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Pacifichem 2005

January 17, 2005 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 83, Issue 3

Chemists and chemical engineers in countries bordering the Pacific Ocean and elsewhere are invited to submit papers for the 2005 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (Pacifichem 2005). The congress will be held on Dec. 15–20 in Honolulu and is cosponsored by the American Chemical Society, the Chemical Society of Japan, the Canadian Society for Chemistry, the Korean Chemical Society, the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry, and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Many of the chemical societies in other countries that border the Pacific Ocean are official participating organizations.

The technical program of Pacifichem 2005 is being developed in 225 symposia spread over 11 areas of contemporary chemical science. The congress will also feature a plenary lecture, an exposition of chemically related scientific products and services, and pre- and postcongress tours of neighboring islands. General tours will be offered during the congress to places on Oahu related to the culture and history of the Hawaiian Islands. A young scholars' travel assistance program has been established, and students may enter a special student poster competition.

Papers will be presented in oral and poster sessions associated with the symposia; general poster sessions in all technical areas will also be available. All papers require an abstract of approximately 150 words, to be submitted online. Electronic abstract submission will open on the Pacifichem website-- Jan. 17 and will close on April 13.

All information regarding the 2005 Pacifichem conference, including registration, hotel, and travel information, is online at



044. Chemistry & Biochemistry of Antioxidative Phytochemicals

077. Food & Nutraceutical Bioactives in Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

079. Materials, Chemicals & Energy from Forest Biomass

139. Characterization, Photostabilization & Use of Lignocellulosic Materials

182. Metabolic Analysis of Plant Signal Molecules

218. Chemistry of Cellulose-Based Polymers, Blends & Composites

221. Pectin Chemistry: Its Relationship to Structure & Function

222. Food Flavor: Chemistry, Sensory Evaluation & Biological Activity

225. Rational Methods for the Selection & Use of Agrochemicals: Risk Modeling, Monitoring & Management

290. Recent Developments in Preparative Methods & Physicochemical Study of Micro- & Nanostructures in Food Components

304. Natural Products in Agriculture & Forestry: Structure, Function & Utilization



005. Marine Toxins: Structure, Toxicology & Detection

012. LIBS: Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

016. Flow-Based Analysis: State-of-the-Art Flow Methods in Analytical Chemistry

048. Recent Developments in On-Site Instrumentation & Analysis

056. Soft X-ray Emission Spectroscopy

060. New Paradigms in Analytical Spectrochemistry

063. Electroanalytical Chemistry

074. Enabling Analytical Technologies in Proteomics

118. Immobilization & Applications of Functional Proteins, Nucleic Acids & Cells at Solid Interfaces

124. Advances in Nanochemistry at Liquid Interfaces

175. Imaging & Manipulation of Biological Nanostructures

202. Collision & Reaction Cell Techniques in Atomic Mass Spectrometry

212. New Analytical Applications of Reaction & Solvent Chemistry

219. Chiral Recognition

235. TIR & Optical Waveguide Spectroscopies: Principles, Techniques & Applications to Materials & Interfaces

251. Nanotechology for Bioanalysis & Biomedical Applications

262. Methods To Analyze Cellular Processes

276. Chemical Sensors, Biosensors & Sensing Technologies

286. Recent Development of Sensing Chemistry & Chemical Separation Systems for Innovation in Chemical Analysis

301. New Approaches in Biomedical Spectroscopy

315. Micro- & Nanofluidic Devices for Chemical Analysis



008. Glycobiology

018. Marine Microbial Products: An Emerging Source for Drug Discovery

026. Enzyme-Catalyzed Isomerizations & Eliminations: Evolution & Mechanism

029. Combinatorial Bioengineering: Protein Display & Its Development

050. Biocides Old & New: Where Chemistry & Microbiology Meet

073. Chemistry & Biology of NO & Reactive Oxygen Species

085. Frontiers in Peptide & Protein Chemistry

107. Extremozymes: Function, Structure & Applications

130. Designed Protein Alterations & Their Applications

137. Biomolecular Interaction between DNA/RNA & Proteins

181. Drug Discovery in a Systems Biology World: Integration of Biology & Chemistry Information

192. Applications of the New Mass Spectrometry Techniques of Electrospray & Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption to Biochemistry

