Council's Recorded Vote on Petition | May 14, 2007 Issue - Vol. 85 Issue 20 | Chemical & Engineering News
Volume 85 Issue 20 | pp. 49-51
Issue Date: May 14, 2007

Council's Recorded Vote on Petition

Department: ACS News

At the ACS Council meeting in Chicago on March 28, councilors voted—by more than the required three-tenths of those voting—to request a recorded vote of council action on a proposed amendment to ACS Bylaw III, Sec. 3b (1) (b). The petition "Rules for Nominating Members of N&E for National Office," which was defeated, would have established a one-year waiting period subsequent to service on the Committee on Nominations & Elections before an individual can be nominated for district director, president-elect, or director-at-large. The official count, with individual votes cast as reported here, showed 150 ballots in favor, 255 opposed, and 15 abstaining.

Judith L. Benham, No; Eric C. Bigham, No; Ronald Breslow, No; Bruce E. Bursten, No; Daryle H. Busch, No; William F. Carroll Jr., No; Charles P. Casey, Yes; Dennis Chamot, Abstain; Bonnie A. Charpentier, No; Helen M. Free, No; Ned D. Heindel, No; Catherine T. Hunt, Yes; Madeleine Jacobs, No; Madeleine M. Joullie, Yes; Valerie J. Kuck, No; E. Ann Nalley, Yes; Anne T. O'Brien, No; Attila E. Pavlath, Yes; Eli M. Pearce, Yes; Howard M. Peters, No; Elsa Reichmanis, No; Diane Grob Schmidt, Yes; Kent J. Voorhees, Yes; Paul H. L. Walter, No; Edel Wasserman, Yes; Marinda Wu, Yes.

Connie Murphy, No.

Agricultural & Food Chemistry: Michael J. Morello, No; Marshall Phillips, No; Sara J. Risch, No.

Agrochemicals: Joel R. Coats, No; Barrington Cross, No.

Analytical Chemistry: Michelle V. Buchanan, Yes; Catherine C. Fenselau, No.

Biochemical Technology: Frederick G. Heineken, No; Paul Mensah, No; Sharon P. Shoemaker, No.

Biological Chemistry: Amy C. Rosenzweig, No.

Business Development & Management: William S. Durrell, No; Kathleen M. Schulz, No.

Carbohydrate Chemistry: Derek Horton, No; John R. Vercellotti, No.

Cellulose & Renewable Materials: Helena L. Chum, Yes.

Chemical Education: Laura E. Pence, No; Arlyne Sarquis, Yes; Jerry L. Sarquis, Yes; Donald J. Wink, No.

Chemical Health & Safety: George H. Wahl Jr., Yes; Frankie K. Wood-Black, No.

Chemical Information: Bonnie Lawlor, Yes; Andrea B. Twiss-Brooks, Yes.

Chemical Technicians: D. Richard Cobb, Yes.

Chemical Toxicology: Paul T. Henderson, No.

Chemistry & the Law: James C. Carver, Yes; Alan M. Ehrlich, Yes.

Colloid & Surface Chemistry: John N. Russell Jr., Yes.

Computers in Chemistry: Michelle M. Francl, No; Peter C. Jurs, No; Carlos L. Simmerling, Yes; Christopher E. Whitehead, No.

Environmental Chemistry: V. Dean Adams, No; Alan W. Elzerman, No; Jürgen H. Exner, Yes; Martha J. M. Wells, Yes.

Fluorine Chemistry: Donald J. Burton, Yes.

Fuel Chemistry: Joseph M. Calo, Abstain; Kathleen A. Carrado, No.

Geochemistry: Ken B. Anderson, No.

History of Chemistry: Ben B. Chastain, No; Mary Virginia Orna, No.

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry: Martin A. Abraham, No; Spiro D. Alexandratos, Yes; Melanie J. Lesko, No; Kenneth L. Nash, Yes.

Inorganic Chemistry: Pamela J. Shapiro, Yes.

Medicinal Chemistry: Jeffrey Aube, No; Peter R. Bernstein, No; Gunda I. Georg, No; Jasbir Singh, Yes.

Nuclear Chemistry & Technology: Joseph R. Peterson, Yes.

Organic Chemistry: Michael P. Doyle, No; Barry B. Snider, No; Scott D. Rychnovsky, No.

Petroleum Chemistry: Anne M. Gaffney, Yes; Martin L. Gorbaty, Yes.

Physical Chemistry: John E. Adams, No; Michael R. Berman, Yes; Ellen B. Stechel, No.

Polymer Chemistry: H. N. Cheng, No; William H. Daly, No; John M. Pochan, No; Gregory N. Tew, No.

Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering: Ray A. Dickie, Abstain; Michael Jaffe, No; David J. Lohse, No; Theodore Provder, Yes.

Professional Relations: John L. Massingill Jr., Yes; Linette M. Watkins, No.

Rubber Division: John M. Long, No; Robert A. Pett, No; Charles P. Rader, Yes.

Small Chemical Businesses: Sharon V. Vercellotti, No.

Akron: Ann D. Bolek, No; James E. Duddey, Yes.

Alabama: Larry K. Krannich, Yes.

Alaska: Bradley Olson, No.

Ames: Kathleen D. Trahanovsky, No.

Auburn: Adriane G. Ludwick, No.

Baton Rouge: Anne K. Taylor, Yes.

Binghamton: Wayne E. Jones Jr., Yes.

Brazosport: Carolyn Ribes, No.

California: Bryan Balazs, No; Mark D. Frishberg, No; Sheila Kanodia, Yes; Lee H. Latimer, No; Rollie J. Myers Jr., No; Susan Wollowitz, Abstain.

California Los Padres: Albert C. Censullo, No.

Carolina-Piedmont: Matthew K. Chan, No.

Central Arizona: Theodore M. Brown, No; Douglas J. Sawyer, No.

Central Arkansas: M. Warfield Teague, Yes.

Central Massachusetts: Christopher Masi, Yes.

Central New Mexico: Ronald D. Clark, No; Steven K. Showalter, No.

Central North Carolina: David F. MacInnes Jr., Yes.

Central Ohio Valley: Gary D. Anderson, Yes.

Central Pennsylvania: Paul D. Schettler Jr., Yes.

Central Texas: James E. Boggs, Yes; Barry J. Streusand, No.

Central Utah: Steven A. Fleming, Abstain.

Central Wisconsin: C. Marvin Lang, No.

Chattanooga: Maurice R. Smith, Yes.

Chemical Society of Washington: Joseph M. Antonucci, Abstain; Robert P. Barron, Yes; Elise M. Brown, No; Anne R. Leslie, No; N. Bhushan Mandava, Yes; Kim M. Morehouse, Yes; Stephen T. Quigley, Abstain.

Chicago: Roy H. Bible Jr., No; Cherlynlavaughn Bradley, Abstain; Charles E. Cannon, Yes; Mark C. Cesa, Yes; David S. Crumrine, Yes; Herbert S. Golinkin, Yes; Frank W. Jarzembowski, Yes; Russell W. Johnson, No; Frank K. Kravitz, Abstain; Milton Levenberg, Yes; Barbara E. Moriarty, Yes; Seymour H. Patinkin, Yes; Marsha Anne Phillips, No; Susan M. Shih, Yes.

Cincinnati: Bruce S. Ault, Yes; Kathleen Gibboney, No; William R. Oliver, Yes; Roger A. Parker, No.

Cleveland: David W. Ball, No; Dwight W. Chasar, No.

Coastal Georgia: Will E. Lynch, No.

Colorado: Sandra J. Bonetti, No; Peter K. Dorhout, No; Kimberly O. Pacheco, No; Susan M. Schelble, No; James O. Schreck, No.

Columbus: Theresa A. Huston, Yes; Edmund T. King, No; Jeffrey B. Trent, No.

Connecticut Valley: Ronald D. Archer, No; Tyson A. Miller, No; Julianne M. D. Smist, Yes; Frank J. Torre, Yes; Ronald J. Wikholm, Yes.

Cornell: Earl Peters, No.

Corning: Roger F. Bartholomew, Yes.

Dallas-Fort Worth: E. Thomas Strom, Yes; Urszula G. Wettermark, Yes; Angela K. Wilson, No.

Dayton: Steven Trohalaki, No.

Delaware: Margaret Christoph, No; Allen A. Denio, No; John Gavenonis, Yes; Martha G. Hollomon, Yes.

Detroit: Charlene A. Hayden, Yes; James M. Landis Jr., Yes; Walter O. Siegl, Yes.

East Central Illinois: Howard R. Guenther, No.

East Texas: Colleen K. Pasley, No.

Eastern New York: Mary K. Carroll, No; Warren D. Hull Jr., Yes.

Erie: Robert M. Gallivan Jr., No.

Florida: B??la S. Buslig, No; Carmen V. Gauthier, Yes.

Georgia: Lissa Dulany, No; Rigoberto Hernandez, No; Donald G. Hicks, Yes; Joseph P. Stoner, Yes.

Greater Houston: Joe W. Hightower, No; Mamie W. Moy, No; Benjie Outlaw, No; Sunny C. Tang, No.

Green Mountain: Willem R. Leenstra, Yes.

Hampton Roads: George M. Wood, Yes.

Heart O' Texas: Darrell G. Watson, No.

