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Council's Recorded Vote on Petition

May 5, 2008 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 86, Issue 18

AT THE ACS COUNCIL MEETING in New Orleans on April 9, councilors voted by a recorded vote to approve the Petition on Membership Categories & Requirements. This petition represents a comprehensive revision of the qualifications required for membership and for affiliate status in the society. The official count, with individual votes cast as recorded below, showed 299 in favor, 71 opposed, and eight abstaining.


Judith L. Benham, Yes; Eric C. Bigham, No; Ronald Breslow, <em>Yes;</em> Bruce E. Bursten, Yes; William F. Carroll Jr., Yes; Charles P. Casey, Yes; Bonnie A. Charpentier, Yes; Janan M. Hayes, Yes; Ned D. Heindel, Yes; Catherine T. Hunt, Yes; Madeleine Jacobs, Yes; Madeleine M. Joullié, Yes; Valerie J. Kuck, Yes; Thomas H. Lane, Yes; E. Ann Nalley, Yes; Gordon L. Nelson, No; Anne T. O'Brien, Yes; Attila E. Pavlath, No; Diane Grob Schmidt, Yes; Marinda L. Wu; Abstain.


Agricultural & Food Chemistry: John W. Finley, Yes; Michael J. Morello, No; Marshall Phillips, Yes; Sara J. Risch, No.

Agrochemicals: Barrington Cross, Yes.

Analytical Chemistry: Alanah Fitch, No; Roland F. Hirsch, Yes.

Biochemical Technology: Frederick G. Heineken, Yes; Sharon P. Shoemaker, Yes.

Biological Chemistry: Christine S. Chow, Yes; Felicia A. Etzkorn, No.

Business Development & Management: William S. Durrell, Yes; Kathleen M. Schulz, Yes.

Cellulose & Renewable Materials: Kevin J. Edgar, Yes.

Chemical Education: Laura E. Pence, Yes; Arlyne M. (Mickey) Sarquis, Yes; Jerry L. Sarquis, Yes; Donald J. Wink, Yes.

Chemical Health & Safety: Kathryn G. Benedict, No; George H. Wahl Jr., Yes.

Chemical Information: Bonnie Lawlor, Yes; Andrea B. Twiss-Brooks, Yes.

Chemical Technicians: John Engelman, Yes.

Chemical Toxicology: Amanda C. Bryant-Friedrich, Yes.

Chemistry & the Law: James C. Carver, Yes; Alan M. Ehrlich, Yes.

Colloid & Surface Chemistry: John Russell, Yes; Paul R. Van Tassel, Yes; Tina M. Nenoff, Yes.

Computers in Chemistry: Andrew J. Holder, Yes; Peter C. Jurs, Yes; Adrian E. Roitberg, Yes; Carlos L. Simmerling, Yes.

Environmental Chemistry: V. Dean Adams, Yes; Alan W. Elzerman, Yes; Jurgen H. Exner, Yes; Martha J. M. Wells, No.

Fluorine Chemistry: Donald J. Burton, Yes.

Geochemistry: Ken B. Anderson, Yes.

History of Chemistry: Carmen J. Giunta, Yes. Mary Virginia Orna, No.

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry: Martin A. Abraham, Yes; Spiro D. Alexandratos, No; Melanie J. Lesko, Yes; Kenneth L. Nash, No.

Inorganic Chemistry: Debra R. Rolison, Yes.

Medicinal Chemistry: Peter R. Bernstein, No; Gunda I. Georg, No; Richard A. Gibbs, No.

Nuclear Chemistry & Technology: Steven W. Yates, Yes.

Organic Chemistry: Michael P. Doyle, Yes; Donna A. Huryn, Yes; Robert J. McMahon, Yes; Christopher J. Welch, Yes.

Petroleum Chemistry: Anne M. Gaffney, Yes; Martin L. Gorbaty, Yes.

Physical Chemistry: John E. Adams, Yes; Michael R. Berman, Yes; Paul W. Jagodzinski, No; Ellen B. Stechel, Abstain.

Polymer Chemistry: H. N. Cheng, Yes; William H. Daly, Yes; Gregory N. Tew, Yes.

Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering: Ray A. Dickie, Yes; Michael Jaffe, Yes; Theodore Provder, Yes.

Professional Relations: John K. Borchardt, No.

Rubber Division: John M. Long, Yes; Robert A. Pett, No; Charles P. Rader, Yes.

