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Analytical Chemistry

New Products

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry

December 5, 2005 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 83, Issue 49

Chemicals and materials

SORBITOL DEHYDROGENASE Quality-control material provides research and clinical laboratories with a complete test system for this important biological marker. Product provides both normal and abnormal target values across the critical areas of the testing range. Features include a shelf life of 18 months and a reconstitution stability of seven days. Diagnostic Chemicals,

ANTIBODY Monoclonal antibody for the identification of an inhibitory protein on natural killer cells and dendritic cells works on all instrument platforms. The preformulated, standardized antibody is provided in 50-test vials, ready to use and adapted for lysing procedures. Beckman Coulter,

Instruments and labware

SPECTROPHOTOMETER Unit can analyze a range of samples, including optical components, thin films, glass, and plastics, regardless of size or shape. Enhanced performance specifications include improvements in dynamic range, resolution, wavelength accuracy, and photometric noise. Aflexible software package is designed for the general research and quality-control laboratory. Thermo Electron,

AUTOSAMPLER This 100-position purge-and-trap autosampler is designed for environmental and municipal laboratories. System accepts standard 40-mL vials and features programmable internal standards, dual concentrator capacity, and a hot-water rinse. EST Analytical,

STANDARDS GENERATOR Modular system for blending precision standards can generate concentration ranges from sub-parts-per-billion levels to over 50% from pure compounds using single-step dilution. Each cabinet holds four modules. One is a base module with a permeation oven, mass-flow meter, and dilution-flow controls. The other modules can be additional permeation ovens, or they can provide special functions such as direct blending for high concentrations. Kin-Tek,

TITRATOR COULOMETRIC Karl Fischer titrator has six built-in calculation modes to accommodate solid, liquid, and gas samples. A choice of ion-exchange or fritless cell system and thermal printer or impact printer is available. Printout contents include date, sample number, sample quantity, moisture content, mean value, standard deviation, moisture quantity-time curve, and other preset parameters. JM Science,

LIQUID HANDLING Workstations feature an optical sensor to monitor labware and liquid levels on the 12-place deck, the ability to automatically change pipetting heads, and the choice of controlling workstations by panel display or through a computer. Units can be upgraded to include a built-in manifold and vacuum pump. Brinkmann,

REACTOR System includes a choice of easily interchangeable jacketed-glass reaction vessels (500 mL, 1 L, and 5 L), integral stirrer, secure mounting stand, and simple control system. Unit fits easily into a regular fume hood, can work under vacuum or with inert atmospheres, and offers direct connections for up to three sensors. Syrris,

LOW CELL BINDING Dishes and plates feature a biocompatible surface that inhibits cell attachment and differentiation. The surface is non-animal-derived, is biologically inert, and doesn't require prehydration. All units are clear, sterile polystyrene. Typical applications include the culture of suspension cells, stem cells, spheroids, and macrophages. Nalge Nunc International,

Plant materials and equipment

FILTRATION Module for the ultrafiltration of electrophoretic paint provides the ability to view the quality of permeate from each membrane through a window and isolate individual membranes using a small valve. Membranes are supported on flat plates with an open paint channel. Unit is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Orelis,

H2S ANALYSIS Fiber-optic UV spectrophotometer provides instant on-line monitoring of hydrogen sulfide. Diode-array design corrects for species with interfering absorbencies and permits the measurement of both very high and very low levels with the same unit. Analyzer measures 1,024 discrete frequencies between 190 and 800 nm. It is available in general-purpose or explosion-proof enclosures. Applied Analytics,

UNLOADERS Self-contained units provide efficient pneumatic transfer of dry material from bulk bags into silos that are normally serviced by pneumatic trailers or railcars. They are ruggedly built, skid-mounted, and can be customized with optional hoists and lifting frames. An integral pulse-jet dust collector mounted above the hopper helps maintain a clean working environment. Cyclonaire,

ALIGNMENT KIT Laser unit checks parallelism, concentricity, and wear on spindles, lathes, and boring equipment. Precise alignment readings are provided on a handheld display; a computer interface is also available. Pinpoint Laser Systems,

GAS DETECTION Instrument controls up to four independent sensors. Features include built-in alarms and relays, automatic zero and span calibration, remote access and adjustment controls, and a full-featured display with status indicators. System is suitable for refineries, pipelines, chemical plants, manufacturing plants, and storage rooms. Control Instruments,

New Products is written by Melissa Kuhnell, who can be reached at


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