255. Biosynthesis of Natural Products

277. Functional Nucleic Acids

282. Activating & Reactivating Proteins for B12 & Radical Enzymes

284. Bioorganic Reaction Mechanisms

297. Protein Interactions with Membranes & Supramolecular Assemblies

298. Advances in Solid-State NMR on Biological Systems

319. Chemical Approaches to Astrobiology: Origins, Evolution, Distribution & Destiny of Life in Space



148. Visualization in Chemistry for the Major & the Nonscience Major

187. Patent Protection around the Pacific Rim

211. Microscale Chemistry & Green Chemistry

258. Pacific Basin Chemical Community: Chemical Business & Economics

270. Women Chemists: Past, Present & Future

274. Chemistry, Toxins, Food Safety & the Public: Education, Outreach & Medical Aspects

295. Breaking Down Barriers in Chemical Education

316. E-Learning in University Chemistry Education

322. ACS PROGRESS: Thriving in the Workplace Roadshows



046. Environmental Forensics

055. Nanostructured Catalysts for Environmental Conservation

070. Free-Radical Chemistry in the Environment

071. Clean & Green Technologies for a Sustainable Environment

072. Green Chemical Processes

104. Recycling of Polymeric Waste Materials: Challenges & Perspectives

105. Prospects for Automated & Microreactor Synthesis

144. Membrane-Based Processes for Water Treatment, Reclamation & Remediation

165. Treatment of Persistent Organic Pollutants

170. Ionic Liquids: Perspectives on the Present, Visions for the Future

171. Environmental Contaminants of Emerging Concern: Anticipating, Understanding & Intercepting Future Environmental Crises