Small Chemical Businesses: Sharon V. Vercellotti, Yes.


Akron: Ann D. Bolek, Yes; James E. Duddey, Yes.

Alabama: Larry K. Krannich, Yes.

Ames: Kathleen D. Trahanovsky, Yes.

Auburn: Adriane G. Ludwick, Yes.

Baton Rouge: Anne K. Taylor, Yes.

Brazosport: Carolyn Ribes, Yes.

California: Bryan Balazs, Yes; Mark D. Frishberg, Yes; Sheila Kanodia, Yes; Rollie J. Myers Jr., No; James M. Postma, No; Elaine S. Yamaguchi, Yes.

California Los Padres: Albert C. Censullo, Yes.

Carolina-Piedmont: Matthew K. Chan, Yes; Marilynn J. Sikes, Yes.

Central Arizona: Theodore M. Brown, Yes; Douglas J. Sawyer, Yes.

Central Arkansas: Edmond W. Wilson Jr., Yes.

Central Massachusetts: Jane M. Van Doren, Yes.

Central New Mexico: Donivan R. Porterfield, Yes; Steven K. Showalter, No.

Central North Carolina: Robert A. Yokley; No.

Central Ohio Valley: Gary D. Anderson, Yes.

Central Pennsylvania: Paul D. Schettler Jr., Yes.

Central Texas: Barry J. Streusand, No.

Central Utah: Steven A. Fleming, No.

Central Wisconsin: C. Marvin Lang, No.

Chattanooga: Maurice R. Smith, No.

Chemical Society of Washington: Robert P. Barron, Yes; Marilyn E. Jacox, Yes; John M. Malin, Yes; N. Bhushan Mandava, Yes; Noel H. Turner, Yes.

Chicago: Cherlynlavaughn Bradley, Yes; Charles E. Cannon, Yes; Mark C. Cesa, No; David S. Crumrine, No; Herbert S. Golinkin, No; Inessa Gorelik, Yes; Russell W. Johnson, No; Frank K. Kravitz, Yes; Milton Levenberg, Yes; Barbara E. Moriarty, No; Susan M. Shih, Yes.

Cincinnati: Bruce S. Ault, Yes; Kathleen Gibboney, Yes; William R. Oliver, Yes; Roger A. Parker, Yes.

Cleveland: Samina Azad, No; Dwight W. Chasar, Yes.

Coastal Georgia: Will E. Lynch, Yes.

Colorado: Sandra J. Bonetti, No; Peter K. Dorhout, Yes; Kimberly O. Pacheco, Yes; Susan M. Schelble, No; James O. Schreck, Yes.

Columbus: Theresa A. Huston, No; Maria G. V. Rosenthal, Yes; Jeffrey B. Trent, Yes.

Connecticut Valley: Ronald D. Archer, Yes; Tyson A. Miller, No; Julianne M. D. Smist, Yes; Frank J. Torre, Yes; Ronald J. Wikholm, No.

Corning: Roger F. Bartholomew, Yes.

Dallas-Fort Worth: Denise L. Merkle, Abstain; E. Thomas Strom, Yes; Angela K. Wilson, Yes.

Dayton: Steven Trohalaki, Yes.

Delaware: Allen A. Denio, Yes; John Gavenonis, Yes; Narmada R. Gunawardena, Yes; Martha G. Hollomon, Yes.

Detroit: Mark A. Benvenuto, Yes; James M. Landis Jr., Yes; Walter O. Siegl, No.

East Central Illinois: Ellen A. Keiter, Yes.

East Texas: Michael Sheets, Yes.

Eastern New York: Mary K. Carroll, Yes; Warren D. Hull Jr., Yes.

Erie: Tracy A. Halmi, Yes.

Florida: Béla S. Buslig, Yes; Carmen V. Gauthier, Yes.

Georgia: Lissa Dulany, Yes; Rigoberto Hernandez, Abstain; C. David Sherrill, Yes; Joseph P. Stoner, Yes.

Greater Houston: Simon G. Bott, Yes; Amber S. Hinkle, Yes; Mamie W. Moy, Yes; Benjie T. Outlaw, Yes; Sunny C. Tang, Yes.

Green Mountain: Willem R. Leenstra, Yes.

Huron Valley: Paul R. Jones, Yes; O. Bertrand Ramsay, Yes.

Idaho: Charles A. Allen, No.

Illinois Heartland: Victoria Finkenstadt, Yes.

