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New Products

New and Notable in the Chemical Industry

September 13, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 37


Chemicals and materials

ADHESIVE Water-based adhesives for dry-bond laminating provide economical and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional solvent-based adhesive systems. Robond L series products, available as one- or two-component systems, adhere to a variety of substrates, with good clarity and little or no slip interaction. Rohm and Haas,

FLOOR PATCHING Epoxy/concrete compounds adhere to a wide range of substrates, cure at room temperature, and achieve compressive strengths three times that of concrete. General-purpose, fast-curing, and industrial versions are available. Nonsagging formulations will not drip when used on vertical or overhead applications. Devcon,

DIMETHYL SULFOXIDE This high-purity DMSO with low UV absorbance is suitable for R&D, analytical, and high-performance applications. DMSO is a low-odor, colorless, low-toxicity, stable liquid that is a preferred solvent for chemical synthesis, biological preservation, and stem cell research. Product is available in 500-lb drums and 40-lb pails. Richman Chemical,

Literature and services

CATALYSTS This 10-page brochure highlights types of catalysts for cross-coupling reactions. A range of platinum-group metal heterogeneous catalysts, homogeneous catalysts, and other compounds are available. Catalysts can be purchased individually or in screening kits. Alfa Aesar,

STANDARDS Catalog features a comprehensive listing of thousands of organic and inorganic analytical solution standards. Products are available in stock, under private label, or by custom formulation. Ultra Scientific,

Instruments and labware

GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY Systems are designed for the analysis of sulfur compounds in both gaseous and liquefied petroleum gases. Pulsed-flame, photometric detector-based systems provide automated, low-maintenance analysis. Optional systems utilizing other selective detectors are also available. OI Analytical,


WATER BATH Shaking bath system combines excellent temperature control with multi-motion, multi-speed sample agitation. System includes a 20- or 28-L bath, an adjustable shaking platform, and a see-through polycarbonate cover. Gabled lid accommodates flasks as large as 1 L. PolyScience,

TIMER Double-display timer allows simultaneous programming of two different activities from 20 hours to one second. Accuracy is 0.01%. Each channel has a distinctive alarm. Set times can be recalled for repetitive timing. A second display mode shows the time of day and a stopwatch. Control Co.,

PIPETTING Compact, tabletop workstation dispenses nanoliter to microliter amounts to 96-, 384-, and 1,536-well microplates. Fixed or disposable tips can be used, and an automatic tip-changing protocol simplifies tip replacement. Four deck positions can hold tools for applications such as plate replication, compound reformatting, and PCR sample preparation. Labcyte,

Plant materials and equipment


LEAK DETECTION Cordless tool combines three UV LEDs for fluorescent leak detection and one white LED for regular inspection. A flexible extension allows the unit to be maneuvered around obstructions, and an adjustable mirror reflects leaks hidden from direct view. Spectronics,

SEPARATOR Eddy-current separator sorts out nonferrous materials in plastic, glass, electronic, and wood scrap, providing cleaner products for further processing. The rotor element features powerful, permanent, nonelectric rare-earth magnets. Eriez Magnetics,

FILTERS Miniature filters eliminate contamination on pickup lines. They feature a standard 40-_m nylon filter that can easily be cleaned and serviced. Housings are available in several colors, and fittings can be supplied as barbs, tees, elbows, male and female threads, and panel mounts. Industrial Specialties Manufacturing,

GAS ANALYZER Portable flue gas analyzer can measure levels of CO, CO2, O2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, and hydrocarbons. Standard features include data logging, serial communications, new data acquisition and analysis software, and an integral printer. Land Instruments International ,


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