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Volume 85 Issue 12 | p. 8 | Letters
Issue Date: March 19, 2007

Fragrant Laundry

Department: Letters

Why do fragrances need to be added to laundry (C&EN, Jan. 29, page 21)? What is wrong with the smell of clean clothes? Why can't people who want fragrant clothes put herbs or fragrant soaps in their clothing drawers or closets? Have you tried to find laundry products that are fragrance-free? I have; the choices are limited and products are often difficult to locate.

Since these organic fragrances are making it through the laundry wash and dry cycles, what are they doing to the environment? Do we need to put additional, difficult-to-break-down organic molecules into our streams and groundwater? I think this is one area where we can easily cut the cost of a product and prevent pollution and related clean-up costs.

Mary Lou Daniel
Catlett, Va.

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