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ACS Fall 2019 National Meeting

Divisions issue calls for papers for the Aug. 25–29 meeting in San Diego

January 14, 2019 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 97, Issue 2


Calls for papers for the ACS Fall 2019 National Meeting and Exposition (Aug. 25–29) have been issued. The preliminary program for the meeting in San Diego will be published in the June 24 issue of C&EN; the official meeting program will appear in the ACS Meetings and Events mobile app.

To download a pdf for the ACS Fall National Meeting in San Diego, CA, August 25–29, visit

ACS’s online Meeting Abstracts Programming System (MAPS) is now open for San Diego abstracts. Visit MAPS at for abstract submission. In order to present at the meeting, presenters will be required to register for the fall 2019 national meeting. Failure to register for the meeting will result in withdrawal of abstracts from the meeting program, technical programming archive, and CAS database.

The society bylaw governing presentation of papers appears below.

Society bylaws governing papers

Bylaw VI, section 6, governs presentation at society meetings.

a. The term “paper” shall include any scientific presentation that can be reduced to writing.

b. No paper shall be presented at a national, regional, divisional, or other major meeting unless its title and author(s) appear on the program for the meeting. However, the President, with the concurrence of either the Chair of the Board of Directors or the Vice-Chair of the Council Policy Committee, may authorize an extraordinary symposium at a national meeting provided that

(1) the symposium has as its primary focus significant scientific developments too recent for programming deadlines, and

(2) the request for authorization for such a symposium has been made jointly by a member of the SOCIETY and one of the following: the Chair of a relevant Division of the SOCIETY, the Chair of the Committee on Divisional Activities, or the Chair of the Committee on Science.

c. No paper by a chemical scientist residing in the United States who is not a member of the SOCIETY shall appear on the program of a national, regional, divisional, or other major meeting of the SOCIETY unless it be a joint paper with one or more SOCIETY members, or unless for a national, regional, or national-divisional meeting the author has been invited to present the paper at a symposium organized by a Division of the SOCIETY or by Sections of the SOCIETY, and the Chair of such Division or of the host Section has certified to the Executive Director of the SOCIETY prior to publication of the program that presentation by the author of such paper is important to the success of the symposium.

d. Rules corresponding to paragraphs a, b, and c of this section for a cooperative meeting shall be subject to agreement in advance between the organizations concerned but should conform, insofar as possible, to this Bylaw and be subject to approval by the Executive Director of the SOCIETY.

e. The SOCIETY assumes no responsibility for the statements or opinions expressed by individuals in papers or discussions thereof.

f. The President shall have authority to exclude any paper from a program at any time prior to its scheduled presentation at a meeting of the SOCIETY.

Board Regulation V, number 3, supplements Bylaw VI, section 6, as follows:


a. Authorship of papers shall be accredited only to individuals and not to companies or laboratories.

b. Therapeutic Papers. It is the policy of the SOCIETY to encourage the presentation of chemical papers with pharmacological and physiological aspects, but to discourage presentation, by other than qualified clinical investigators, of papers in which clinical interpretations are the principal contribution. All Divisions and other programming units shall adhere to this policy when determining the acceptability of papers for their meeting programs. The Divisions and other programming units also are urged to exclude from their programs, and especially from any abstracts issued, statements recommending procedures for the treatment of human disease or announcement of any “cures” not confirmed by competent medical authority. Any author contributing a paper that includes discussion of the treatment of human disease must submit for review, by representatives of the appropriate Division or other programming unit, a complete manuscript in addition to an abstract.

Deadlines for abstract submission for the fall 2019 national meeting, Aug. 25–29

All dates are preliminary. The nal dates approved by the divisions are on the abstract submission site,

AGFD March 18 CINF March 18 INOR March 18 CEI a
AGRO March 20 TOXI March 18 MEDI March 18 CMA a
ANYL March 18 CHAL March 25 NUCL March 18 COMSCI March 25
BIOT a COLL March 25 ORGN March 25 IAC n/a
BIOL March 18 COMP March 25 PHYS March 18 SOCED March 25
BMGT March 18 ENFL March 18 POLY March 18 WCC March 22
CARB March 18 ENVR March 18 PMSE March 18 YCC n/a
CATL March 25 FLUO a PROF n/a
CELL March 18 GEOC March 18 RUBB a
CHED March 18 HIST March 25 SCHB March 21
CHAS March 25 I&EC March 18 MPPG March 18

“a” means will not host symposia, and “n/a” means not available at press time.

Notes: Submission of papers for presentation at an ACS meeting does not constitute submission for publication in an ACS journal. Regulations for the acceptance of papers to be presented as part of divisional meetings vary for each division. However, publication of papers in ACS journals is based on the earliest date of receipt of the complete paper by the appropriate editor.

The council has empowered division officers to request any paper in advance so they can pass upon it and indicate to the author whether to read the entire paper or abstract it to allow time for discussion.

Special attention should be given to the misuse of trade names, secret formulas, or secret processes in papers at national meetings of the society.

It is requested that authors avoid the use of trade names in papers presented at ACS meetings. Chairs are responsible for enforcing this policy.

To download a pdf for the ACS Fall National Meeting in San Diego, CA, August 25–29, visit


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