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Volume 86 Issue 10 | p. 65
Issue Date: March 10, 2008

New Products

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry
Department: Science & Technology

Chemicals and materials


(1) Mice The Hepatic Reductase Null (HRN) mouse has been developed for studies in drug efficacy, lead selection, and lead optimization. HRN has a targeted knockout of the por gene, which codes for the cytochrome P450 reductase in the liver. Experimental compounds will not be metabolized without the reductase, so the action of the compound itself can be differentiated from that of its metabolites. The lack of metabolism also allows for increased drug exposure with smaller amounts of compounds and without repeated dosing. Taconic,

Cell studies Two new flow cytometry reagents, IOTest Anti-NTB-A-PE and IOTest CD226 (DNAM-1)-PE, are monoclonal antibodies to cell-surface receptors for natural killer (NK) cell studies. Anti-NTB-A-PE reacts with signaling lymphocyte activation molecules, which are receptors in lymphocytes and other leukocytes. CD226 (DNAM-1)-PE reacts with cell-corruption surveillance receptors in NK cells and cytotoxic T lymphocyte cells and may also play a role in transendothelial cell migration. Each vial contains enough reagent for 50 tests. Beckman Coulter,

Instruments and labware


(2) Blood System The new high-throughput Automated Blood Fractionation system is designed to extract white blood cells from whole blood samples. Fully automated and self-contained, this unit can process up to 500 samples per day. Automation of blood processing reduces human exposure to unscreened blood. The system centrifuges each sample and calculates the volume of each resulting layer by measuring the height of each fraction. A semiautomated system is also offered. RTS Life Science,


(3) Moisture Measure Designed for analysis of moisture in difficult samples such as oil, grease, peanut butter, paint, and resins, the Aquacounter AQL-2320 Automated Oil Evaporator Karl Fischer Titration System uses azeotropic distillation solvents such as toluene or xylene to evaporate moisture at low temperatures. The sample tray holds 20 samples, and the exchange of reagents can be automated. JM Science,

Spectrometer Intended to introduce chemistry students to the principles of photochemistry and chemical kinetics through time-resolved spectrometry, the Kronos miniature flash photolysis spectrometer can generate reaction time profiles and perform kinetic analysis of free-radical reactions, excited-state reactivity, and coordination-complex excited-state dynamics. The system has a probe wavelength range of 425-700 nm. Data are output into ASCII files for use by the student. The system comes with optional PC, software, and a set of chemicals. A comprehensive manual with a multitude of experiments is also included. Ultrafast Systems, www.ultrafastsys

Literature & Services

Glossary Designed for people with little or no training in biology or chemistry, the fourth edition of the "Glossary of Biotechnology & Nanobiotechnology Terms" now includes nanotechnology terms related to biotechnology. Written with explanations often based on helpful analogies, the definitions aid users in conceptualizing many of the very difficult terms. CRC Press,

Petrochemicals The Petrochemical Feedstock Service (PFS) is a model-based subscription product that forecasts the supply and demand of critical raw material inputs to the petrochemical industry. Subscribers also have optional analytical modules to customize their service on the basis of particular research or production needs. The Steam Cracker Products Module provides representative product yields for worldwide steam cracker locations. The Reformer Products Module provides data on product yields of all worldwide reformers. The Demand Locations Module helps map feedstock demand locations with respect to steam crackers and reformers. Finally, the Site Profitability Module offers an estimate of the profitability of a specific site, as well as future profitability forecasts. PFC Energy,


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