Huron Valley: Ellene T. Contis, No; Paul R. Jones, Yes.

Idaho: Charles A. Allen, No.

Illinois Heartland: Victoria Finkenstadt, No.

Illinois-Iowa: Brian L. Mundell, No.

Indiana: Dawn A. Brooks, Yes; Ann H. Hunt, No; Robert A. Pribush, No.

Indiana-Kentucky Border: Jeffrey W. Seyler, Yes.

Inland Northwest: Jeffrey A. Rahn, Yes.

Iowa: Addison Ault, Yes.

Jacksonville: Ed H. Lustgarten, No.

Kalamazoo: Dean W. Cooke, No; Lydia E. M. Hines, No.

Kanawha Valley: Arthur E. Marcinkowsky, No.

Kansas City: Eckhard Hellmuth, No; Margaret E. Wickham St. Germain, No.

Kansas State University: Daniel A. Higgins, No.

Kentucky Lake: S. K. Airee, Abstain.

Lake Superior: Donald K. Harriss, Yes.

Lehigh Valley: Pamela D. Kistler, No; Carol B. Libby, No.

Lexington: David A. Rockcliffe, No.

Louisiana: Jack H. Stocker, Yes.

Louisville: James F. Tatera, Yes.

Mark Twain: H. David Wohlers, No.

Maryland: Merle I. Eiss, No; Donald E. Jones, No; David F. Roswell, No; Charles F. Rowell, No.

Michigan State University: Milton R. Smith, No.

Mid-Hudson: David Straus, Yes.

Midland: Bob A. Howell, Yes; Thomas H. Lane, No.

Milwaukee: Dimitri Gorjestani, Yes; Thomas Holme, No.

Minnesota: Marilyn Duerst, No; Lynn G. Hartshorn, No; Ramesh C. Kumar, No; Sarah M. Mullins, No; Wayne C. Wolsey, No.

Mojave Desert: Peter Zarras, No.

Monmouth County: Andrew F. J. Draxler, Yes.

Montana: Cynthia K. McClure, No.

Nashville: Thomas A. Furtsch, No.

Nebraska: Michael D. Mosher, No.

New Haven: William H. Harned, Yes.

New York: Donald D. Clarke, No; Ronald P. D'Amelia, Yes; Jean Delfiner, Yes; Neil D. Jespersen, Yes; Richard M. Goodman, No; Hiroko I. Karan, No; Joan A. Laredo-Liddell, No; Yorke E. Rhodes, Yes; Frank Romano, Yes.

North Carolina: James L. Chao, Yes; Alvin L. Crumbliss, Yes; Lisa Milstein, No; Richard A. Palmer, Yes; Laura S. Sremaniak, No.

North Central Oklahoma: Kristi Fjare, Yes.

North Jersey: Jeannette E. Brown, Yes; Maureen G. Chan, No; Amber Charlebois, No; Alan B. Cooper, No; Jacqueline A. Erickson, No; Susan R. Fahrenholtz, No; Stan S. Hall, Yes; George E. Heinze, Yes; Elizabeth M. Howson, Yes; Diane Krone, No; Les W. McQuire, No; Michael M. Miller, No; John R. Sowa Jr., No; William H. Suits, No; Kathryn E. Uhrich, No.

Northeast Georgia: Maurice E. Snook, Yes.

Northeast Tennessee: Kevin J. Edgar, No.

Northeast Wisconsin: John L. Plude, No.

Northeastern: Michaeline F. Chen, No; Catherine E. Costello, No; Thomas R. Gilbert, No; Morton Z. Hoffman, No; Patrick M. Gordon, No; Doris I. Lewis, Yes; Mary A. Mahaney, No; Julia H. Miwa, Yes; Pamela M. Nagafuji, No; Dorothy J. Phillips, No; S. B. Rajur, No; Donald O. Rickter, No; Michael Singer, No; Amy Tapper, No.

Northeastern Indiana: Michael J. Brownfield, Yes.

Northeastern Ohio: Carol A. Duane, Abstain.

Northern New York: Martin A. Walker, Yes.

Northern West Virginia: Edwin L. Kugler, No.

Northwest Central Ohio: E. Alan Sadurski, No.

Norwich: Gary G. Smith, No.

Oklahoma: Cheryl B. Frech, No.

Omaha: Richard Lomneth, No.

Orange County: Robert S. Cohen, Yes; Sandra P. Sun, No.

Oregon: Richard L. Nafshun, No.

Orlando: Brenda L. Odor, Yes.

Ozark: James F. O'Brien, Yes.

Penn-Ohio Border: Doris L. Zimmerman, No.

Pensacola: Allan M. Ford, Abstain.

Permian Basin: David A. Carter, Yes.

