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60th Southwest Regional Meeting

August 9, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 32


The 60th Southwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SWRM 2004), hosted by the Dallas-Fort Worth Section, will be held at the Fort Worth Plaza Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas, from Wednesday, Sept. 29, through Saturday, Oct. 2. Symposia topics will include application of virtual HTS, bacterial biofilms, molecular encapsulation of calixarenes, chemical education, chemical principles in understanding biology, chemistry and the law, chemists as entrepreneurs, computational chemistry, enhancing undergraduate research, design and testing of antimicrobial compounds, green chemistry in industry, perspectives in the history of chemistry, medical product development, metal binding to nucleic acids and proteins, nanotechnology in bioscience, physical-chemical properties of allergens, surfactants and surface activity, and synthetic organic chemistry.

A three-day symposium on "Advances & Applications in Computational Chemistry" (A2C2), organized by the University of North Texas' computational chemistry group, CRUNTCh, will bring together experts in all facets of computational chemistry. Speakers include faculty and graduate students from regional colleges. Computational chemistry research by undergraduates also will be presented at A2C2.


Monsanto is sponsoring a symposium titled "Physical-Chemical Properties of Allergens." Topics include structural and chemical properties of allergenic proteins, identification of allergenic (IgE) antibody binding sites, structure- and sequence-based predictions of allergenic cross-reactivity, and the evaluation of the potential allergenicity of novel proteins in genetically modified crops. Additional presentation topics include cytokine release and immune system response to allergens, antibody-allergen-receptor interactions, immunological characterization of epitopes, identification of allergenic proteins, and the designing of proteins to avoid allergenicity

"Environmental Responsibility: Green Chemistry in Industry" focuses on chemists' responsibility to the environment and specific aspects of the green chemistry movement, including innovative industrial processes, green manufacturing, school courses utilizing principles of conservation and safety, and related topics.

The "Nanotechnology in Bioscience & Electronic Materials" symposium offers diverse presentations on the chemistry behind nanotechnology, with a deliberate focus on biorelevant and electronic d evice materials. Topics include structures such as self-assembling molecular electronics, novel materials, nanotube transistors, biosensors, and relevant biologically related materials and devices that address the potential for improving human health.

John Fackler of Texas A&M University will be honored through a symposium on the optoelectronic properties of transition-metal complexes. Closed-shell coordination compounds have remarkably rich optoelectronic properties of extreme significance in fundamental and applied research. The presence of metals endows the compounds with many favorable characteristics that are unavailable in traditionally used organic compounds. This explains the increased utilization of metal-containing, closed-shell compounds in technological applications like molecular light-emitting devices, dye-sensitized solar cells, optical sensors, nonlinear optics, photocatalysts, and various conductors.

A technical symposium and awards program will honor Steven McKnight of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, winner of the 2004 Doherty Award for Excellence in Chemical Research, and the winners of the Southwest Regional Industrial Innovations Award, Ashutosh Misra of Air Liquide America Electronic, Houston, and William Robert Morrison, Kyle P. Hunt, Jennifer O'Brien, Leif C. Olsen, and Lindsey H. Hall of Texas Instruments, Dallas, who were chosen for their work on the development of a novel additive for use in chemical mechanical planarization of integrated circuits.

On Thursday, the Women Chemists Committee is sponsoring a one-day symposium on women chemists' careers and issues. Speakers include Trish Smith (Texas Instruments), Connie M. Hendrickson (Ar'kon Consultants), Nancy B. Jackson (Sandia National Laboratories), and Frankie K. Wood-Black (ConocoPhillips). ACS Past-President Elsa Reichmanis will be the WCC luncheon speaker.

For more details on the SWRM 2004 program, visit the meeting website at


ChemEd Day kicks off on Friday evening with a mixer and "The Dead Chemists Society" presentation by Bill Deese, a chemist and master juggler from Louisiana Tech. A program focused on science education follows on Saturday, offering special features for teachers, students, and scientists interested in working with their local K–12 schools. Special events include presentations by Lee Marek, chemical demonstrator extraordinaire and member of the nationally renowned Weird Science, and the "Rediscovery of the Elements," by Jim Marshall, University of North Texas.

A special ACS symposium for high school students on careers in chemical technology and a luncheon presentation by ACS President-Elect William F. Carroll Jr. are also planned. Technical sessions on research in chemistry education and workshops for secondary and elementary teachers organized by the Journal of Chemical Education are also on the program.

