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56th Southeast Regional Meeting

September 27, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 39

Research Triangle Park, N.C.
Research Triangle Park, N.C.

The 56th ACS Southeast Regional Meeting (SERMACS 2004), hostedby the North Carolina Section, and the 169th Southern Conferenceof the ACS Division of Chemical Education's Two-Year College ChemistryCommittee (2YC3) will share the stage this Novemberin North Carolina. The meetings are scheduled for Nov. 10­13at the Sheraton ImperialHotel & Convention Center in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

The ACS meeting will open on Nov. 10; the 2YC3 meetingwill begin on Nov. 12 with a full-day program titled "Revisitingthe Organic Chemistry Curriculum in Two-Year Colleges." Both meetingswill run through Nov. 13, and programming at both meetings isopen to all attendees.

SERMACS 2004 will include almost 30 symposia, many spanningmultiple days, and will cover topics such as medicinal chemistry,chemical education, environmental chemistry, materials chemistry,and polymer chemistry, in addition to the traditional areas ofanalytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organicchemistry, and physical chemistry.

More information on the meeting programs, workshops, specialevents, exposition, graduate school/industrial fair, registration,and housing can be found at the SERMACS 2004 meeting website,http:// program book will not include abstracts, but rather a schedulelisting the title, time, and location of all invited and contributedpapers and meeting events. Registrants will receive a CD of theabstracts. A print version of the abstracts is available for $10but must be ordered by Oct. 24.


Date:Nov. 10-13
Location: Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Information contact: Sol Levine, general chair
(919) 676-3740

Symposia on analytical chemistry will be held throughout the meeting."Automation in the Chemical Laboratory" will begin on Nov. 10."Advances in Chromatography," which will discuss advances in electrokineticchromatography, high-pressure liquid chromatography, capillaryelectrophoresis for separating and identifying microbes, and usingsmall-bore columns for trace analysis, begins on Nov. 11. "ChemicalSensors: New Frontiers" begins on Nov. 12 and focuses on sensorsdesigned for biomedical applications and electrode fabrication,instrumentation, and improved sampling strategies.

On Nov. 10, symposia on biochemistry and medicinal chemistrytitled "Nucleic Acids: Structural Motifs & Applications" and"The Human Genome Project: Impact on the Drug Discovery Process"will begin. The two-day GlaxoSmithKline symposium "Frontiers inChemistry & Medicine" will begin on Nov. 11, as will "ProteinCharacterization by Mass Spectrometry," which will feature a plenarylecture by 2002 Chemistry Nobel Laureate John B. Fenn. A symposiumon "NMR: Application to Structural Genomics" will take place onNov. 12.

Nov. 11 will feature the education-related symposia "DefiningScholarly Work in Chemical Education" and "Recommendations froma Recent Undergraduate Research Summit in Chemistry." On Nov.12, SERMACS will present the workshops "Teaching Chemical Information"and "An Introduction to Computational Chemistry for College Educators."On Nov. 13, two workshops will be held for precollege teachers:"Introduction to Computational Chemistry for High School Teachers"and "WebAssign," a Web-based tool that can be used as a laboratorynotebook for checking student calculations, for practice problemsin various areas of chemistry (including the drawing of organicstructures), and for exams.

The symposium "Chemistry & the Law: Ensuring EffectivePatent Protection of Innovative Chemical Technology" will takeplace on Nov. 12 and will feature a panel discussion for patentattorneys and R&D professionals. The North Carolina Bar Associationwill issue three continuing education credits for attendance atthese sessions.

SERMACS will also feature five symposia on environmental chemistryand public health issues: "Composition of Atmospheric ParticulateMatter," "Ensuring Food & Drinking Water Safety," "MercuryImmobilization in Soil & Water," "Green Chemistry & Manufacturing,"and "Bioactivities of Phytochemicals: Health Promotion, HumanNutrition & the Food Supply."

Materials chemistry symposia will include "Nanoscale Materials:Synthesis, Application & Development," "Solid-State Chemistry:Structure/Property Relationships," and "New Materials for AdvancedBatteries & Fuel Cells: Research in the Southeastern U.S."

In addition to a number of other organic chemistry symposia,SERMACS will feature "Chirality & Stereochemistry: A HistoricalPerspective" as part of a series of events to honor Ernest Eliel,1992 ACS President and 1996 Priestley Medalist. A banquet forEliel will take place on Nov. 12. The next day, technical sessionson "Asymmetric Synthesis: A Symposium in Honor of Ernest Eliel"and "Molecular Chirality: Theory, Synthesis & Spectroscopy"will take place.


ACS has secured discounted rates for five days before and aftereach meeting.

Air: Delta
(800) 241-6760
File No. 202142AUnited
(800) 521-4041, Meeting Plus Code 517SM;
US Airways
(877) 874-7687,
Gold File No. 97692959.All of these airlines offer 5% off the lowest applicablepublished domestic fares and 10% off unrestricted coachfares, with no Saturday night stay required. United offersan additional 5% off fares booked 30 days in advance.

(800) 331-1600
ID Code B120799
(800) 654-2240
ID Code CV No. 02UZ0004.

Polymer-related symposia include the Nov. 11 session "PolymericBiomaterials," discussing the latest developments in polymericmaterials for modification and use in humans and other animals."Polymers in Confined Environments," which will be held on Nov.12, looks at polymers in thin films and brushes and the uniquemorphologies created when phase-segregated block copolymers areisolated in the narrow channels of inclusion compounds formed withvarious hosts. Polymers in these environments illustrate the differencesbetween the behaviors of polymers in confined environments andthose normally exhibited in bulk polymer samples and can serveas bases for new polymer materials technologies. An all-day sessionon Nov. 13, "New Developments in Textiles: Can They Really Do That?"will describe the applications of new developments in polymer scienceto textile fibers.

