December 5, 2005 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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December 5, 2005 Issue

Volume 83, Issue 49
December 5, 2005 Issue, Vol. 83 | Iss. 49
Sales grew in the past year, but the pharmaceutical industry saw many major products come under fire and was challenged in moving new ones forward
By Selena Class, IMS Health
(pp. 15-32)
Job cuts and plant closings are among initial steps in restructuring (p.9)
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News of the Week

Merck Schedules Big Shake-Up

Job cuts and plant closings are among initial steps in restructuring

Canada Hosts UN Climate meeting

Leaders call for strong action; U.S. continues to oppose emissions targets

Carbon Emissions Trading Picks Up

As UN conference gets under way, firms eye emissions profit potential

Protein's Lipid Coat Revealed

High-resolution structure of membrane protein captures its lipid environment

Mammalian Amyloid Has Useful Role

Fibers that have amyloid structure serve as templates for melanin biosynthesis

Modifying DNA

Chemical strategy provides new way to derivatize DNA sequence specifically

Tracking Cellular Machine Assembly

Technique observes how parts of a macromolecular complex bind in real time



Government & Policy

Lawmakers seek to cut U.S. demand for oil, boost biofuels and alternative-technology vehicles
(pp. 50-51)
House Science Committee holds hearing to ensure risks of small technology aren't being ignored
(pp. 46-48)