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Volume 86 Issue 24 | p. 6, 8 | Letters
Issue Date: June 16, 2008

Good Review For ‘Breaking Bad’

Department: Letters

I want to thank C&EN for alerting me to one of the most interesting and entertaining TV shows I have watched in recent years (C&EN, March 3, page 32). The series "Breaking Bad" is not only well written and researched by Vince Gilligan and superbly acted by Bryan Cranston, but actually contains some real science. The dark humor of this series may have been lost on more conservative readers, but I trust the majority found this series (whose main subject is, after all, synthetic organic chemistry) to be refreshingly substantive in contrast to the mindless pap we are served by the major TV networks.

The review by Jyllian Kemsley was excellent, and I look forward to watching more of the series next season.

Jeffrey Michael
Marinette, Wis.



May 19, page 36: The article on drugs used in lethal injections should have included potassium chloride, not potassium chlorate.

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