253. Sampling & Analysis of Chemical Warfare Agents for Antiterrorism Purposes

265. Biodiesel Production & Co-product Utilization: Environmental Impacts & Challenges

275. Sonochemistry

283. Microwave-Induced Chemistry for a Green & Sustainable Future

289. Understanding the Earth & Our Environment Using Synchrotron Light



034. Nuclear Hyperfine & Quantum Beam Technique for Studying Chemical States

039. Recent Developments in Organoboron & Organosilicon Chemistry

045. Lanthanide-Containing Functional Edifices

049. Synthesis & Mechanism in Late-Transition-Metal Organometallics

051. Organometallic Chemistry of Early Transition Metals & Lanthanides

081. Role of Metals in Metalloenzymes & Medicine

096. Future of Force-Field Modeling of Metal Complexes in the DFT Age

100. Inorganic Fluorine Chemistry: Bridging Fundamental & Applied Chemistry

120. Chemistry & Applications of Metal-Organic Frameworks

131. Novel Structure, Bonding & Reactivity for P, As, Sb & Bi in Low-Coordinate Environments

132. Atom Transfer, Small-Molecule Activation & Metal-Ligand Multiple Bonds

134. Nonplanarity in Aromatic Macrocycles

140. The Heavy Glow: Metal Complexes for Electrophosphorescent OLEDs

142. Homogeneous Catalytic CH Activation & Functionalization

149. Metal Complexes of Mixed-Donor Multidentate Ligands: Chemistry & Applications

150. Early Main-Group Metal Chemistry

152. Metal Hydrides & Dihydrogen Complexes: Synthesis, Properties & Applications in Catalysis & Hydrogen Storage

160. Multidentate & Macrocyclic Ligands in Coordination Chemistry: Control of Reactivity & Structure by Ligand Design

162. Dioxygen Activation Chemistry of Metalloenzymes & Models

163. Reaction Chemistry of Carbon Dioxide in Catalysis

180. Aqueous Chemistry & Biochemistry of Silicon

183. Developing Small Molecules for Investigation of the Principles Involved in DNA & RNA Recognition

193. Nanofabrication Based on Anodized Aluminum Oxide Template Synthesis

205. Imidazolium Cyclophanes & N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes

214. Photofunctional Molecular & Supramolecular Metal Complexes

238. Science with Rare-Isotope Beams

239. New Organometallic Compounds for Applications in Homogeneous Catalysis

244. Frontiers of Nuclear Chemistry in the Heaviest Elements

260. Chemistry of Molecular Imaging

261. Polyoxometalate Chemistry for Molecular Design & Nanoengineering

264. Heavy-Element Chemistry in the New Century: Interplay of Computational Modeling & Experiment

268. Spin-Crossover in Coordination Chemistry: Recent Advances & Future Outlook

272. Advances in the Chemistry of Targeted Radionuclide Therapy

306. Actinides & the Environment: A Paradigm for Interdisciplinary Research



054. Polymer Materials via Green Processes from Renewable Resources

064. Polymer Surface Structure & Dynamics

067. Si-Containing Polymer Chemistry & Nanotechnology

075. Macromolecules for Photonic Applications

076. Functional Polymer Particles & Particle-Assemblies

082. New Products from Biomonomers, Polymers & Composites

087. Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Main-Chain Polymers

091. Miscible Blend Dynamics

092. Carbon Dioxide-Based Processes for Polymer Synthesis/Processing, Microelectronics & Nanoscale Manufacturing

095. Dynamic Control of Self-Assembled Soft Materials

101. Transition-Metal-Containing Polymers & Dendrimers

113. Polymer Performance & Degradation

114. New Age of Advanced Materials: Integration of Supramolecular/Macromolecular Chemistry & Biotechnology

125. Chemistry & Materials Science of Advanced Membranes Based on Polymers & Polymer/Inorganic Composites

157. Precise Characterization of Complex Polymers & Their Hierarchical Structures

173. NMR Spectroscopy of Polymers

179. Frontiers in NMR of Biological Macromolecules

189. Cyclic & Threaded Macromolecules

234. New Delivery Systems for Controlled Drug Release from Naturally Occurring Materials

281. Molecular Modeling & Computer Simulation of Macromolecular Systems


022. Polymer Nanostructures & Nanoparticles in Polymers

036. Magnetism: Molecules to Functional Materials

069. Supramolecular Materials Chemistry: New Functional Materials through Directed Self-Assembly

078. Design of Nanomaterials & Nanodevices

094. Molecular Switching

112. Self-Assembled Photonic Materials

115. Science & Engineering of the Future with Multifunctional Conducting Molecular Materials

117. Optical Response of Inorganic & Organic Nanostructures

128. Biomineralization & Bio-Inspired Chemistry

133. Azobenzene-Containing Materials as Smart Structures

143. Supramolecular Materials, Thin Films & Devices

146. Materials Processing & Separation under Magnetic Fields: From Biomaterials to Metals

164. Nanoporous Materials: Synthesis & Applications

176. New Photonic Lanthanide-Based Materials

188. Characterization of Advanced Nanoporous Materials

195. Tuning Electronic Properties & Catalysis

243. Transition-Metal-Oxide-Based Advanced Materials: Design & Synthesis, Characterization & Applications

293. Solid-State Chemistry: Novel Syntheses & New Materials



007. Complexity & Related Computational Methods in Bioactive Discovery

014. Chemokines & Their Receptor Ligands

017. G-Quadruplexes as Targets for Drug<br > Design

210. Nucleic-Acid-Based Therapeutics

213. Dynamics of Small-Molecule Collections for Biological Screening

229. Chemical Biology: Small Chemical Compounds as Magic Bullets To Elucidate Biological Mechanisms

233. Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors: An Important Class of Chemotherapeutic Agents

