Divisions Issue Calls For Papers | August 24, 2009 Issue - Vol. 87 Issue 34 | Chemical & Engineering News
Volume 87 Issue 34 | pp. 43-48 | Meetings
Issue Date: August 24, 2009

Divisions Issue Calls For Papers

Calls for papers for the spring 2010 ACS national meeting in San Francisco have been issued
Department: ACS News
Keywords: call for papers, 2010 ACS national meeting, San Francisco

Division have issued calls for papers for the spring 2010 ACS national meeting (March 21–25, 2010). The preliminary program for the meeting in San Francisco will be published in the Jan. 25, 2010, issue of C&EN; the technical program will be in the March 1 issue. The society bylaw governing presentation of papers appears below.

ACS's Program & Abstract Creation System (PACS) opened on Aug. 24 for San Francisco abstracts. Information on these pages is correct as of July 24 and may have changed since then. Visit PACS and view updates at abstracts.acs.org.

Society Bylaw Governing Papers

Bylaw VI, Sec. 6, governs presentation at society meetings.

a. The term "paper" shall include any scientific presentation that can be reduced to writing.

b. No paper shall be presented at a national, regional, divisional, or other major meeting unless its title and author(s) appear on the program for the meeting. However, the President, with the concurrence of either the Chair of the Board of Directors or the Vice-Chair of the Council Policy Committee, may authorize an extraordinary symposium at a national meeting provided that

    (1) the symposium has as its primary focus significant scientific developments too recent for programming deadlines, and

(2) the request for authorization for such a symposium has been made jointly by a member of the Society and one of the following: the Chair of a relevant Division of the Society, the Chair of the Committee on Divisional Activities, or the Chair of the Committee on Science.

c. No paper by a chemical scientist residing in the United States who is not a member of the Society shall appear on the program of a national, regional, divisional, or other major meeting of the Society unless it be a joint paper with one or more Society members, or unless for a national, regional, or national-divisional meeting the author has been invited to present the paper at a symposium organized by a Division of the Society or by Sections of the Society, and the Chair of such Division or of the host Section has certified to the Executive Director of the Society prior to publication of the program that presentation by the author of such paper is important to the success of the symposium.

d. Rules corresponding to paragraphs a, b, and c of this section for a cooperative meeting shall be subject to agreement in advance between the organizations concerned but should conform, insofar as possible, to this Bylaw and be subject to approval by the Executive Director of the Society.

e. The Society assumes no responsibility for the statements or opinions expressed by individuals in papers or discussions thereof.

f. The President shall have authority to exclude any paper from a program at any time prior to its scheduled presentation at a meeting of the Society.

Board Regulation VII, No. 3, supplements Bylaw VI, Sec. 6, as follows:

a. Authorship of papers shall be accredited only to individuals and not to companies or laboratories.

Note: Contact information for program chairs and symposium organizers are indicated only once in each listing.

b. Therapeutic Papers. It is the policy of the Society to encourage the presentation of chemical papers with pharmacological and physiological aspects but to discourage presentation, by other than qualified clinical investigators, of papers in which clinical interpretations are the principal contribution. Divisions shall adhere to this policy when determining the acceptability of papers for their meeting programs. The Divisions also are urged to exclude from their programs, and especially from any abstracts issued, statements recommending procedures for the treatment of human disease or announcement of any "cures" not confirmed by competent medical authority. Any author contributing a paper that includes discussion of the treatment of human disease must submit for review, by representatives of the appropriate Division, a complete manuscript in addition to an abstract.

Notes: Submission of papers for presentation at an ACS meeting does not constitute submission for publication in an ACS journal. Regulations for the acceptance of papers to be presented as part of divisional meetings vary for each division. However, publication of papers in ACS journals is based upon the earliest date of receipt of the complete paper by the appropriate editor.

The council has empowered officers of divisions to request any paper in advance, so that it may be passed upon and an indication made to the author as to whether he or she is to read the entire paper or to abstract it to allow time for discussion.

Special attention should be given to the misuse of trade names, secret formulas, or secret processes in papers at national meetings of the society.

