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New Products

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry

April 16, 2007 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 85, Issue 16

Chemicals and materials

Resin Toolkit Set contains 14 resin-bound reagents and scavengers (3 g each), along with product details and protocols to perform reductive amination, coupling, amide bond formation, and oxidation reactions. These bound scavengers also speed the work process by removing excess substrate and by-product from reactions through simple filtration. Biotage,

Reference Standards Certified standards for additives in plastics and other polymeric materials are available in the PolyAddCheck line. These include standards for plasticizers, antioxidants, flame retardants, and blowing agents. AccuStandard,

Separation Columns XBridge OST C18 columns are designed for advanced oligonucleotide HPLC separations, including purification and analysis of synthetic oligonucleotides. The columns feature bridged-ethyl hybrid-particle technology. Lifetime expectancy is greater than 1,000 injections. Waters Corp.,

Cosmetic Pigments The Calisha Color Collection, a full line of cosmetic-grade pigments, features oil-dispersible pearls, inorganic oxides, and organic lake pigments. Oil-dispersible pearls compress easily in powders, disperse quickly in the oil phase, and minimize cross-contamination of color. Ciba Specialty Chemicals,

Emulsion Breaking PetroLuxus 500 is a specially blended aqueous chemical solution developed for the treatment of hydrocarbon emulsions. It disperses rapidly while eliminating the interfacial surface tension between oil and contaminants. Within several hours, the product effects separation of hydrocarbon emulsion components and a stratification of materials by specific gravity. Planet Resource Recovery,

Literature and services

Lab Products Catalog describes more than 950 products for environmental sampling, as well as other products and services for critical environments in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and semiconductor manufacturing facilities. Products include glass and plastic containers, preservatives, and customized services. EP Scientific Products,

Cell Biology Application and product guide features a complete range of cell culture supplies and reagents, as well as more supplies for advanced applications such as stem cell research. The guide also provides membrane-based cell culture protocols, workflows, and application notes. Featured products include cell analysis kits using antibodies, sterile filtration devices, compound profiling services, and water purification systems. Millipore,

Instruments and labware

(1) Centrifuge System The Sorvall Legend T Plus centrifuge features strong, lightweight carbon-fiber rotors that allow superspeed centrifugation in a 3-L benchtop centrifuge. Other features include a low-profile design, a soft-touch keypad, and an imbalance detection system. Thermo Fisher Scientific,

Liquid Handling Cheminert M6 pump for precision handling of liquids and gases produces a bidirectional pulseless flow at rates of 10 nL to 10 mL per minute. Pump is self-priming and tolerant of any gas that may find its way into the fluid lines. Capacity is unlimited; there is no separate fill cycle and no need for syringes. Valco Instruments,

(2) Chromatograph ExpressLC-800 Plus HPLC system makes up to six solvents available to each of eight channels. Solvent switching is easily programmed using the control software. Eksigent,

Mass Spectrometer Designed for gas analysis and leak detection, the PrismaPlus features the ability to select mass ranges, detectors, ion sources, and interface options. The direct attachment of a pressure gauge also enables the system to monitor total pressure. Pfeiffer Vacuum,

Plant materials and equipment

H2S Monitor UV-Vis diode array mass spectrophotometer is designed for direct in-line applications that require continuous monitoring of hydrogen sulfide concentrations from 0.1 to 10 ppm. Device can be used at high pressures. Applied Analytics,

Fluid Processor The Aseptic M-7250CP constant-pressure Microfluidizer system integrates machine controls, functions, and data recording onto a common platform. A Yokogawa data acquisition station monitors temperature, pressure, and flow. Microfluidics,

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