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Volume 86 Issue 41 | p. 33
Issue Date: October 13, 2008

New Products

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry
Department: Science & Technology

Chemicals and Materials

Catalysts The NanoSelect LF 100 and 200 are lead-free catalysts designed to replace Lindlar catalysts, which are used in hydrogenation processes. BASF,

FOAM Ultem foam, a polyetherimide resin for use in aircraft luggage bins, galleys, and lower wall panels, is available in three densities: XP060 is 60 kg/m3, XP080 is 80 kg/m3, and XP110 is 110 kg/m3. The foam boards can be used in machining, vacuum bagging, compression molding, and thermoforming processes and are compatible with metals and thermoset laminate materials. SABIC Innovative Plastics,

Coliforms To determine presence or absence of coliforms, including Escherichia coli, in water samples, the EZ Coliform Cult test contains growth media and detection enzymes in a 120-mL bottle. After incubation for 24 hours at 35 °C, or 48 hours at 25 °C, the media will turn blue-green if coliforms are present. If E. coli is present, the media will fluoresce bright blue under a UV light. Industrial Test Systems,

PCR The Type-it product line offers three genotyping options. The Type-it Microsatellite PCR Kit detects microsatellite loci without optimization and can be used in capillary sequencers. The Type-it Mutation Detect PCR Kit can detect mutations or can be used to preamplify single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The Type-it Fast SNP Probe PCR Kit genotypes SNPs using 5??-nuclease assays. Qiagen,

Leather Tints For use in synthetic leather, ViviTint colorants are made without heavy metals that are associated with health risks, have low migration, and can be incorporated into resins. Milliken Chemical,

Instruments and Labware


Labeler The Label X 2D is a semiautomated labeler that applies 2-D bar-code labels to the bottom of vials. It can accommodate vial diameters from 6.5 to 28 mm and has manifolds for eight, 24, or 96 vials. The system is pneumatically operated and requires no electricity. MatriCal,

Gas Analysis The Titan-OL gas analyzer can accommodate four 12-port manifolds for up to 48 sample, purge, and calibration lines for real-time, multicomponent extractive gas-phase analysis. It includes an FTIR spectrometer system and can operate at up to 240 °C. MIDAC,

Chromatography For separating and purifying proteins/peptides, synthetic organics, natural products, and bioreactor extracts, the liquid-liquid Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatography system is designed to handle milligram- to kilogram-scale samples of crude extracts. Kromaton,


Thermometer Measuring Celsius or Fahrenheit of any surface (solid, semisolid, and liquid), the Traceable Infrared Thermometer can detect temperatures from −33 to 220 ºC (−27 to 428 ºF) with an accuracy of ±1 ºC + 2%. The thermometer comes with a pocket clip, keychain, lanyard, and batteries. Control Company,

Fume Removal To remove titration fumes, the 32-inch-wide AirClean Systems ductless fume enclosure monitors airflow and the condition of its bonded-carbon filter, which is designed to remove 18 commonly used solvents, including acetone, methylene chloride, and hexane. Metrohm USA,

Plant Materials & Equipment


Material Feeding The Heavy Duty Vibratory Feeder is designed for large-capacity material-feeding applications. The feeder's speed is regulated by varying applied voltage, and the unit may be automated. The drive element is resistant to dust and moisture. The feeder can operate up to 135 ºF; high-temperature units can operate up to 300 ºF. Eriez,

Computer Station With space for a 21-inch monitor, keyboard, computer, printer, and accessories, the Deluxe Computer Workstation protects against dust, dirt, and other airborne particulate matter. It has locks and a rear access door. The 30-inch-wide workstation comes with a forklift base or a mobile base. Lyon Workspace Products,


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