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ACS names deputy editors to ACS Au journals

Chemists will lead 9 fully open-access journals

by Linda Wang
March 7, 2021 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 99, Issue 8


Composite image of covers of ACS journals.
Credit: ACS

Nine chemists have been named deputy editors for a suite of fully open-access journals that the American Chemical Society has launched under the ACS Au portfolio. The deputy editors will continue to serve as associate editors for other ACS journals for the time being.

Photo of Shelley Minteer.
Credit: University of Utah
Shelley Minteer

“We were looking for well-respected associate editors in our hybrid journals who were enthusiastic and motivated about bringing open-access journals to their individual chemistry communities,” says Shelley Minteer, editor in chief of ACS Au. “I am so excited that each of these deputy editors has innovative new ideas about how to build the scientific community for their journal and we are learning best practices from each other to meet the needs of our authors.”

“The ACS Au journals will offer an excellent publishing option for authors who want or need to publish open access, and these deputy editors have the skills, knowledge, and editorial expertise to ensure that the journals meet ACS’s unmatched reputation for excellence,” ACS Publications president James Milne says in a statement.

Minteer points out that the selection process for deputy editors aims to represent diversity across all levels, including topical area, geographic area, gender, and ethnicity.

Photo of Squire J. Booker.
Credit: Courtesy of Squire J. Booker
Squire J. Booker

The following are ACS Au’s new deputy editors:

Squire J. Booker, an Evan Pugh University Professor of Chemistry and of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Eberly Distinguished Chair in Science at Pennsylvania State University, is deputy editor of ACS Bio and Med Chem Au. Booker studies chemical mechanisms of enzymes and serves as an associate editor of Biochemistry.

Photo of Stephanie Brock.
Credit: Courtesy of Stephanie Brock
Stephanie Brock

Stephanie Brock, a professor in the Department of Chemistry at Wayne State University, is deputy editor of ACS Materials Au. Brock studies inorganic and solid-state materials and serves as an associate editor of Chemistry of Materials.

Photo of Arthi Jayaraman.
Credit: Courtesy of Arthi Jayaraman
Arthi Jayaraman

Arthi Jayaraman, the Centennial Term Professor for Excellence in Research and Education at the University of Delaware, will lead ACS Polymers Au. Jayaraman designs macromolecular materials and serves as an associate editor of Macromolecules.

Photo of Xiang-Dong Li.
Credit: Courtesy of Xiang-Dong Li
Xiang-Dong Li

Xiang-Dong Li, the chair professor of environmental science and technology at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, is deputy editor ofACS Environmental Au. Li, who works on environmental remediation of soils, serves as an associate editor of Environmental Science and Technology.

Photo of Géraldine Masson.
Credit: Courtesy of Géraldine Masson
Géraldine Masson

Géraldine Masson, research director of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France, will lead ACS Organic and Inorganic Au. Masson studies catalyst design and serves as an associate editor of the Journal of Organic Chemistry.

Photo of Vivek Ranade.
Credit: Courtesy of Vivek Ranade
Vivek Ranade

Vivek Ranade, a professor of chemistry and chemical engineering at Queen’s University Belfast and Bernal Chair Professor of Process Engineering at the University of Limerick, is deputy editor of ACS Engineering Au. Ranade studies the manufacturing process of chemicals and materials and serves as an associate editor of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research.

Photo of Raymond Schaak.
Credit: Penn State University
Raymond Schaak

Raymond Schaak, the DuPont Professor of Materials Chemistry at Penn State University, will lead ACS Nanoscience Au. Schaak works on solid-state materials and serves as an associate editor of ACS Nano.

Photo of Gemma C. Solomon.
Credit: Courtesy of Gemma C. Solomon
Gemma C. Solomon

Gemma C. Solomon, a professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, will lead ACS Physical Chemistry Au. Solomon studies quantum interference and serves as a senior editor of the Journal of Physical Chemistry A/B/C.

Along with her appointment as editor in chief, Minteer will also serve as deputy editor of ACS Measurement Science Au. Submissions are now open for all journals.


This article was originally published Jan. 25, 2021. It was updated March 8, 2021, to correct some people’s titles. Squire J. Booker is an associate editor, not an executive editor, of Biochemistry. And Stephanie Brock is an associate editor, not a deputy and associate editor, of Chemistry of Materials.


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