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For president-elect: Judith C. Giordan

by Judith C. Giordan
September 10, 2021 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 99, Issue 33


A photo of Judith C. Giordan.
Credit: Linda Wang
Judith C. Giordan

Connecticut Valley Section. ecosVC, Pelham, Massachusetts.

Academic record: Rutgers University, BS, chemistry 1975; University of Maryland, PhD, chemistry, 1980; University of Frankfurt, postdoctorate, 1980–81.

Honors: ACS Fellow, 2013; Francis P. Garvin-John M. Olin Medal, 2010; Alexander von Humboldt Innovative Networking Prize, 2015; Henry F. Whelan, Jr. Award for Business Excellence and Development, ACS Division of Business Development and Management, 2014; Who’s Who in International Leaders of Business, 1994–96; Who’s Who in American Women of Science, 1993; Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship, 1980–81; Gillette Research Fellow, University of Maryland, 1979–80; George H. Cook Scholar, Rutgers University, 1974–75; Alpha Tau Alpha and Alpha Zeta.

Professional positions (for past 10 years): ecosVC, managing director and vice president, 1992–; Chemical Angels Network, cofounder, 2012–; Oregon State University, professor of practice, 2014–19; National Science Foundation, program officer, 2006–08; University of Southern Mississippi, professor of practice, 2002–08; International Flavors and Fragrances, vice president, chief technology officer, and global director of research and development, 1997–99; The Pepsi-Cola Company, vice president of worldwide R&D, 1996–97; Henkel Corporation, vice president of R&D, 1989–96; Teroson, a division of Henkel Corporation, vice president and general manager, 1994–95.

Service in ACS national offices: Committee on Corporation Associates, member, 2015–18, consultant, 2019–21; Women Chemists Committee, committee associate, 2012–14, consultant, 2006–11; Board of Directors, District III, 1993–96; councilor, ex officio, 1993–96; Committee on Public Affairs and Public Relations, 1995–96, chair; Committee on Professional and Member Relations, 1993–94; Committee on Publications, 1991–96; Task Force on Public Image, 1995; Ad Hoc Committee on Industry Relations, 1995; Chemical & Engineering News Publishing Board, 1992–93, 1995–96.

Service in ACS offices: ACS Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting & Expo, Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group, cochair, 2018–20; Presidential Initiative on Innovation, chair, 2017–19. ACS Northwest Regional Meeting, program track co-organizer, 2017–19; ACS Task Force on Governance, 2016–19; Presidential Poll Task Force, chair, 2001. California Section: alternate councilor, 2001–06.

Member: Member of ACS since 1977. ACS Divisions: Agricultural and Food Chemistry; Business Development and Management; Inorganic Chemistry; Small Chemical Businesses; Professional Relations.

Related activities: nexTC Materials, 2019–; National and Regional ACS Meetings symposium, organizer, 2009–, invited symposium speaker, 1995; Qteros, 2006–14; Zygote Games, 2005–06; Waterman Committee Foundation, member, 2004–07, chair, 2007; Integral Solutions, dba 1EXECStreet 2001–03; Steel City Re, 2003–08; ACS Tour, speaker, 2000–06; Voltage, 2000–05; Board for Science and Math Standards 1997–99; National Science Chemistry Division Advisory Committee; Math and Physical Sciences Advisory Board, 1996–99; Chemical Manufacturers Association (now the American Chemistry Council), representative for Henkel Corporation, 1994–96; National Research Council, Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology, 1994–97; Industrial Research Institute, Board of Directors, 1993–96, Seminar Committee, 1995–96, Study Groups, 1994–95, chair, Pre-College Education Committee, 1991–93; Conference Board, Speaker and Advisory Committee, 1993–97; Executive Committee Corporate Council on Math and Science Education, 1992–94; testimony given before the Congressional Committee on Science, 1993; Representative to White House Symposium honoring Women in Industrial Science, 1993; Venture, cofounder and board member; ecosVC (formerly Visions in Education) 1992–; Wissahickon Educational Opportunities Foundation, vice president, and cofounder, 1990–93. University Advisory Boards: Oregon State University, College of Science Industry and Innovation Board, 2018–; Purdue University, Innovation Commercialization Board 2017–18; University of Maryland, Chemistry Department, Visiting Committee, 2012–15; Pennsylvania State University, Institute for the Study of Business Markets, Smeal Business School, 2003–05; University of Maryland, College of Life Sciences Advisory, 2001–04.

