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New Products

New and Notable in the Chemical Industry

March 15, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 11

Chemicals and materials

ADHESIVE A ceramic-filled paste bonds tenaciously to ceramic, metal, and quartz substrates. The compound is rated for operating temperatures up to 3,000 °F and is easily applied using a brush, syringe, or automated dispenser. Cured product exhibits minimal shrinkage, exceptional mechanical strength, and moisture and thermal shock resistance. Aremco,

OPTICS Custom-manufactured, high-precision sapphire optics are offered in a wide range of configurations including balls, lenses, wedges, and domes. Sapphire optics exhibit a hardness second only to diamond, making them ideal for applications requiring a greater durability than glass or quartz. Meller Optics,

IPG STRIPS New line of immobilized pH gradient strips for gel electrophoresis of protein mixtures covers the pH range from 3 to 11, yielding improved resolution well into the basic region. Amersham Biosciences,

RUBBER Melt-processable rubber is designed for injection molding applications. It bonds well to PVC and provides good tensile and tear strength, as well as featuring excellent durability, chemical resistance, and rapid cycle times at a lower price than premium grades. Advanced Polymer Alloys,

Literature and services

Air Sampling

POLYMERS Full-color brochure highlights the many uses of the firm's specialty polymers, focusing on the surface care, consumer product, and industrial process markets. Interpolymer,

PNEUMATIC A 312-page catalog of miniature pneumatic products describes over 12,000 products, including fittings, tubing, valves, mufflers, filters, and accessories in a complete range of sizes and materials. Industrial Specialties Mfg.,

AIR SAMPLING A 200-page catalog contains SKC's complete line of occupational health and safety, international air quality, and environmental sampling products. A guide to sampling standards and methods makes media section quick and easy. SKC,

LABWARE The 2004 BrandTech catalog contains a wide range of lab tools, with a focus on liquid handling and oil-free vacuum systems. New products include certified ergonomic pipettes and ultra-high-throughput screening plates. BrandTech,

Protective Wrap

Instruments and labware

GLASS COLUMNS Modular, adjustable-height, ready-for-use liquid chromatography columns are supplied in a convenient kit format. A plunger-style endpiece permits the user to exercise fine control, minimizing the risk of disturbance to the packed bed. Bio-Chem Valve,

PROTECTIVE WRAP Spirally cut TFE wrap bundles and protects wires and tubing on a wide range of instruments and equipment that may be subject to harsh environments. Featuring flexibility and abrasion resistance, it is chemically inert, nonflammable, and operates over a range from -450 to 500 °F. M. M. Newman Corp.,

NANOPIPETTING A pressure-driven sensor-controlled dispensing system for noncontact and "touch-off" operation enables dynamic fluid transfers between 10 nL and 10 µL. The system features high precision and is laid out for integration on individual robotic platforms. Seyonic SA,

SYNTHESIZER Manual chemistry synthesizer has individual reaction vessels that can conduct up to five different reactions in parallel. Each vessel offers independent temperature settings, powerful mixing, cold reflux heads, inert gas fittings, and simple keypad control of reaction parameters. Argonaut Technologies,

Goulds Pumps

Plant materials and equipment

SURVEILLANCE Remote facility monitoring system combines visual and infrared cameras to produce optimized, blended images for quick analysis. It's ideal for security and remote equipment inspection systems. Mikron Infrared,

PUMP Heavy-duty, magnetically driven process pump is ideal for chemical-feed applications. It can handle the most caustic, corrosive fluids safely and reliably at a minimum operational cost. Goulds Pumps,

TABLET FEEDER The ClorTab system quickly and safely produces a continuous supply of chlorine equivalent hypochlorite disinfection solution, guaranteeing a consistent solution that can be produced rapidly during peak demand periods. It is conveniently designed to hold standard tablet-package container weights of 50 lb and 100 lb. Severn Trent Services,

BAG FILTERS These filters are designed for liquid filtration applications that can't be shut down for filter bag change-out. Each consists of two double-length single-bag filter housings that are linked with a special ball valve or butterfly valve flow switching system. Hayward Industrial Products,

New Products is compiled by Melissa Braddock, who can be reached at


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