It is requested that authors avoid the use of trade names in papers presented at ACS meetings. Chairs are responsible for enforcing this policy.

San Francisco: March 21–25, 2010

Agricultural & Food Chemistry

Program Chair: M. Appell, (309) 681-6249, michael.appell@ars.usda.gov

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Biocatalysis for Biofuels & Bioproducts. (Cosponsored with CELL.) D. Wong, (510) 559-5860, Dominic.Wong@ars.usda.gov; J. A. Laszlo, (309) 681-6322, Joe.Laszlo@ars.usda.gov

Fermented Foods. F. Shahidi, (709) 737-8552, fshahidi@mun.ca

Food-Related Nanotechnology II. B. Park, (706) 546-3396, bosoon.park@ars.usda.gov; E. C. Alocilja, (517) 355-0083, alocilja@msu.edu; J. D. Oxley, (210) 522-2913, james.oxley@swri.org; M. Appell

General Papers. M. Appell

General Posters. M. Appell; A. E. Mitchell, (530) 752-5095, aemitchell@ucdavis.edu

Graduate Student Symp. C. J. Brine, (609) 924-3819, brinec11@verizon.net

Nutrigenomics: Food Components & Gene Interactions. W. Yokoyama, (510) 559-5695, wally.yokoyama@ars.usda.gov; A. Rimando, (662) 915-1037, Agnes.Rimando@ars.usda.gov; (510) 559-5755, hyunsook.kim@ars.usda.gov

Organic Foods: Interpreting the Science & Understanding the Facts Related to Human Health. I. U. Gruen, (573) 882-6746, GruenI@missouri.edu; A. E. Mitchell; J. N. Seiber, (530) 752-2490, jnseiber@ucdavis.edu

Progress in Authentication of Food & Wine. S. Ebeler, (530) 752-0696, seebeler@ucdavis.edu; P. Winterhalter, p.winterhalter@tu-bs.de; G. Takeoka, (510) 559-5668, grt@pw.usda.gov

Reactive Carbonyl Species & Their Health Consequences. C. T. Ho, (732) 932-9611 ext. 235, ho@aesop.rutgers.edu; G-C. Yen, gcyen@nchu.edu.tw; M. Wang, mfwang@hkusua.hku.hk; S. Sang, (704) 250-5726, ssang@nccu.edu

Sterling Hendricks Memorial Lectureship (Cosponsored with AGRO). M. H. Tunick, (215) 233-6454, Michael.Tunick@ars.usda.gov; K. Kaplan, (301) 504-1637, kim.kaplan@ars.usda.gov; S. O. Duke, (662) 915-1036, stephen.duke@ars.usda.gov

Sustainability of Our Food Supply: From Farm to Fork. S. J. Risch, (517) 339-1715, sjrisch@sbcglobal.net; V. L. Finkenstadt, (309) 681-6469, victoria.finkenstadt@ars.usda.gov; A. E. Mitchell


Program Chairs: K. D. Racke, (317) 337-4654, kracke@dow.com; E. L. Arthur, (913) 433-5328, ellen.arthur@bayercropscience.com

Abstracts due Nov. 2.

Advances in Biofuels & Bioproducts: Life Cycle Analysis & Sustainability (Cosponsored with CELL). C. J. Hapeman, (301) 504-6451, cathleen.hapeman@ars.usda.gov; J. H. Massey, (662) 325-4725, jmassey@pss.msstate.edu; J. N. Seiber, (530) 752-1465, jafc@ucdavis.edu; L. Schwartz, (302) 451-5842, liliana.schwartz@usa.dupont.com; T. D. Spittler, (315) 787-2283, tds2@cornell.edu

AGRO Division Poster Session. J. Johnston (302) 365-7175, John.Johnston@fsis.usda.gov; K. D. Racke

AGRO New Investigator Award/New Developments & Issues in Agrochemical Science A. S. Felsot, (509) 372-7365, afelsot@tricity.wsu.edu

Comparing Conventional & Biotechnology-Based Pest Management. K. Henderson, (515) 248-4914, keri.henderson@pioneer.com; S. O. Duke, (662) 915-1036, Stephen.Duke@ars.usda.gov; W. P. Ridley, (636) 737-5594, william.p.ridley@monsanto.com; N. Storer, (301) 946-1721, nstorer@dow.com

