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New Products


by Melissa Braddock
November 22, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 47

Chemicals and materials

ESTERS New line of plant-derived, biodegradable additives performs as well as traditional petroleum-based products and can be used to reduce potentially toxic formulations in a variety of applications, including medical devices, children's toys, and flooring. CPH Innovations,

SILICA DISPERSANT Polymer is designed to prevent silica and silicate scales in industrial water treatment applications by increasing silica solubility. Alco Chemical,

THIN FILMS Multilayered thin films provide functional optical properties for low-ohm product applications such as optically clear heaters, EMI/RF shielding, touch screens, and displays. The coatings produce a light transmission range of 78–80% at 550 nm and a total luminous transmission of 85–90%. Techni-Met Inc.,

Literature and services

PACKAGING Catalog details temperature-control and regulatory-assurance packaging products and services for the scientific marketplace. The 44-page, four-color publication contains detailed product specifications, illustrations and photos, and over 30 new products. SCA Packaging North America,

GAS DETECTION Sixteen-page brochure describes a complete line of system components used to detect a wide range of toxic and combustible gases at fixed installations. A detailed table recommends specific sensor models for detecting various concentrations of a variety of specific gases and vapors. Sensidyne,

CONSUMER PRODUCTS Eight-page brochure reviews typical applications for hydrogen peroxide, caprolactones, polyglycerols, calcium and magnesium peroxides, precipitated calcium carbonate, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium fluoride, and sulfites. Solvay Chemicals,

Instruments and labware

AUTOSAMPLER Temperature-controlled multistirrer assembly can handle both 20- and 40-mL vials. Each vial position has its own stirring mechanism, eliminating variability caused by the dissolution process. Viscotek,

WEIGHING Analytical balance is designed to measure powders accurately up to 62 g, automatically sensing changes in ambient temperature and recalibrating in response. Features include a backlit LCD display, a full range of standard weighing units, and menu-driven navigation. Alliance Scale,

GLASS VIALS Certified sample vials for high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography analysis meet the tightest dimensional tolerances and are certified to be contaminant-free. Waters Corp.,

RHEOMETER System is designed for testing any rheologically significant materials such as thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, semisolids, and fluid systems. This instrument will perform steady, transient, and dynamic shear measurements using parallel plate, cone and plate, rectangular torsion, dynamic tension, and other fixtures. ATS RheoSystems,

SAFETY FUNNEL Inexpensive chemical-waste containment system exceeds regulations requiring the prevention of laboratory chemical spills and toxic vapor releases. The funnel is manufactured with chemical-resistant high-density polyethylene and features an improved vapor-resistant gasket, a solids filter, a heavy-duty hinge, and a screw cap. California Pacific Lab,

CENTRIFUGE Benchtop instrument provides fast separations and optimal recovery in a large- capacity rotor. It can accommodate microplate carriers, as well as adapters for direct centrifugation of cell culture flasks, and automatically detects and corrects imbalances. User-friendly prompts and a numeric keypad enable direct entry of values. Beckman Coulter,

Plant materials and equipment

DRUM CONTAINMENT Portable, self-contained system uses multiple barriers to allow toxic or explosive powders to be transferred directly into process equipment without cross-contamination or personnel exposure. De Dietrich Process Systems,

AIR CLASSIFIER Excellent particle-size selectivity and exact internal product flow are key characteristics of this device. A complete system can be provided with a feeder, cyclone, filter, blower, and control panel completely installed on a base frame. Netzsch,

GAS FLOW This flow measurement system has ±0.15% standardized accuracy and is dry (no mercury, oil, or soap solution), portable, fast, and easy to use. Designed for quick, on-site verifications of mass flow controllers and meters, laminar flow elements, flow meters, and rotameters. Bios International,

CO2 ANALYZER Wall-mounted infrared analyzer is contained in a water- and dust-tight enclosure with a digital display readout. Sample gas is continuously drawn into the unit through a built-in air pump; a self-draining water trap and a dust filter are also provided. CEA Instruments,

IN-LINE FILTERS High-flow filters are molded in polyoxymethylene acetal, with filter frames that are color coded to indicate filter micrometer size. Filters are available in 20-, 65-, 105-, 150-, and 250-mm nylon or polyester screens. Industrial Specialties Manufacturing,

CYANIDE ANALYSIS System uses a gas-diffusion ligand-exchange procedure to measure available cyanide or cyanide amenable to chlorination species in 90 seconds. O.I. Analytical,

New Products is written by Melissa Braddock , who can be reached at



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