Illinois-Iowa: Brian L. Mundell, Yes.

Indiana: Ann H. Hunt, Yes; Robert A. Pribush, Yes.

Indiana-Kentucky Border: Jeffrey W. Seyler, Yes.

Inland Northwest: Jeffrey A. Rahn, No.

Iowa: Addison Ault, Yes.

Jacksonville: Ed H. Lustgarten, Yes.

Kalamazoo: Lydia E. M. Hines, No.

Kanawha Valley: Arthur E. Marcinkowsky, Yes.

Kansas City: Eckhard Hellmuth, Yes; Sarah J. Leibowitz, Yes.

Kentucky Lake: S. K. Airee, No.

LaCrosse-Winona: Ressano De Souza-Machado, Yes.

Lehigh Valley: Roger A. Egolf, Yes; Carol B. Libby, Yes.

Lexington: Jeffrey Fieberg, Yes.

Louisiana: Jack H. Stocker, No.

Louisville: James F. Tatera, No.

Maine: Mitchell R. M. Bruce, Yes.

Maryland: Merle I. Eiss, Yes; David F. Roswell, Yes; Charles F. Rowell, No; Stephanie S. Watson, Yes.

Memphis: Laura M. Wolf, Yes.

Middle Georgia: Robert J. Hargrove, Yes.

Mid-Hudson: David Straus, Yes.

Midland: Kurt F. Brandstadt, Yes; Bob A. Howell, Yes.

Minnesota: Marilyn Duerst, Yes; Lynn G. Hartshorn, No; Sarah M. Mullins, No; Joann Pfeiffer, Yes; Wayne C. Wolsey, No.

Mobile: Lesli W. Bordas, Yes.

Mojave Desert: Peter Zarras, Yes.

Montana: Kyle S. Strode; Yes.

Nashville: Ruth A. Woodall, Yes.

Nebraska: Michael D. Mosher, No.

New York: Donald D. Clarke, Yes; Neil D. Jespersen, Yes; Vijaya L. Korlipara, Yes; Joan A. Laredo-Liddell, Yes; Patricia A. Redden, Yes; Yorke E. Rhodes, Yes; Frank Romano, Yes.

North Carolina: James L. Chao, No; Alvin L. Crumbliss, No; Sara N. Paisner, Yes; Richard A. Palmer, Yes; Laura S. Sremaniak, Yes; Alan E. Tonelli, Yes.

North Central Oklahoma: Joe D. Allison, No.

North Jersey: Jeannette E. Brown, Yes; Maureen G. Chan, Yes; Alan B. Cooper, Yes; Jacqueline A. Erickson, Yes; Susan R. Fahrenholtz, Yes; Stan S. Hall, Yes; George E. Heinze, Yes; Elizabeth M. Howson, Yes; Allene Johnson, Yes; Anne M. Kelly, Yes; Diane Krone, Yes; Les W. McQuire, Yes; Michael M. Miller, No; William H. Suits, Yes.

Northeast Georgia: Robert A. White Jr., Yes.

Northeast Tennessee: John K. Sanders, Yes.

Northeastern: Michaeline F. Chen, Yes; Catherine E. Costello, Yes; Thomas R. Gilbert, Yes; Patrick M. Gordon, No; Morton Z. Hoffman, Yes; Christine Jaworek-Lopes, Yes; Doris I. Lewis, Yes; Robert L. Lichter, Yes; Dorothy J. Phillips, Yes; S. B. Rajur, No; Donald O. Rickter, Yes; Michael Singer, Yes; Amy Tapper, Yes; Alfred Viola, No.

Northeastern Indiana: Michael J. Brownfield, Yes.

Northern New York: Devon A. Shipp; Abstain.

Northern West Virginia: Edwin L. Kugler, Yes.

Northwest Central Ohio: E. Alan Sadurski, Yes.

Oklahoma: Allen W. Apblett, Yes.

Ole Miss: Jason E. Ritchie, Yes.

Omaha: Richard Lomneth, Yes.

Orange County: Robert S. Cohen, Yes.

Orlando: Clovis A. Linkous, Yes.

Ouachita Valley: Danny E. Hubbard, Yes.

Ozark: Chad Stearman, Yes.

Penn-Ohio Border: Doris L. Zimmerman, Yes.

Pensacola: Allan M. Ford, No.

Permian Basin: David A. Carter, Yes.