Contemporary Food Safety Issues: Mitigating Risks from Production to Processing. J. N. Seiber; R. J. Molyneux, (510) 559-5812, russ.molyneux@ars.usda.gov; C. Winter, ckwinter@ucdavis.edu

Efficient Application of Pesticides for Sustainable & Effective Crop Protection. H. E. Ozkan, (614) 292-3006, ozkan.2@osu.edu; A. C. Barefoot, (302) 451-5856, aldos.c.barefoot@usa.dupont.com; C. Ramsey, (509) 335-9222, ramsay @wsu.edu

Emerging Contaminants in California's Coastal & Estuarine Ecosystems. K. L. Armbrust, (662) 325-3324, armbrust@mscl.msstate.edu; K. A. Maruya, (714) 755-3214, keithm@sccwrp.org; M. L. Hladik, (916) 278-3183, mhladik@usgs.gov; S. Klosterhaus, (510) 746-7383, susan@sfei.org; M. Sedlak, (510) 746-7345, meg@sfei.org; P. Rice, (919) 547-2668, patricia.rice@basf.com

Intl. Award for Research in Agrochemicals: Strategic Molecular Designs of Neonicotinoid Insecticides: Symp. To Honor Dr. Shinzo Kagagu. J. E. Casida, (510) 642-5424, ectl@nature.berkeley.edu; M. Tomizawa, tomizawa@gifu-u.ac.jp

Invasive Species: Is Chemistry Up to the Task? T. Ellis, (858) 694-3897, tracy.ellis@sdcounty.ca.gov; S. O'Toole, (301) 734-5861, sotoole@aphis.usda.gov; K. D. Racke; E. L. Arthur

Pesticide Mitigation Strategies for Surface Water Quality. B. L. Bret, (916) 780-7477, blbret@dow.com; T. L. Potter, (229) 386-7073, tom.potter@ars.usda.gov; K. Goh, (916) 324-4072, kgoh@cdpr.ca.gov; N. Poletika, (317) 337-3476, npoletika@dow.com

Pesticides & Urban Water Quality: Monitoring, Modeling & Mitigation. J. Gan, (951) 827-2712, jgan@ucr.edu; F. Spurlock, (916) 324-4124, fcspurlock@cdpr.ca.gov; P. Hendley, (336) 632-6112, paul.hendley@syngenta.com

Pesticides in Urban Settings & Aggregate Human Exposures. D. M. Stout II, (919) 541-5767, stout.dan@epa.gov; R. I. Krieger (951) 827-3724, bob.krieger@ucr.edu; C. J. Peterson, (662) 325-0199, cjpeterson@fs.fed.us

Push for Greener Formulations: Evolving Regulatory Frameworks for Inerts & Coformulants. C. B. Cleveland, (317) 337-3532, cbcleveland@dow.com; P. V. Shah, Shah.Pv@epamail.epa.gov; J. Yowell, jim_yowell@huntsman.com

Symp. & Celebration in Honor of Professor John Casida. J. Johnston; L. Ruzo, (510) 741-3000 ext. 228, l.ruzo@ptrlwest.com; J. N. Seiber

Third Agrochemical Symp. on Modern Chiral Pesticides: Enantioselectivity & Its Consequences. A. W. Garrison, (706) 355-8219, garrison.wayne@epa.gov; J. Gan

Understanding Greenhouse Gases from Agriculture. A. S. Gunasekara, (916) 445-0444, agunasekara@cdfa.ca.gov; L. L. McConnell, (301) 504-6298, Laura.McConnell@ars.usda.gov; L. Guo, (916) 322-8097, Lguo@arb.ca.gov; S. Pittiglio, spittigl@energy.state.ca.us

Analytical Chemistry

Program chair and abstract due date unavailable at press time.

