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Analytical Chemistry

New Products

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry

by Melissa Kuhnell
October 22, 2007 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 85, Issue 43

Chemicals and materials

Protein Assay The SPN-htp high-throughput assay is rapid, suitable for as little as 0.5 ??g of protein, and resistant to interference from common laboratory agents. Protein is bound to a matrix in 96-well plates and treated with a protein-specific dye that associates proportionally with the protein. The dye is then eluted and measured to determine protein concentration. G-Biosciences,

Latex Resin Soy-based Beckosol AQ is a waterborne long-oil alkyd with no volatile organic compounds designed for architectural and light-duty industrial coatings applications. Performance of primers and flat, semigloss, and gloss enamels based on this resin is equal to or better than that of those based on conventional alkyd and latex resins. Reichhold,

Cancer Biomarker Panel Product includes a Single-Plex IGF-II assay and a Five-Plex assay containing macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF), prolactin, CA-125, leptin, and osteopontin (OPN). Each of these biomarkers has been identified in various tumor types including lung, breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers. The assays can be used to quantify these biomarkers in serum, plasma, and cell-culture supernatant samples. Each panel includes standards and quality controls and can be easily adapted for high-throughput automation. Millipore,

Quenchants UCON Ultraquench Plus Series quenchants are nonflammable, aqueous polymer solutions that contain a nonnitrite corrosion-inhibitor package. This package protects metals during high-temperature manufacturing, such as processing of medium-high carbon steel and alloyed steel of most grades. Dow Chemical,

PCR Reagents ReaX Assay contains, encapsulated into beads, the components required to perform a PCR amplification assay of a selected target organism or genes. Only template DNA is required prior to running the PCR protocol. Each bead is prealiquoted in a single-dose format into either a 96-well plate or 8- or 12-well strips. Q Chip,

Instruments and labware

Multifunctional Meters The basic PP15 meter measures pH, conductivity, ORP (redox), and temperature. Specialized models can add a separate channel to include simultaneous measurement of conductivity, salinity, NaCl content, or total dissolved solids or to allow direct and incremental ion-selective analysis. Sartorius Mechatronics,

UV-Vis Detectors Visacon custom, low-cost UV-vis detectors are designed for liquid chromatography applications. Features include both fixed- and variable-wavelength configurations, a high level of light throughput, and low noise. Preparative, 5- and 10-mm, and on-column capillary sample cells are available. Reflect Scientific,

(1) Stirrers Heidolph Hei-Tec magnetic stirrers have a flat design with a corrosion-proof aluminum housing and ceramic-coated heating plates for protection from aggressive substances. Other features include a large, illuminated digital display, a wide speed range of up to 1,400 rpm, and a heavy-duty stirring magnet for use in volumes of up to 20 L. Brinkmann Instruments,

(2) Autosampler Unit consists of an integrated autosampling device and multistirrer and can be coupled to a triple detector array or relative viscometer. The temperature-controlled, heated assembly features a stainless-steel tray capable of handling both 20- and 40-mL vials. Each vial has its own stirring mechanism. Viscotek,

Plant materials and equipment

(3) Gas Standards Generator The Kin-Tek Span Pac 261-I is an industrial generator configured to make standards for trace-concentration sulfur impurities in an olefin matrix. Permeation tubes add small amounts of key sulfur species to a flow of high-purity ethylene or propylene gas. Unit is rugged, can be operated remotely, and is designed for field-mounting to process analyzers. Kin-Tek Laboratories,

Gas Analysis Titan FTIR spectrometer systems provide real-time multicomponent extractive gas-phase analysis for industrial applications including hygiene, process optimization, quality control, and research. Externally mounted corrosion-resistant gas cells have pathlengths from 1 cm to 30 meters. Included software can provide simultaneous display of trend charts, spectra, and concentration tables. In-line multistream models are available with fully automated valve control for unattended operation. Midac,

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