Philadelphia: Anthony W. Addison, No; Georgia Arbuckle-Keil, No; Carol Jean Bruner, No; Deborah H. Cook, No; John C. Crawford, No; Judith Currano, No; Anne S. DeMasi, No; Sharon L. Haynie, No; Erica H. Martin, No; John G. Nikelly, Yes; Judith A. Summers-Gates, Yes; Henry F. Whalen Jr., No.

Pittsburgh: Richard S. Danchik, Yes; V. Michael Mautino, Yes; James A. Manner, No.

Portland: Angela Hoffman, No.

Princeton: Lynne P. Greenblatt, Yes; Barbara L. Lences, Yes.

Puerto Rico: Ingrid Montes, Abstain.

Puget Sound: Gary D. Christian, No; Gregory L. Milligan, No; Mark Wicholas, Yes.

Purdue: George M. Bodner, No.

Red River Valley: Harmon B. Abrahamson, Yes.

Rhode Island: Carolyn H. Kendrow, No.

Richland: Richard A. Hermens, No.

Rio Grande Valley: James E. Becvar, No.

Rochester: Lewis E. Allen; No; James H. Reynolds, No.

Rock River: Dennis N. Kevill, Yes.

Sabine-Neches: John A. Whittle, Yes.

Sacramento: John R. Bingham, No; Janan M. Hayes, No.

Salt Lake: Peter J. Stang, Yes.

San Antonio: William H. Batschelet, No.

San Diego: Thomas R. Beattie, No; Paul S. Furth, No; John G. Palmer, No; Barbara A. Sawrey, No; Ved P. Srivastava, No; Sonja Strah-Pleynet, No.

San Joaquin Valley: Stephen A. Rodemeyer, No.

Santa Clara Valley: Linda S. Brunauer, No; George J. Lechner, No; David R. Parker, No; Sally B. Peters, No; John F. Riley, Yes; Peter F. Rusch, No; Hebert B. Silber, No; Ean Warren, No.

Savannah River: Christopher J. Bannochie, Yes.

Sierra Nevada: Eun-Woo Chang, No.

Sioux Valley: Jetty L. Duffy-Matzner, No.

South Carolina: W. H. (Jack) Breazeale Jr., No; Scott R. Goode, No.

South Central Missouri: Frank D. Blum, No.

South Florida: Milagros Delgado, No; Zaida C. Morales-Martinez; Yes.

South Jersey: Guenter Niessen, Yes.

South Texas: Thomas R. Hays, Yes.

Southeastern Pennsylvania: Michael L. Webb, Yes.

Southern Arizona: Patricia A. Schumann, No.

Southern California: Henry I. Abrash, No; Rita R. Boggs, No; Robert de Groot, No; Herbert D. Kaesz, Yes; Thomas R. LeBon, No; Eleanor D. Siebert, No.

Southern Illinois: Ruth A. Hathaway, No.

Southern Nevada: James V. Cizdziel, Yes.

Southwest Georgia: M. Elizabeth Derrick, Yes.

St. Joseph Valley: J. Philip Bays, No.

St. Louis: Lisa M. Balbes, Yes; Lawrence Barton, Abstain; Donna G. Friedman, Yes; A. Gregory Wall, No.

Susquehanna Valley: Dee Ann Casteel, No.

Syracuse: James L. Kallmerten, No.

Tampa Bay: James A. Walsh, Yes.

Texas A&M: David E. Bergbreiter, No.

Toledo: Andrew D. Jorgensen, Yes.

Trenton: Jerome Goodkin, Yes; Alexander Grushow, No.

Tulsa: Robyn Hewett, No.

University of Arkansas: Matt C. McIntosh, No.

University of Kansas: Joseph A. Heppert, No.

University of Missouri: Ingolf Gruen, Yes.

Upper Ohio Valley: Kevin Pate, No.

Upper Peninsula: Ann L. Kemppainen, No.

Virginia: Patrick G. Barber, Yes; R. Gerald Bass, No; Ann M. Sullivan, Yes.

Wabash Valley: Frank A. Guthrie, No.

Washington-Idaho Border: Richard V. Williams, Yes.

Western Carolinas: Lucy P. Eubanks, No; Royce S. Woosley, Yes.

Western Maryland: Don B. Weser, Yes.

Western Michigan: Mark Thomson, No.

Western New York: Peter M. Schaber, No.

Wichita Falls-Duncan: Keith R. Vitense, Yes.

Wilson Dam: Jason P. Weisenseel, Yes.

Wisconsin: Martha L. Casey, Abstain; Ieva L. Reich, Yes.

Wooster: Sarah Schmidtke, Yes.

Wyoming: Jane V. Thomas, No.

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