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New Products

New and Notable in the Chemical Industry

by Melissa Braddock
February 23, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 8

Chemicals and materials

ANTIMICROBIAL FIBER Polyester staple fiber features a zirconium phosphate-based ceramic ion-exchange resin containing silver that is safe for human contact and inhibits a broad spectrum of microorganisms in textiles. This prevents odor and discoloration over the life of the item. DAK Fibers,

CHEMILUMINESCENT Sensitive and stable reagents for the enzymes commonly used in diagnostic immunoassays and reporter gene assays are available as ready-to-use solutions. Michigan Diagnostics,

CLEANING SOLVENTS Derived from citrus peels and soybeans, these new solvents offer safety in use and versatility in application and can replace petrochemical-based substances used in common household products. Florida Chemical,

SPECIALTY MONOMERS A variety of acrylamide, acrylate, and methacrylate monomers are ideal for high-end applications in inks, paints, coatings, and medical polymers. They offer numerous benefits for products requiring low toxicity, strong adhesion to various substrates, water resistance, reduced viscosity, and abrasion resistance. Jarchem Industries,

Literature and services

PROCESS MEASUREMENTS This process-measurement solutions catalog for liquid analytical systems carries Mettler-Toledo's complete line with specifications for pH, dissolved oxygen, CO2, conductivity, turbidity, process connections, and automated cleaning and calibration systems. All parameters can be integrated by industry-standard communication protocols. Mettler-Toledo,


SUPPLY CATALOG The 2004– 05 Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products catalog features a comprehensive listing of chemicals, laboratory supplies, and equipment selected from more than 200 of the industry's top manufacturers. The 2,000+ page catalog has been reconfigured for ease of use. Spectrum Chemical & Laboratory Products,

ADHESIVES Selector guide on solution rubber pressure-sensitive adhesives explains physical and performance properties, providing detailed information on products designed for industrial tapes, skin adhesives, and other applications. The guide also provides a quick reference chart that shows each adhesive's peel, shear, and tack properties in colorful graphic form. National Starch & Chemical Co.,

SURFACING This brochure details services in thermal spray and cold spray technologies and provides information on complementary services, including machining, grinding, and welding. Data is provided about release coatings, traction surfacing, friction surfacing, and thermal barrier surfacing. ASB Industries,

Instruments and labware

CENTRIFUGE A new series of benchtop centrifuges delivers unique capabilities that streamline cell separations. By allowing direct centrifugation of culture flasks, transfer steps are eliminated and potential for contamination is reduced. Exclusive rotor technologies automatically correct imbalance and continue the run without shutdown. Beckman Coulter,

MICROTITER PLATES Each kit consists of a 96-well polypropylene microtiter plate pre-inserted with 500-ml glass vials and includes a silicon/PTFE sealing mat. The sealing mat allows easy sealing to eliminate cross-contamination of the samples. A cutting tool is provided that allows individual tubes to be removed from the rack without breaking the seal. The sealing mats are available solid or preslit for easy penetration. Sun-SRi,

GLOVES This lower-priced line of safety gloves provides an alternative for the budget-conscious consumer. Available only in case quantities, the gloves adhere to the same stringent safety and quality standards as the firm's standard line of gloves. These gloves can be worn in a wide range of lab and production areas and have the added benefit of effectively blocking UV wavelengths. UV Process Supply,


GRINDERS Two metal-free mills use a proven grinding system to reduce particles to a targeted size. The MiniCer is manufactured with zircon oxide-wetted components; the MiniPur, with polyurethane-wetted components. Both are simple to operate, compact in design, and feature an adjustable position chamber. Netzsch,

Plant materials and equipment

FLOOR SCALE This low-profile floor scale is designed for light industrial and legal-for-trade applications. It features a rugged steel deck design with adjustable rubber feet. Certified in 2,000- to 10,000-lb capacities, the scale comes in a range of sizes and offers options such as ramps and floor anchor plates. Rice Lake Weighing Systems,


RUPTURE PANEL A new metal-vent reverse-buckling rupture panel can avert explosions caused by overpressures in dust collectors, conveyor systems, dryers, and other equipment requiring precise pressure relief. The product's smooth surface prevents buildup and contamination, and the nonfragmenting design increases safety in the event of panel rupture. Oseco,

GAS MONITORING This compact, easy-to-install gas-monitoring system provides networked surveillance for multiple locations and multiple gases. The network consists of a centralized controller linked with up to eight individual gas detectors, which can be located up to 3,280 feet away. PureAire,

STRIP HEATERS Infrared heaters use parabolic reflectors to apply heat to narrow strips. Modular design and adjustable energy output allow a variety of configurations suitable for applications such as drying ink, curing adhesive, forming plastic, and heating shrinkable tubing. Lamps reach 90% of full temperature within three seconds of a cold start. Research Inc.,

New Products is written by Melissa Braddock, who can be reached at</b>



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