237. Cytokine Synthesis Inhibitors/Modulaters

267. Chemistry & Chemical Biology of Carbohydrates & Glycoconjugates

300. New Approaches to Anti-HIV Drug Development

310. Inhibitors of Protein Kinases



001. The Centennial of Ketenes

009. Reactive Intermediates & Unusual Molecules

011. Combinatorial Chemistry

019. Recent Developments in Carbocation & Onium Ion Chemistry

030. Chemical Synthesis of Polycyclic Ethers

031. Self-Assembled Materials & Liquid Crystals

037. Organic Photochemistry: Reactions & Mechanisms

038. Organic Reactions in Neoteric Media

043. Natural Product Synthesis for Exploring Biological Functions

052. Marine Natural Products

103. Photoremovable Protecting Groups & Caged Compounds: Principles & Application

111. Designed n-Electronic Systems: Synthesis, Properties, Theory & Function

127. Novel Molecular Approaches in Sensor Technology

129. Total Synthesis of Natural Products

136. Asymmetric Synthesis Catalyzed by Metal Complexes

147. Activation of Unreactive Bonds in Organic Synthesis

151. Synergies between Organic Chemistry & Polymer Chemistry

167. Organic Reactions of Main-Group Metal Compounds

169. New Aspects of Heterocyclic Chemistry

184. Novel Heteroatom Functionality in Organic Chemistry

197. Organic Free Radicals in Biology & Synthesis

220. Fluorine-Containing Amino Acids: Preparation & Application to Biological Systems

223. Biocatalysis in Organic Synthesis

231. Catalytic C&#150;N Bond Formation

236. Supramolecular Photochemistry

246. Medicinal Plants: Recent Progress in Chemistry & Biology

250. Molecular Recognition in Bio-Inspired Systems

269. Advances in Chiral Separation: Theory, Phenomenon & Technology

273. Boronic Acids: Synthetic & Biological Applications

278. Recent Advances in Nickel- & Palladium-Catalyzed Reactions

288. Interface of Chemistry & Biology

302. Chemistry of Fullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes & Related Materials

303. Advances in Natural Product Chemistry: In Honor of Prof. Nakanishi's 80th Birthday

313. Chemically Modified DNA: Synthesis, Photochemistry & Applications

323. Organic Solid-State Chemistry: Structure, Synthesis & Reactivity



021. Advances in Cluster Sciences & Nanoparticles Technologies

024. Chemistry with Ultrashort, Intense Laser Pulses: The Next Frontier

025. Advances in Quantum Monte Carlo

040. Proton Transfer/Transport of H-Bonded Solids, Liquids, Clusters & Interfaces

047. Astrochemistry: From Laboratory Studies to Astronomical Observations

058. Interfacial Phenomena at Different Length & Timescales

068. Nonadiabatic Phenomena & Related Dynamics: Theory & Experiment

080. Classical & Quantum Statistical Studies of Solvation

083. Photoisomerization Processes, Torsional Relaxation & the Hula-Twist

086. Computational Quantum Chemistry: Methodology & Application

110. Frontiers in Structural & Functional Studies of Atomic & Molecular Clusters & Nanoparticles

121. Laser Particle Generation & Its Application to Chemistry

123. Self-Organization in Nonequilibrium Chemical Systems

155. Vibrational Overtones: Spectroscopy, Dynamics & Environmental Implications

156. Space- & Time-Resolved Molecular Reaction Dynamics & Spectroscopy

166. Frontier of Colloid & Interface Chemistry

174. Role of Water in Electron-Driven Processes

177. Synchrotron Radiation Research in the Pacific Rim & Emerging Techniques & Applications

191. Theoretical Methods for Prediction of Molecular Properties


194. X-ray Spectroscopy at the Submicron Level

216. Fundamental Chemical Processes in Supercritical Fluids

226. New Frontiers in Condensed-Phase Quantum Dynamics

230. Structures, Dynamics & Functions of Biomolecules & Water

245. Structures, Dynamics & Reactivity at the Electrochemical Interface

249. Preparation of New Functional Catalysts & Photocatalysts: Theoretical Analysis, Characterizations, Reactivities & Applications

252. Photophysical Dynamics in Biological Molecules

294. Applications of NMR Spectroscopy in Materials Science

314. Confinement of Molecules & Ions in Low-Dimensional Nanospaces



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