Biochemical Technology

Program Chairs: C. F. Komives, (408) 924-4032, claire.komives@sjsu.edu; D. J. Roush, (732) 594-3204, david_roush@merck.com; M. R. Marten, (410) 455-3439, marten@umbc.edu

See the official BIOT website, www.acsbiot.org, for information

Abstracts due Oct. 12.

Biofuels & Bioproducts: Recent Advances in Fermentation & Product Separation Technologies for the Production of Fuels & Chemicals from Biomass. K. F. Reardon, (970) 491-6505, kenneth.reardon@colostate.edu; D. Glassner, (303) 858-8358, dglassner@gevo.com

Biofuels & Bioproducts: Recent Advances in Microbial Production of Biofuels & Biochemicals. N. Arden, (415) 871-6542, ardenn@novocatalysis.com; F. Valle, (650) 243-5406, fvalle@ls9.com

Biofuels & Bioproducts: Recent Advances in the Deconstruction of Lignocellulosic Biomass. E. J. Wolfrum, (303) 384-7705, Ed.Wolfrum@nrel.gov; B. R. Kelemen, (650) 846-4012, brad.kelemen@danisco.com

Biophysical & Biomolecular Processes: Biomolecular Conjugation Engineering. G. P. Rai, (812) 429-7464, gyan.rai@bms.com; V. Voynov, (617) 324-4500, vvoynov@mit.edu

Biophysical & Biomolecular Processes: Formulation Challenges for Biotherapeutics. T. Randolph, (303) 492-4776, theodore.randolph@colorado.edu; G. Ratnaswamy, (805) 447-5564, gayathri@amgen.com; S. Hershenson, (650) 467-2387, hershenson.susan@gene.com

Biophysical & Biomolecular Processes: Molecular Recognition Engineering. A. K. Salem, (319) 335-8810, aliasger-salem@uiowa.edu; R. Kane, (518) 276-2536, kaner@rpi.edu

Biophysical & Biomolecular Processes: Novel Biophysical Characterization & Bioanalytical Technologies. D. MacLean, (510) 705-6761, donald.maclean.b@bayer.com; C. Haynes, (604) 822-5136, israels@chml.ubc.ca

Biophysical & Biomolecular Processes: Protein Self-Association/Assembly. C. H. Schein, (409) 747-6843, fax (409) 747-6850, chschein@utmb.edu; L. Shi, (508) 271-4951, li.shi@genzyme.com

Biophysical & Biomolecular Processes: Stability Challenges during Bioprocessing & Drug Delivery. P. Kolhe, (636) 247-2101, Parag.Kolhe@pfizer.com; L. Shi, (817) 302-3958, lei.shi@healthpoint.com

Downstream Processes: Advances in Purification Technology: Emerging Technologies. R. Bates, (714) 246-5203, bates_ronald@allergan.com; C. E. Glatz, (515) 294-9988, cglatz@iastate.edu

Downstream Processes: Advances in Purification Technology: Nonchromatographic Bioseparations. N. Tugcu, (732) 594-0495, nihal_tugcu@merck.com; C. J. Roberts, cjr@udel.edu

Downstream Processes: Advances in Purification Technology: Optimization at the Molecular Level. R. C. Willson, (713) 743-4308, willson@uh.edu

Downstream Processes: Focus on Mabs: Challenges & Case Studies. J. Pieracci, (858) 401-5192, john.pieracci@biogenidec.com; K. O. Eriksson, kjell.eriksson@ge.com

Downstream Processes: Non-mAb Proteins & Nonconventional Expression Hosts: Downstream Challenges & Case Studies. E. J. Fernandez, (434) 924-1351, erik@virginia.edu; K. E. Goklen, (610) 270-4793, kent.e.goklen@gsk.com

Downstream Processes: Process Modeling & Design—Principles & Case Studies. D. D. Frey, (410) 455-3418, dfrey1@umbc.edu; N. Fontes, (650) 467-7318, fontes.nuno@gene.com

Emerging Technologies: Advances in Cell-Based Therapeutics. T. Segura, (310) 206-3980, tsegura@ucla.edu; E. S. Tzanakakis, (716) 645-2911 ext. 2206, emtzan@eng.buffalo.edu

