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Analytical Chemistry

A Taste Of Chemistry

Meeting highlights include ultrahydrophobic films, peptide antibiotics, gas chromatography detection

April 10, 2006 | APPEARED IN VOLUME 84, ISSUE 15

Chemists—God love 'em—have a fondness for polysyllabic terms that most other people struggle to pronounce, much less understand. Who else but a chemist could make pentaphenylcyclopentadienyltris(di-methylamido)zirconium roll off the tongue on the first try?

So when more than 12,000 chemical professionals converged on Atlanta in late March for the American Chemical Society's national meeting, they brought with them their arcane lexicon of molecules and methods.

That lexicon includes fluorinated polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes, a family of highly hydrophobic materials; mannopeptimycins, a promising new class of antibiotics; and a technique called Penning ionization electron spectroscopy that is literally going out of this world. These topics are more than linguistic mouthfuls—they represent some of the intriguing research tidbits uncovered at the Atlanta meeting. Read on to find out more.

Silsesquioxanes Bead Water For A Clean Sweep

Rough surface texture enhances hydrophobicity of fluorinated silicon-oxygen cage compounds

Enter The Mannopeptimycins

New class of antibiotics offers hope in treating resistant infections

PIES In The Sky

A technique from plasma physics is being developed as a mini GC detector for space applications



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