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Volume 86 Issue 16 | p. 53
Issue Date: April 21, 2008

New Products

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry
Department: Science & Technology

Chemicals and materials

Genomic Analysis The REPLI-g FFPE kit supports genomic analysis of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue samples. Genomic DNA can be amplified without prior DNA isolation. Two hours of amplification typically yields 10 μg of DNA and eight hours yields 40 μg. DNA can be used immediately without further purification. Qiagen,

Fluorotelomer Used as repellents and surfactants for a variety of markets, Capstone fluorotelomer products are made of short-chain molecules with six or fewer perfluorinated carbons. The process does not use the potential human-health-affecting perfluorooctanoic acid. DuPont,

Instruments and labware


(1) Titrator The KingFisher Flex magnetic particle processor automates DNA/RNA, protein, and cell purification. With magnetic heads for both 96- and 24-well plates, the unit can process samples ranging from 20 to 5,000 μL within 10- to 40-minute runs. A built-in heating block heats samples to as high as 96 ??C. The BindIt PC interface software sets access control levels, reports data, and has advanced protocol management. Thermo Scientific,


(2) Water Testing The eXact EZ advanced photometric system improves precision of tests for free chlorine in water with its built-in cuvette and eXact Strips, which have all required reagents dried onto filter paper with a plastic handle that minimizes reagent handling. The system offers more than 25 different parameters for analysis. Industrial Test Systems,

Proteomics The NanoLC-Ultra system was developed for chromatographic separation of complex peptide mixtures for use in peptide/protein identification, phosphopeptide analysis, biomarker discovery, and metabolomic research. The unit offers gradient precision at high pressures of up to 10,000 psi, self-priming and -purging pumps, and a temperature-controlled column compartment. Eksigent,


(3) Reaction Monitor The Atlas pH Monitoring & Control System allows for regulation of pH during chemical synthesis. The PC-free system detects, displays, and logs pH, stirrer speed, and temperature in real time. It adjusts the synthesis by automated addition of acid or base. Its pH range is 0–14, with temperatures as high as 100 °C. Syrris,

Thermometer With a laser sighting beam, the Traceable infrared thermometer gun provides fast point-and-shoot temperature readings of any surface. Its temperature range is –60 to 500 °C with an accuracy of ±2 °C. Control Co.,

Cell Culture MACCS, an automated cell-culture system, is a modular system that can work with a variety of flasks, bottles, and plates. Cell monitoring enables constant cell supply, and vaporized hydrogen peroxide and Hepa filtration provides a sterile environment. An incubator module regulates temperature, CO2, and humidity. MatriCal,

Literature & Services

Catalog TCI's 2008–09 catalog of chemical products that offers more than 20,000 products now includes 1,800 new specialty organic chemicals, such as fluorinated heterocyclics, asymmetric synthesis reagents, oligosaccharides, chiral building blocks, boronic acids, Mitsunobu reaction reagents, and photochromic compounds. Chemical structure, Chemical Abstracts Service Registry number, physical property information, and more are included in product descriptors. TCI,

Automation Automation specialists and industry engineers make up the automation maintenance service REACTS: Rapid, Effective, And Complete Technical Support. REACTS provides automation installation, maintenance, and technical support for automation systems in the drug discovery and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. Astech Projects,


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