Philadelphia: Anthony W. Addison, Yes; Georgia Arbuckle-Keil, Abstain; Carol Jean Bruner, Yes; Judith H. Cohen, Yes; Deborah H. Cook, Abstain; Judith Currano, Yes; Anne S. DeMasi, Yes; Sharon L. Haynie, Yes; John G. Nikelly, Yes; Peter A. Wade, Yes; Henry F. Whalen Jr., Yes.

Pittsburgh: Michelle Blanken, Yes; V. Michael Mautino, Yes; James A. Manner, Yes; Almudena Prudencio, Yes.

Portland: Angela Hoffman, No.

Princeton: Lynne P. Greenblatt, Yes; Louise M. Lawter, Yes.

Puget Sound: Gary D. Christian, Yes; Susan C. Jackels, Yes; Gregory L. Milligan, Yes.

Red River Valley: Harmon B. Abrahamson, Yes.

Rhode Island: Carolyn H. Kendrow, Yes.

Richland: Timothy L. Hubler, Yes.

Rio Grande Valley: James E. Becvar, Yes.

Rochester: D. Richard Cobb, Yes.

Rock River: Dennis N. Kevill, No.

Sabine-Neches: John A. Whittle, Yes.

Sacramento: John Berg, Yes; Marilyn Olmstead, Yes.

San Antonio: William H. Batschelet, Yes.

San Diego: Thomas R. Beattie, Yes; Paul S. Furth, Yes; John G. Palmer, Yes; J. Kenneth Poggenburg Jr., Yes; Barbara A. Sawrey, Yes; Ved P. Srivastava, Yes.

San Gorgonio: James A. Hammond, Yes; J. Ernest Simpson, Yes.

San Joaquin Valley: Stephen A. Rodemeyer, Yes.

Santa Clara Valley: Linda S. Brunauer, No; George J. Lechner, Yes; Ferenc Makra, No; Natalie L. McClure, Yes; Howard M. Peters, Yes; Sally B. Peters, Yes; Peter F. Rusch, Yes; Hebert B. Silber, Yes.

Savannah River: Christopher J. Bannochie, No.

Sioux Valley: Jetty L. Duffy-Matzner, No.

South Carolina: W. H. (Jack) Breazeale Jr., Yes.

South Central Missouri: Frank D. Blum, No.

South Florida: Milagros Delgado, Yes; George H. Fisher, Yes; Zaida C. Morales-Martinez; Yes.

South Jersey: Guenter Niessen, No.

South Texas: Thomas R. Hays, Yes.

Southeastern Pennsylvania: James Foresman, No.

Southern Arizona: Patricia A. Schumann, Yes.

Southern California: Henry I. Abrash, Abstain; Rita R. Boggs, No; Robert de Groot, Yes; Stanley H. Pine, No; Eleanor D. Siebert, Yes.

Southern Illinois: Ruth A. Hathaway, Yes.

Southern Nevada: James V. Cizdziel, Yes.

St. Joseph Valley: J. Philip Bays, Yes.

St. Louis: Lisa M. Balbes, Yes; Lawrence Barton, Yes; Donna G. Friedman, Yes; A. Gregory Wall, Yes.

Syracuse: James L. Kallmerten, Yes.

Tampa Bay: Thomas A. Jackman, Yes; James A. Walsh, Yes.

Toledo: Andrew D. Jorgensen, Yes.

Trenton: Jerome Goodkin, Yes.

University of Kansas: Joseph A. Heppert, Yes.

University of Missouri: Ingolf Gruen, Yes.

Upper Ohio Valley: Kevin Pate, Yes.

Upper Peninsula: Ann L. Kemppainen, No.

Virginia: Patrick G. Barber, Yes; R. Gerald Bass, Yes; Ann M. Sullivan, Yes.

Virginia Blue Ridge: Benjamin P. Huddle Jr., Yes.

Wabash Valley: Frank A. Guthrie, No.

Washington-Idaho Border: Richard V. Williams, Yes.

Western Carolinas: Lucy P. Eubanks, Yes; Royce S. Woosley, Yes.

Western Connecticut: Lawrence K. Steffen, Yes.

Western Maryland: Don B. Weser, Yes.

Western Michigan: Mark Thomson, No.

Wichita Falls-Duncan: Keith R. Vitense, Yes.

Wisconsin: Martha L. Casey, Yes; Ieva L. Reich, Yes.

Wyoming: Jane V. Thomas, Yes.

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