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Analytical Chemistry

New Products


by Melissa Braddock
May 10, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 19

Chemicals and materials

COLORANTS Line of specialized colorants is approved for use in the medical device market. The colors can be specified in a wide range of polyolefin and polymer resins for wound care products, autoclavable packaging, syringes, and disposable medical devices. Clariant Masterbatches,

ORGANOTITANATES Broad range of titanium-based catalysts can be used for esterification reactions of all types. Benefits include enhanced productivity, superior color and purity, and reduced environmental impact. Research and development quantities of standard products are available from stock; custom formulations also available. Alfa Aesar,

STARCH POLYMERS Natural liquid-starch polymers provide bonding, high dry strength, resiliency, and reduced linting for nonwoven fabrics. Superior biodegradability makes them ideal for hygienic, geotextile, and other applications that require safe and rapid breakdown. National Starch & Chemical,

IMAGING TOOLS Image-iT FX signal enhancer and Prolong Gold antifade reagent improve the quality of fluorescent staining by addressing the common problems of nonspecific binding and photobleaching. Both are supplied as 10 mL of ready-to-use solution. Molecular Probes,

Literature and services

COSMETICS The 2004 "Cosmetic Industry Review Compendium" contains concise information on nearly 1,200 safety assessments of individual cosmetic ingredients. Those ingredients for which there is considerable new data are identified in a separate listing, and a quick reference table allows easy access to basic information. Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association,


POLYMERS Free selector guide helps formulators choose the right polymer or polymer group for each application. Products are displayed in three categories: surface care, consumer specialties, and industrial specialties. A table in each group rates each polymer on the basis of performance characteristics and chemical properties. Interpolymer,

MOTORS The Reliance Electric Industrial Motors & Drives Catalog provides product information for all sizes of stock or modified-stock AC and DC motors, as well as standard drives. Descriptive tabs make the catalog easy to navigate, and a resource directory lets customers quickly determine where to go and whom to call for more information. Rockwell Automation, http://www.

METAL DETECTION Color 16-page booklet highlights metal detector line, providing color-coding to indicate the industries in which each unit is commonly used. All models detect both ferrous and nonferrous metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, lead, copper, tin, brass, and other conductive metals. Bunting Magnetics,


Instruments and labware

AUTOCLAVES These small saturated-steam autoclaves have vertical or horizontal chambers. One feature is a heat-up phase 50% shorter than that provided by conventional methods due to an integrated steam generator. They also feature easy loading and unloading, temperature-controlled lid locks, and easy, software-assisted calibration. BioPro International,

THERMOMETER Compact pocket thermometer/hygrometer features an electronic capacitance polymer film sensor that is not affected by condensation. Measures relative humidity from 20 to 100% and temperature from –20 to 50 °C within 60 seconds. Unit features dual display, impact-resistant case, and a hold button to freeze the display. Control Co.,


SPECTROMETER M2000 Fourier transform infrared laboratory spectrometers are durable, reliable instruments for general-purpose spectroscopy, quality control, service labs, and academic applications. Features high sensitivity and precision, a choice of detectors, industry-standard software, a generous sample compartment, and an optional beam output port. Midac,


WATER BATHS Stationary and shaking water baths provide exceptional temperature control in a variety of clinical and laboratory applications. Available with 2-, 5-, 10-, 20-, or 28-L reservoirs, they can maintain bath temperatures from 5 to 100 °C. A steeply gabled cover accommodates glassware of varying heights and allows condensate to drain back into the bath. PolyScience,


Plant materials and equipment

GAS MONITOR Device continuously measures levels of combustible gases, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and/or hydrogen sulfide. It is suitable for personal monitoring and survey work and, with the optional internal sample pump, ideal for confined-space applications. Rechargeable battery runs more than 18 hours on a charge. Dräger Safety,

VIBRATION DETECTOR Monitor provides continuous machinery screening by detecting, evaluating, and announcing vibration problems to operators. The system learns and compares vibration spectra, allowing it to detect even subtle, incremental changes, and can shut down malfunctioning equipment to help prevent breakdowns, repairs, and downtime. Intonix,

LEAK DETECTION Fluorescent dye can be used to pinpoint leaks in all types of hydraulic industrial equipment. Wherever there is a leak, the dye escapes with the oil and is easily seen when scanned with UV light. The dye remains safely in the system until the oil is changed. Spectronics,

New Products is written byMelissa Braddock, who can be reached at



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