On the afternoon of Nov. 13, the winners of the Regional IndustrialInnovation Awards will present their work. Brian B. Looney ofthe SavannahRiver Technology Center, Aiken, S.C., will speak on "A Methodfor Supplying Gas-Phase Nutrients for Environmental Cleanup: That'sWhat We Need." Benjamin R. Yerxa of InspirePharmaceuticals, Durham, N.C., will speak on "Synthesis ofNucleotide P2Y2 Receptor Agonists and Their Therapeutic Utility."Looney and Yerxa will be honored at the regional awards banquetthat evening.

The Division ofChemical Health & Safety (CHAS) will hold two preconferenceshort courses on Nov. 9 at the CentennialCampus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh: "LaboratoryWaste Management" and "How To Become a More Effective ChemicalSafety Officer." On Nov. 10, CHAS will present "How To Be a MoreEffective Chemical Hygiene Officer" at the Sheraton Imperial.


On Nov. 13, all meeting attendees are invited to a free districtdirector's continental breakfast, hosted by Paul R. Jones, DistrictIV director. The breakfast will provide a forum for members tobring their ideas, suggestions, comments, and complaints to governance.Jones will report on the decisions and actions from the ACS fallnational meeting. Immediately following breakfast, the SERMACSboard will meet. All local sections are requested to send a votingmember because the group will vote on changes in the bylaws andvote on the host section for SERMACS 2009. Following the boardmeeting, past, present, and future regional meeting planners willgather to exchange their ideas and experiences on SERMACS.

Later that day, SERMACS 2004 will continue its tradition ofhosting a large undergraduate program. Undergraduates will presentfive technical sessions and a poster session (for which awardswill be given). Also planned are workshops on career opportunities,an ACS Student Affiliate interactive program, and a workshop onchemical demonstrations. Undergraduate awards recipients willbe honored at the regional awards banquet that evening. SERMACSwill also host a Graduate School & Industrial Fair, whichaims to provide an opportunity for graduate school and industryrepresentatives to meet students nearing completion of their undergraduatestudies. The first 50 undergraduates to register for the graduatestudent fair will be guests at a luncheon before the afternoontechnical sessions.

Also on Nov. 13, Dale Gaddy of the ACS Office of Local SectionActivities will offer free local section officer leadership training.This workshop will offer an overview of the training that ACSoffers its local section chairs-elect annually and will be opento all local section officers and members interested in takinga leadership role in their local sections. All local sectionsin the Southeast are encouraged to participate.

A mixer open to all attendees will be held on the evening ofNov. 11 from 6:00 to 7:00 PM at the Imperial Convention Center.


The SERMACS Career Resource Center will house a number of professionaldevelopment programs and services. Workshops to be held on Nov.11 include "Targeting the Job Market," "Interviewing Skills,"and "Résumé Preparation." Similar workshops heldon Nov. 13 will focus on undergraduates.

Individual résumé reviews will be held on Nov.11 and 12. Interested attendees should bring a copy of their résumé;sign-up for the reviews will begin on Nov. 10 during meeting registration.For more information, call the ACSOffice of Career Services at (800) 227-5558 ext. 6210.

The ACS Regional Employment Clearing House (RECH) will providemembers and employers with a venue to meet and discuss job opportunities.RECH services are open to ACS members and national and studentaffiliates, but all participants who sign up for RECH must alsoregister for the meeting. RECH will be held on Nov. 11 and 12from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Employers interested in registering torecruit on-site or post positions in absentia should visit theACS Career Services website at orcall the ACS Office of Career Services at (800) 227-5558 ext.6209 for instructions on how to participate. All employer registrationforms must be received by Oct. 29.


The chemical exposition will be held from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PMon Nov. 11 and from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Nov. 12 in the ImperialConvention Center. Limited time is available for exhibitor presentationsall day on Nov. 10 and 11 and for half of the day on Nov. 12.Exhibitor information, booth layouts, and application forms areavailable at For additional information, contactJohn W. Hines, exhibits chair, at


The advance registration fee for ACS members is $110; it is$135 for nonmembers. For 2YC3 members, postdoctoralfellows, and graduate students, the advance registration fee is$45; for undergraduates and high school teachers, retired members,emeritus members, and unemployed members, the fee is $25; forguests, the fee is $20; and for 50-year members, admission isfree. On-site registration fees are higher; see the website fordetails. Advance registration closes on Oct. 24. Register onlineor download a registration form at the meeting website or theACS regional meetings website at Contact Sol Levine, general chair, at naturpix@mindspring.comor (919) 676-3740 for information. Requests for refunds must bemade through the ACS Office of Society Services, 1155--16th St.,N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036. A full refund will be given throughOct. 24; from Oct. 25 to Nov. 9, a $20 processing fee will becharged. No refunds will be issued after Nov. 9.


The meeting will be held at the Sheraton Imperial, 4700 EmperorBlvd., in Research Triangle Park, Durham, N.C. Please call thehotel at (919) 941-5050 by Oct. 24 to take advantage of the specialmeeting room rate of $110 per night. The hotel is convenientlylocated near Raleigh, Durham, and the Raleigh-Durham airport.Taxi service is available from and to the airport.


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