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New Products

New and Notable in the Chemical Industry

by Melissa Braddock
August 15, 2005 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 83, Issue 33

Chemicals and materials

MICROARRAYS Genome-wide microarrays for alternate splicing enable researchers to detect changes in RNA splicing across the entire human genome. By differentiating among the splice isoforms of a gene, the number of potential clinical biomarkers is multiplied by a factor of four or more compared with conventional gene arrays. Jivan Biologics,

SILICONE New grade of liquid silicone for molding systems offers fast curing and reduced waste. These products exhibit consistent physical properties from batch to batch. They feature dynamic viscosity--higher viscosity under low sheer stress (pumping and shutoff) and lower viscosity under high shear stress (injection). Shincor Silicones,

RESIN Product allows coating manufacturers to formulate odorless, sprayable primers. The low-odor system eliminates the need to have the area evacuated during application and while the coating is drying. This resin also gives the primer the ability to seal and block in odors from nicotine stains and fire damage. Eliokem,

ACRYLIC SHEETS Textured sheets are available in 12 standard colors and can be customized to any size and degree of thickness. They are designed for use in displays, furniture, lighting, and architectural applications. Acrilex Inc.,


Literature and services

FILTERS Full-color interactive digital catalog features a wide-ranging selection of replacement filter elements. Replacement cartridges are available that interchange with more than 80 original brand-name cartridges, often significantly improving filtration. Clark-Reliance,

Instruments and labware

ICP-OES SPECTROMETER A megapixel, back-illuminated, charge-coupled detector and an extremely low-noise amplifier allow simultaneous analysis at multiple wavelengths within a specified spectral window. Users can choose between high resolution and greater analysis speed. Horiba Jobin Yvon,

SOLUTION PREPARATION Labor-saving system prepares highly accurate solution concentrations for analysis with chromatography or spectrometry. Unit can achieve an accuracy of 0.02%, which is not affected by room temperature changes. Each solution is recorded and labeled as it is made. Design Scientific,

RECTANGULAR DISHES Single-well dishes are suitable for high-throughput screening using petri dishes. Four- and eight-well dishes can be used for cell culture or to hold microarray slides. Nunc,

MICROCENTRIFUGES Low-cost, easily replaceable rotors and disposable tube carriers are sealed in clear chemical- and biohazard-resistant plastic. Tube carrier also functions as a storage rack. An integrated strobe light allows individual samples to be viewed during centrifugation. Brinkmann,

Credit: Eksigent Technologies
Credit: Eksigent Technologies

PROTEOMICS SYSTEM Liquid chromatography system for nanospray mass spectrometry analysis is configured with a third pump for rapid sample loading and washing. New pump- and flow-controller technology allows precise operation at higher pressure--5,500 psi--for higher resolution in nanobore columns. Eksigent Technologies,

SAMPLE PREPARATION Platform automates nucleic acid extraction and reaction setup for molecular diagnostic labs. Unit can prepare up to 96 patient samples from primary tubes in just two-and-a-half hours and performs onboard quantitation, normalization, and PCR reaction setup in 30 minutes each. A variety of primary tube sizes can be used, and the platform can output to a wide range of labware formats. Beckman Coulter,


Plant materials and equipment

WATER PURIFICATION System is made for clinical laboratories performing chemistry and immunochemistry assays. Design combines prefiltration, softening, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, polishing, and microfiltration. Water purified at flow rates of 35 and 75 L per hour. Millipore,

GUARDRAIL Collapsible rail folds down to the surface with the removal of a single pin from the pivot assembly. Features include no-drill installation, portability, and a choice in lengths and colors. BlueWater Manufacturing,

Credit: Eriez
Credit: Eriez

CHECKWEIGHER System combines in-line metal detection and weighing to improve production quality control in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It handles weights from 0.002 to 200 lb at speeds from 40 to 350 units per minute. Conveyors are available in stainless steel or painted mild steel and can be coated in corrosion-resistant epoxy for harsh environments. Eriez,

AIR QUALITY METER Monitoring kit measures total volatile organic compounds, relative humidity, temperature, and three gases of the purchaser's choice. Onboard tips include a list of compounds ionized by the sensors, along with common sources and correction factors for these compounds. Desktop computer software is included for analysis and report generation of logged data. GrayWolf Sensing Systems,

New Products is written by Melissa Braddock, who can be reached at




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