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New Products

New and Notable in the Chemical Industry

by Melissa Kuhnell
March 20, 2006 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 84, Issue 16

Chemicals and materials

POLYMERASE New generation of high-fidelity-fusion DNA polymerases delivers superior yield, reliability, and run times compared with traditional enzymes. Herculase II also excels in the amplification of difficult targets and has been successfully tested on GC-rich sequences. Stratagene,

PHOTORESIST STRIPPER ALEG-380, an alternative to hydroxylamine-based chemistries in aluminum integrated-circuit manufacturing, provides efficient cleaning of bulk photoresists, heavily cross-linked ash/etch residues, and sidewall polymers. It also protects against the galvanic corrosion associated with device architecture containing complicated metal stacks. Mallinckrodt Baker,

POLYMER ALLOYS Edgetek XT polycarbonate/polybutylene terephthalate alloys feature a combination of strength, durability, and chemical resistance. In addition to general-purpose, UV-stable, and low-temperature-impact grades, customized formulations are available to meet specialized performance requirements. PolyOne,

Literature and services

CHROMATOGRAPHY Brochure features products relating to analytical supercritical fluid chromatography. Systems operate at pressures approaching 400 bar for either gradient or isocratic separations. CO2 is used as the mobile phase, with the option of a cosolvent. Thar Technologies,

Instruments and labware

FILTERS Comprehensive line of ZenPure filtration products, varying from 13-mm disk capsules to 40-inch cartridges, features customized single- and multiround stainless steel and plastic housings. Batches for scale-up and full-scale production are available. Filters are manufactured with no adhesives, binders, or surfactants. JALT Technologies,

MULTIPROCESSOR Desktop fluid-bed multiprocessor can process very small volumes of feed product—from 20 to 200 g—to produce dry powder, agglomerated product, or coated particles for pharmaceutical research applications. The machine uses negative pressure to create the airflow through the fluid bed in the same way that large production machines operate. Aeromatic-Fielder,

SPECTROMETER Benchtop time-of-flight mass spectrometer provides resolving power and mass accuracy of less than 3 ppm, low-picogram sensitivity, and 20- to 40-spectra-per-second scanning times. Unit can analyze and characterize complex mixtures by accurately determining the mass of individual components. Features include fast polarity switching and compatibility with Agilent's proprietary multimode ion source. Agilent Technologies,

MAGNIFIER Lightweight 1.75?? magnifier has a working distance of approximately 11 inches and a diameter of nearly 9 inches. An aspheric lens provides a clear image across the magnified field with no distortion at the edges. Flexible head swivels 90o on both the vertical and radial axes. A white fluorescent bulb illuminates the entire field. Harvard Apparatus,

AIR GENERATOR Unit produces up to 200 L/minute of hydrocarbon-free air from an existing compressed air supply, allowing users to control their gas supplies without using air cylinders. Features include ergonomic cabinet design, visual display of operational status, and a one-year warranty. Parker Hannifin,

TITRATOR Volumetric Karl Fischer titrator has six calculation modes to accommodate solid, liquid, and gas samples. Built-in detector monitors titration status. Four files with preset conditions can be stored in memory. A statistics package with one-touch calculations is included, along with software to transfer results to a personal computer. JM Science,

Plant materials and equipment

GAS ANALYZER System provides real-time, multicomponent, extractive-gas-phase analysis for applications including plant hygiene, process optimization, quality control, and research. The rugged industrial spectrometer is packaged with externally mounted corrosion-resistant gas cells and advanced mirror-drive control electronics. Midac,

FILTER PRODUCTION Unit uses ultrasonic welding to attach rigid plastic circular frames to nonwoven filter bags suitable for chemical and industrial liquid applications. The tooling can easily be changed to accommodate collars from 4 to 7 inches in diameter. Between 50 and 80 bags can be assembled per hour. Sonobond Ultrasonics,

PROCESS MONITORING Infrared camera can image glass, steel, food, and furnaces through flame, textiles, chemicals, and paper. It is configurable for mid- or long-wave imaging and four different temperature bands. Nearly 77,000 temperature-sensing pixels provide clear images at a resolution of 320 ?? 240. An optional high-temperature protective housing is available. Mikron Infrared,

BACKUP SYSTEM In the event of a power loss or gas generator problem, this backup panel provides a reserve supply of gas for nitrogen, air, and hydrogen generators used in production environments. Reserve shuts down automatically when primary gas supply resumes. Check valves prevent backflow to the generator or reserve cylinder, and shutoff valves allow line isolation and disconnection. Pressure capability is adjustable. Concoa,


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