Giordan’s statement

I believe ACS must remain a strong force and advocate for the chemical sciences, chemists and chemical engineers at the national, state and local levels. While chemistry has shone brightly as a beacon of hope in the development of COVID-19 treatments, and science is being lauded at the moment,

the planet needs sustainable solutions that only chemistry can provide.

the general public still distrusts the scientific process, and

the chemistry community needs to ensure that diversity, equity, inclusion and respect come to full fruition—with ACS “walking the walk” in all that we do for all people.

I have always believed in the power of chemists and chemistry for creating good in the world. This belief shaped my entire career as a bench scientist; R&D executive and chief technology officer; as an investor and founder of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-intensive companies; as a member of government agency boards or staff; in professional society and academic roles; and in founding ecosVC, where our goal is to ensure that ­every STEM researcher has the skills, network and resources to help their research make a positive impact in the world.

My belief in the greatness of chemistry has led me to be an ACS contributor and a volunteer for over 44 years. I know that a 3-year ACS presidential term goes quickly, so I have four key initiatives aimed at supporting members. I believe that working together, these are achievable in that time. If elected, I will work across ACS to achieve:

Diversity, inclusion, justice, equity and respect in all its forms as the bedrock upon which ACS initiatives are built and measured; to ensure all people can contribute to the fullest extent to technical solutions for global challenges while building meaningful careers and living fulfilling lives.

Innovation and career development with programs to bring together students and student chapters with industrial members; rebuilding industrial membership by reaching out to start-ups, demonstrating the value of ACS membership for all chemists and the ventures that employ them, and ensuring that everyone knows ACS is the place to network with today’s innovators from academia, and industry to government labs.

Connection and advocacy all year long by using virtual and hybrid platforms to enable interactions among ACS members across the globe and with other technical societies to advocate for chemistry and discuss topics important to all scientists; to support chemistry-related topical meetings involving divisions, committees, and local sections; to help members grow their connections, gain skills, and network for job opportunities; and to build a virtual ACS speaker service with local sections to bring more diverse speakers to all our members.

Safety and sustainability by advocating for safety in all areas of chemistry; support of the United Nations sustainable development goals through internationally aligned thematic programming; exploring and implementing opportunities for cosponsored programming with other scientific societies; and showcasing the role ACS and chemistry can play in multiplying the impact of global scientific safety and sustainability.

We can accomplish more if we’re all in this together:” that was the core of my statement in 1993 when I was elected to the ACS Board of Directors from Region III. The board, which founded ACS Scholars, remains at the heart of all the work I’ve done since then on countless committees and task forces. It is a recurring theme as I organize symposia at national, regional, and local section meetings and serve in roles that have led to being recognized as a Francis P. Garvan-John M. Olin Medalist, a Henry F. Whalen Jr. award recipient for business development and an ACS Fellow. It continues in my current ACS roles and as the Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group theme cochair with Janet Bryant for the ACS Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting & Expo. Now, as a nominee for ACS president-elect, being all in this together is not only pertinent, it’s a necessity.

Because together, we not only are able to envision the world we want; together we can build that world. The role of ACS president requires skill, energy, time, and a heartfelt respect for and dedication to ACS, chemists, and chemistry. If I am fortunate to be elected president, I am fully committed to devoting my time, energy, and skills to provide value to current and future ACS members and to advocate for the value of chemistry to the public. I would be honored to have the chance to work together with you as ACS president-elect. Learn more about me at Give me your ideas to make ACS better for ALL members at

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