The Student Affiliates of Southern Methodist University are the primary organizers of the program for undergraduates. The kick-off poster session and mixer on Thursday evening will include a business-card exchange contest and cash prizes for the top four posters. The oral presentation session on Friday morning will provide undergrads with the opportunity to vie for cash awards while honing the skills they need to present their research at professional meetings.


On Wednesday, the ACS Women Chemists Committee and the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists & Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) will jointly present the ACS PROGRESS program "Thriving in the Workplace Roadshow: An Awareness Program." The workshop addresses career development issues with a focus on diversity. Carroll will host the event. Presenters and facilitators include Carolyn Ribes (Dow Chemical Co., Houston), chair of WCC; Saundra McGuire (Louisana State University, Baton Rouge), chair of the ACS Committee on Minority Affairs; Rashida Withers (NOBCChE-DFW); and Marquita Quills, NOBCChE chair. A reception at the meeting hotel and dinner at the National Cowgirl Museum in Fort Worth will follow with ACS Executive Director and CEO Madeleine Jacobs as the featured speaker.

On Thursday morning, all registered attendees are invited to a continental breakfast and conversation with ACS District IV Director Paul Jones. Jones will discuss the latest information from the national meeting and introduce other members of governance in attendance. The breakfast serves as a forum where attendees are encouraged to bring their questions, concerns, ideas, and observations to the society's officials.

Other scheduled workshops include teaching chemical information tips and techniques and interpreting carbon-13 NMR spectra with the BS method on Wednesday and enhancing undergraduate research, organized by the Council of Undergraduate Research, on Friday.

The luncheon program "Chemical Connections in Cowtown" will bring undergraduates and recent nonacademic chemistry graduates together to discuss career options.

On Friday afternoon, the Student Affiliates will host a Kids & Chemistry workshop that teaches scientists how to work with schoolchildren and show them how chemistry affects our lives. The workshop, from the ACS Education Division, includes hands-on demonstrations. Attendees must register to participate.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Section is sponsoring a Chemagination poster contest for high school students. Participants will present their work at SWRM on ChemEd Day. The theme is "Twenty-five years in the future, what breakthrough or innovation related to chemistry and/or its applications will improve the quality of a teenager's life?" Registration forms and details on the contest are available at Forms should be postmarked or faxed no later than Aug. 20 to Cecilia Sehr, DFW/SWRM Regional Coordinator, Bishop Lynch High School, 9759 Ferguson Rd., Dallas, TX 75228. The fax number is (214) 323-600.

The winner of the Southwest Regional Award for Excellence in High School Teaching also will be honored during ChemEd Day.


A diverse array of exhibits is planned, with booth setup designed to maximize the access of meeting attendees to vendors. Morning and afternoon coffee breaks and a daily continental breakfast will be located in the exhibits area. Sponsorship opportunities at the Triple, Double, and Single Bond levels are still available. Sponsors will be acknowledged in print and on the meeting website. For information on supporting SWRM as an exhibitor or a sponsor, contact Gaylord King, exhibits chair, at or (817) 430-1070 or Denise Merkle, general chair, at or (817) 921-0029. Information for vendors and sponsors is also available at



The ACS Career Resource Center will have on hand a selection of its publications and will present the following workshops on Wednesday: Targeting the Job Market, Interviewing Skills, and Résumé Preparation. Registration will take place on Wednesday for individual résumé reviews to be held on Thursday. For more information, call (800) 227-5558 ext. 6210.

The Regional Employment Clearing House (RECH) is open to ACS members and national and student affiliates and provides a venue to meet and discuss job opportunities with employers. All participants must sign up for RECH as well as register for the meeting. RECH will be open on Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Employers who are interested in recruiting on-site or posting positions in absentia may obtain registration and fee information from the Career Services home page at or by calling (800) 227-5558 ext. 6209.



A block of rooms has been reserved at the Fort Worth Plaza, 1701 Commerce St., Fort Worth, TX 76102. The ACS/SWRM room rates are $109 per night. Reservations made by Sept. 8 are guaranteed the meeting rate. For more information, visit the hotel website at or call (817) 335-7000 or (888) 808-8388.



Advance registration is available online through the ACS Regional Meetings website ( or the SWRM website ( The deadline for advance registration and the advance discounts is Sept. 1. On-site rates will apply after this date.


