation in ACS for all members is accessible and rewarding.

As a long-standing industry member of ACS, with a strong track record of interfacing with academia, I bring that perspective, knowledge, and experience into the ACS director role. As a leader in the ACS women chemists movement, and working mom, I will also bring the important perspectives of diversity and work-life balance to the position. My approach to maximize the success of any ACS endeavor has always been to listen to all inputs and be as inclusive as possible in orchestrating the path to the future. I would be honored to continue as your District II representative and look forward to serving you and working with you in the future. For more information, please see

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