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Volume 87 Issue 24 | p. 34
Issue Date: June 15, 2009

New Products

New and notable in the chemical industry
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Chemicals & Materials

COATING Crylcoat E04155 is a carboxylated polyester resin. For use in hydroxyalkyl amide powder coatings, it offers flexibility and weather and chemical resistance. Formulations can be cured at 160 ºC for 10 minutes or 150 ºC for 15 minutes. Cytec Industries,

EPIGENETICS For high-resolution melting analysis, the EpiTect HRM PCR kit allows researchers to detect changes in CpG methylation status of bisulfite-converted DNA using real-time cyclers. Qiagen,

COMPOUND LIBRARIES Six new biologically targeted libraries offer druglike compounds that target ion channels, kinases, and proteases. The SFI13 library contains a series of compounds that act against a variety of ion-channel drug targets; the SFK54, SFK55, SFK56, and SFK57 libraries contain kinaselike molecules focused on hinge regions, DFG-out, and novel binding modes; and the SFP03 protease library targets cysteine and serine proteases. BioFocus DPI,

Instruments & Labware

AUTOPIPETTE The TPS 384 automates plate replication, row or column transfer, serial dilution, and reagent addition with eight-, 12-, 18-, 24-, 96-, or 384-channel heads with volume ranges from 0.5 mL to 250 mL per channel. Needles or disposable tips may be used with appropriate heads, and on-board devices such as shakers, heating or cooling blocks, or tip wash stations may be added. A fully enclosed version is also available. Process Analysis & Automation,

Credit: Westover Scientific
Credit: Westover Scientific

(1) IMAGING An inverted microscope with a high-resolution digital camera and an LCD screen, the Evos fl has light-emitting diode light-cube systems, each of which includes an illumination source, light engine, and fluorescence filters. Image data are stored on a portable USB drive, and the unit can be connected to a projector or external monitor to view a larger image. Westover Scientific,

REACTION MONITORING Atlas FT-IR System, a Fourier transform-infrared in situ reaction monitor, is fully automated for real-time analysis of chemical reactions and processes, such as examining product yields, impurities, reaction kinetics, and end points. The unit has mid-IR capabilities and includes an FT-IR spectrometer. It can operate with vessel sizes from 50 mL to 5 L, temperatures from –80 to 180 ºC, pressures up to 200 bar, and wave numbers from 3,500 to 560 cm–1. Other functions, such as reaction calorimetry, pH control, gravimetric or volumetric reagent addition, or crystallization control, may be added. Syrris,

Hg ANALYSIS For detecting mercury contamination in treated effluent, pharmaceuticals, metals, food, or water, the Aquacounter HG-400 Low-Cost Mercury Analyzer can accommodate sample sizes of 5, 20, 100, and 250 mL, with optional components. A sample volume of 5 mL has a mercury detection limit of 0.5 ppt; the 20-, 100-, and 250-mL sample sizes have a 5-ppt detection limit. The determination limit is 50 ppt. The unit has a large color touch screen and a built-in printer. JM Science,

SOLVENT RECYCLING To reuse solvent during isocratic high-performance liquid chromatography, the SRS Pro Solvent Recycling System reduces mobile-phase consumption by redirecting untainted mobile-phase solvent to a reservoir. To ensure that the mobile-phase reservoir remains uncontaminated, the recycler will work only when switched on; in the case of a power failure, the unit is designed to direct solvent flow to waste. The system is powered solely by a USB connection. Thermo Fisher Scientific,

Credit: Mettler Toledo
Credit: Mettler Toledo

(2) SAFETY ENCLOSURE The ST1 safety enclosure (shown) has been tested for weighing active drug compounds. The unit has a chemical-resistant marble base, an extraction and filtration system, and a dual-point data-logging alarm. The enclosure can be connected to an in-house extraction unit or an independent fan filtration unit. Three sizes are available, and the systems can be accessorized with options such as waste bags or chutes and carbon filters. Mettler Toledo,

THERMAL CYCLER The G-Storm GS-482 has two 48-well peltier thermal blocks that can each run a program independently or simultaneously. The thermal cycler can also run gradient programs over eight columns per block, on one or both blocks. The blocks can also use 0.2-mL tubes and strips. Gene Technologies,

Plant Materials & Equipment

Credit: Rotex Global
Credit: Rotex Global

(3) PARTICLE SORTING For use in agricultural installations to sort soybean and corn for ethanol production, the self-contained Megatex XD Screener processes up to 45,000 bushels of dry materials per hour according to particle size. The unit can screen particles of diameters between 150 µm and 6.3 mm. Rotex Global,


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