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Volume 86 Issue 24 | pp. 62-63
Issue Date: June 16, 2008

New Products

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry
Department: Science & Technology

Chemicals and materials

Inhibitor ProteaseArrest is a protease inhibitor cocktail solution at 100x concentration. It can prevent more than 95% of protease activity and can be used to preserve proteins during sample preparation and protein purification. It is now available in single-use aliquots, OneQuant ProteaseArrest, for use in 10-mL solutions. G-Biosciences,

Paint Emulsion EcoVAE 401, the first product of a line of vinyl acetate/ethylene emulsions that may aid in producing environmentally friendly paints, is for use in interior paint products. The formulation is made to be free of alkylphenol ethoxylates, possible hormone disrupters, and allows paint products to be made without coalescing agents, which are paint's primary source of volatile organic compounds that can cause respiratory and other problems. Celanese,

Instruments and labware


Vacuum Centrifuge The Vacufuge Plus system concentrates, dries, and purifies DNA, RNA, nucleotides, or proteins. It has a liquid-crystal display, three heating levels above ambient temperature (30 °C, 45 °C, and 60 °C), and 13 fixed-angle rotors for vessel sizes of 0.2 to 25 mL, with a rotation speed of 1,400 rpm. Eppendorf North America,

Automated Capper Capit-All screw-cap tube capper/decapper is an automated system that removes and replaces screw caps for 96 storage tubes. The system has a four-button interface, as well as a drip tray and an air vacuum to prevent sample contamination during loading and removal. Thermo Fisher,

Homogenizer The Microtron MB 550 homogenizes cuttable materials using an 800-W drive unit with speeds up to 14,000 rpm. The system has four blade options for sample sizes from 125 mL to 1 L. The Microtron has a thermal cutoff switch to help prevent drive overload. Brinkmann,

Plant Equipment & Materials


Gas Detector The UltraRAE 3000 is a photoionization detector for monitoring gases such as benzene and butadiene. The unit has wireless capabilities for remote data collection and a two-button user interface. It is able to measure compounds at concentrations from 0 to 1,000 ppm with an accuracy of ??0.05 ppm, or between 1,000 and 10,000 ppm with an accuracy of ??1 ppm. RAE Systems,


Robot Arm The Cobra s800 inverted IP65, a selective compliant assembly robot arm, is designed for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, screwdriving, and other functions. The robot arm???s options include conveyor tracking and vision-guided motion. Adept Technology,

Literature & Services

Product Safety "Safety Equipment Standards—Your Key To Business Success" is a 12-page product-safety booklet that expresses the importance of U.S. and international personal-protection and safety equipment standards, as well as the value of manufacturers' participation in developing those standards. A free PDF is available at International Safety Equipment Association,

Faster Cycling 'Techniques To Reduce Robot Manufacturing Cycle Times' presents 12 suggestions for system builders and production support to reduce machine cycle times such as correct timing of instructions to open clamps or reposition tools. The free paper is available as a PDF at Applied Manufacturing Technologies,

Filtration Millipore's "Laboratory Filtration Product Guide" offers products and information for sample preparation, water purification, and environmental monitoring. The guide features products such as air-monitoring kits and ultrafiltration devices. The guide may be requested for free at Millipore,


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