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New Products

New and Notable in the Chemical Industry

by Melissa Kuhnell
March 20, 2006 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 84, Issue 12

Chemicals and materials

AEROGELS Nanotechnology-enabled aerogels with insulating properties provide the thermal performance of aerogels in ready-to-use products impregnated with nanostructures. For the oil and gas recovery industry, the use of this product in pipe-in-pipe flowlines prevents subsea-well flow cooling and hydrate formation while also permitting use of smaller diameter pipes. Aspen Aerogels,

PIGMENTS Special-effect borosilicate pigments for cosmetics and personal care products provide dramatic color-shifting effects. For example, one pigment appears red, but by changing the angle 30°, the effect turns violet, blue, and teal. Four versions are currently available. Engelhard,

ELASTOMER Hard, high-refractive-index, optically clear silicone elastomer is suitable for casting and molding high-performance optical components, as well as for use as an adhesive or encapsulant in optical electronic applications requiring high optical transmission after exposure to the high temperatures of lead-free soldering. Product cures at a wide range of cure times and temperatures to accommodate different production needs. NuSil Technology,

FISCHER REAGENTS Complete set of coulometric and volumetric reagents, water standards, and dehydrated solvents are available for analysis of moisture in a diverse array of applications. An extended shelf life ensures a stable titre and accurate results. Products are pyridine-free and have no unpleasant odor. JM Science,

Literature and services

REAGENTS Chemical catalog includes more than 1,000 compounds. Features include an MDL index, spectral database references, structures, and technical information. TCI America,

LAB PRODUCTS Comprehensive 2,000-page catalog includes chemicals, supplies, and equipment from more than 200 manufacturers. Chemical listings include laboratory reagents, biochemicals, organic chemicals, deuterated compounds, and microbiological media. Equipment includes balances, baths, glassware, plasticware, incubators, stirrers, shakers, and pH meters. Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products,

PROTEIN RESEARCH Applications guide features tools for purifying, concentrating, and identifying protein samples. Features include an expanded selection of tangential-flow filtration devices, filters, and blotting membranes. Millipore,

Instruments and labware

DISPENSER High-speed reagent dispenser works with the Microlab Star pipetting workstation to perform high-volume dispensing without cross-contamination or the cost of disposable needles. Unit can deliver up to four different reagents to a column of plates located on either side. Hamilton Co.,

PURIFICATION Four-column sequental FLASH purification system features an expanded fraction bed for multisample purification. Unit is operated via a touch-screen computer with advanced software features such as independent column control and solvent monitoring. Biotage,

COLUMNS Microflow capillary columns for liquid chromatography increase the speed of screening and reduce sample consumption. Chiral columns are stainless steel with stationary phases packed with5-µm Daicel polysaccharide. Chiral Technologies,

CONTROLLER Designed for flash chromatography applications, this control unit allows a user to manage pumping and fraction collection using an arrow button, a jog dial, and a display panel. Device can also detect excess pressure in the system and pause the process. Analogix,

PURIFIERS Helium and nitrogen purifiers for gas chromatography systems provide point-of-use purification to sub-parts-per-million levels of impurities. The purification substrate, a stable gettering alloy, is contained in a welded assembly. Self-regulation eliminates the possibility of thermal runaway and maintains an optimal temperature. Valco Instruments Co.,

Plant materials and equipment

CELL DISRUPTER Processor comes equipped with a product-feed pump and a heat exchanger and can achieve flow rates up to 400 L/hour. Unit can store acquired data in a secure database and generate reports for batch records. Because the interaction chamber employs no moving parts, no disassembly is required for cleaning. Microfluidics,

MANIFOLD Custom perfluoroalkoxy manifold resists corrosion and heat in aggressive chemistry applications. Multilayer design allows internal fluid paths and chambers without the use of solvents, adhesives, and gaskets. Material is translucent, permitting viewing of the fluid channels. Eastern Plastics Inc.,

MOISTURE ANALYZERS Units use Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to provide real-time measurement of trace moisture in NH3, HCl, HBr, NF3, and other corrosive matrices. Measurement intervals are typically less than one minute. Electropolished gas cells eliminate sample moisture retention, and low internal power dissipation provides durability under extended vacuum operation. Midac,


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