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June Board Meeting Official Reports

July 12, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 28

Major actions taken by the American Chemical Society Board of Directors during its June meeting in Elkridge, Md., were reported in C&EN on June 21 (page 47).


Acting under delegated authority, the Board Committee on Grants & Awards (G&A) voted to fund ACS Petroleum Research Fund grants totaling nearly $6.8 million.

G&A voted to approve a one-year pilot program to continue canvassing committees for only those awards with fewer than 10 nominations in the 2005 awards cycle, to eliminate the submittal of supplemental materials such as reprints, and to limit the number of support forms to two for all awards nominations. G&A reached consensus that awards nominations should be submitted only by e-mail attachment with the proviso that alternative methods be made available on a per-case basis for nominators without access to e-mail. A working group was appointed to bring recommendations to G&A for the simplification and clarification of the selection processes of recipients for the Priestley Medal, the Parsons Award, the Volunteer Service Award, and the Service Award for ACS Senior Administrators.

Contact Lawrence Funke at for more information on the ACS-PRF Program or Michael Shea at m_shea@ for more information on the ACS National Awards Program.--C. GORDON MCCARTY, CHAIR


The Committee on Professional & Member Relations (P&MR) has chosen three foci for 2004: strategic input, communication, and inclusiveness. The committee reviewed comments on multidisciplinarity and inclusiveness in the ACS Strategic Plan 2004–06, and then brainstormed on inclusiveness by discipline and on inclusiveness of people. The two groups developed lists of approaches. The committee will review summaries. P&MR will specify and prioritize actions to finalize its inclusiveness focus, which is clearly aligned with the society's plan for 2004–06.

P&MR reported on its communication work on e-meetings and on websites. The committee successfully held two online meetings employing e-meeting technology. Committee members were impressed with the value and ease of use of WebEx. They experienced the technology as a powerful tool that could be effective for the board, committees, local sections, and divisions.

In support of its commitment to facilitate communication among members, council, board, and all groups in the society, the committee recently has mounted two websites, one specifically for bachelor's and master's chemical professionals: (<br > =bsms%5cindex.html) and the committee's own Web page: (http://<br > acsdisplay.html?DOC=committees\pmr\index.html).

The committee approved a request for nominal cosponsorship of "Materials Solutions Conference & Exposition," sponsored by ASM International, Oct. 18–21 in Columbus, Ohio, and reviewed and approved changes to the ACS Cosponsorship Guidelines. The committee agreed to seek, and ultimately obtained, delegated authority from the board to approve meeting cosponsorships, within guidelines.

Staff reviewed the accomplishments of the Membership Division since March 2004. Highlights are as follows:

◾ The National Employment Clearing House has been renamed "Chemjobs Career Center" and is a collaboration among C&EN Chemjobs, Centcom, and the Department of Career Services. Chemjobs Career Center will open at the Philadelphia meeting.

◾ The 2003 ACS annual report is available on the website.

◾ The collaborative effort between ACS and the Biotechnology Industry Organization resulted in a meeting that drew 476 participants, thus surpassing the attendance goal. The meeting raised $140,000 in outside sponsorship.--ANNE T. O'BRIEN, CHAIR


The Committee on Public Affairs & Public Relations (PA&PR) reviewed a draft PA&PR website and other outreach efforts, including a second breakfast for committee chairs at the national meeting, in order to better inform and support the various ACS committees working on PA&PR-related issues.

The committee considered a draft policy statement on L-1 visas, which calls for legislation to prevent the outsourcing of L-1 visa holders and the displacement of U.S. workers--including scientists and engineers. Following modifications to clarify and improve the statement regarding worker displacement, the committee voted to recommend that the board approve the L-1 visa policy statement.

The committee considered two National Historic Chemical Landmark nominations: one recognizing the development of actinomycete antibiotics under the direction of Selman A. Waksman and the other recognizing the agricultural chemistry work of George Washington Carver. The committee voted to recommend to the board approval of these two landmarks.

PA&PR then considered a draft policy statement on "Improving Science & Technology Advice for Congress," which urges Congress to establish an in-house science and technology unit to help frame complex issues, provide in-depth and unbiased analysis, and set out policy options on science and engineering issues. The committee voted to approve the statement.--DIANE G. SCHMIDT, CHAIR



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