Dates: Sept. 29–Oct. 2

Location: Fort Worth, Texas


Information Contacts: Denise Merkle, general chair, (817) 921-0029 or ; Connie Hendrickson, program cochair,; Gaylord King, exhibits chair, (817) 430-1070 or ; or the ACS Office of Regional Meetings, (800) 227-5558 ext. 6129, or .Fort Worth, Texas


ACS has secured discounted rates for air and ground travel for five days before and after each meeting.

AIR: Delta [(800) 241-6760, File No. 202142A], United [(800) 521-4041, Meeting Plus Code 517SM], and US Airways [(877) 874-7687, Gold File No. 97692959]. All offer 5% off the lowest applicable published domestic fares and 10% off unrestricted coach fares, with no Saturday night stay required. Delta and US Airways offer an additional 5% off fares booked 60 days in advance; United, 30 days in advance.

GROUND: Contact Avis [(800) 331-1600, ID Code B120799] or Hertz [(800) 654-2240, ID Code CV# 02UZ0004].


All events will take place at the Fort Worth Plaza Hotel.


Poster session and joint NOBCChE/WCC reception

National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame joint NOBCChE/WCC dinner; featured speaker is ACS Executive Director Madeleine Jacobs


Morning: District Director's Breakfast with ACS governance

Noon: WCC luncheon; speaker: Elsa Reichmanis, ACS past-president

Evening: Poster session/student affiliates kick-off mixer/pre-Awards Program buffet dinner

Evening, following buffet dinner: Awards Program



All day: Student Affiliate Program

Evening: ChemEd kick-off mixer

Evening: "Dead Chemists Society" presentation by Bill Deese



ChemEd Day: K–12

* Chemical Demonstrations with Lee Marek

* "Rediscovery of the Elements" with Jim

* Chemagination poster contest for high school

* Recognition of the winner of the Southwest
Regional Award for Excellence in High School Teaching



For the most recent information about the meeting, please visit the SWRM 2004 website at


* Bacterial Biofilms I

* Chemists as Entrepreneurs

* Computational Chemistry I

* Design & Testing of Antimicrobial Compounds

* General Sessions--Posters

* General Sessions--Oral



Teaching C-13 NMR by the BS Method



* Bacterial Biofilms II

* Computational Chemistry II

* Medical Product Development

* Physical-Chemical Properties of Allergens

* General Sessions--Posters

* General Sessions--Oral



* WCC/NOBCChE--Thriving in the Workplace Roadshow: An Awareness Program

* Teaching Chemical Information: Tips & Techniques, by Patricia Kirkwood



* Calixerenes: Molecular Encapsulation I

* Chemical Education: Technical Session Topics I

* Computational Chemistry III

* Environmental Responsibility: Green Chemistry in Industry I

* Perspectives in the History of Chemistry I

* Optoelectronic Properties of Transition-Metal Complexes I, in honor of John Fackler, Texas A&M University

* Synthetic Organic Chemistry I

* Women Chemists Committee I



* Regional Industrial Awards Symposium


* Calixarenes: Molecular Encapsulation II

* Chemical Education: Technical Session Topics II

* Computational Chemistry IV

* Environmental Responsibility: Green Chemistry in Industry II

* Metal Binding to Proteins & Nucleic Acids

* Optoelectronic Properties of Transition-Metal Complexes II, in honor of John Fackler, Texas A&M University

* Perspectives in the History of Chemistry II

* Synthetic Organic Chemistry II

* Women Chemists Committee II



* Application of Virtual HTS I

* Calixarenes: Molecular Encapsulation III

* Chemical Education: Technical Session Topics III

* Chemical Principles in Understanding Biology I

* Chemistry & the Law I

* Computational Chemistry V

* Nanotechnology in Bioscience & Electronic
Materials I

* Optoelectronic Properties of Transition-Metal Complexes III, in honor of John Fackler, Texas A&M University

* Student Affiliate Program--Oral Presentations

* Synthetic Organic Chemistry III


Enhancing Undergraduate Research, presented by Council on Undergraduate Research



* Application of Virtual HTS II

* Calixarenes: Molecular Encapsulation IV

* Chemical Education: Technical Session Topics IV

* Chemical Principles in Understanding Biology II

* Chemistry & the Law II

* Computational Chemistry VI

* Nanotechnology in Bioscience & Electronic
Materials II

* Optoelectronic Properties of Transition-Metal Complexes IV, in honor of John Fackler, Texas A&M University

* Student Affiliate Program--Oral Presentations

* Synthetic Organic Chemistry IV


Student Affiliate Program on Kids & Chemistry


Symposia and Talk by Southwest Regional Teacher of the Year


Symposia and Chemical Demonstrations


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