Emerging Technologies: Advances in Stem Cell Engineering. S. P. Palecek, (608) 262-8931, palecek@engr.wisc.edu; D. V. Schaffer, (510) 643-5963, schaffer@cchem.berkeley.edu

Emerging Technologies: Design & Engineering of Novel Therapeutic Modalities. A. Khademhosseini, (617) 768-8395, alik@rics.bwh.harvard.edu; S-W. Wang, (949) 824-2383, wangsw@uci.edu

Emerging Technologies: Nanobiotechnology. G. L. Rorrer, (541) 737-3370, rorrergl@engr.orst.edu; J. S. Dordick, (518) 276-2899, dordick@rpi.edu

Emerging Technologies: Novel Biomaterials for Directing Cell & Tissue Response. T. Desai, (415) 514-4503, tejal.desai@ucsf.edu; J. B. Leach, (410) 455-8152, jleach@umbc.edu

Emerging Technologies: Panel Discussion: Future & Impacts of Human Embryonic Stem Cells. C. F. Komives

Emerging Technologies: Synthetic Biology. C. D. Smolke, (650) 721-6371, csmolke@stanford.edu; C. Voigt, (415) 502-7050, cavoigt@picasso.ucsf.edu

Follow-On Biologics: Analytical Comparability of Follow-On Biologics to Innovator Molecules: Challenges & Opportunities. J. S. Laurence, (785) 864-3405, laurencj@ku.edu; D. Lee, (508) 688-3382, david.h.lee@abbott.com

Follow-On Biologics: Case Studies on Follow-On Biologics—Strategies for Product Development & Approval. R. D. Johnson, (858) 754-4052, Rob.Johnson@amylin.com; J. Miller, (303) 339-5545, james_miller@merck.com

Follow-On Biologics: Host System & Protein Expression Engineering for Follow-On Biologics. S. Subramanian, (215) 652-6260, shyamsundar_ subramanian@merck.com; A. S. Robinson, (302) 831-0557, asr@udel.edu

Follow-On Biologics: Process Design & Process Impurity Considerations for Follow-On Biologics. A. Ladiwala, (858) 401-5164, asif.ladiwala@biogenidec.com; M. L. Dickson, (301) 398-4281, dicksonm@medimmune.com

Follow-On Biologics: Protein Engineering for Follow-On Biologics—Affinity, Potency, Stability, Immunogenicity & Half-Life. J. R. Cochran, (650) 724-7808, Jennifer.Cochran@stanford.edu; M. Dennis, msd@gene.com

Poster Session. F. W. Chaplen, (541) 737-1015, fax (541) 737-2082, frank.chaplen@orst.edu; G. Bolton, (978) 247-1601, gbolton@wyeth.com

Quality by Design & PAT: Application of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for Manufacturing Processes of Biopharmaceutical Products. D. Low, (805) 313-1754, dlow@amgen.com; O. Lara-Velasco, (610) 270-4328, oscar.2.lara-velasco@gsk.com

Quality by Design & PAT: Defining Design Space for Manufacturing Processes: Application of Design of Experiments (DOE) & Risk Based Approaches. R. Kshirsagar, (617) 679-2571, rashmi.kshirsagar@biogenidec.com; K. Barnthouse, (610) 240-8311, KBarntho @cntus.jnj.com

Quality by Design & PAT: Identification of Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) & Alignment with Critical Process Parameters (CPPs) for Biopharmaceutical Products. K. Brorson, (301) 796-2193, kurt.brorson@fda.hhs.gov; P. Motchnik, (650) 467-7624, motchnik.paul@gene.com

Quality by Design & PAT: Workshop: FDA Biotech QbD Pilot Program. J. T. Park, (301) 827-0663, jun.park@fda.hhs.gov; I. Blumentals, (610) 270-7595, ilse.i.blumentals@gsk.com

Upstream Processes: Advances in Biocatalysis. R. Gonzalez, (713) 348-4893, Ramon.Gonzalez@rice.edu; C. Cho, catherine.cho@codexis.com

Upstream Processes: Advances in Cell Culture Process Development—Cellular. J. Sridhar, (415) 506-3530, jsridhar@bmrn.com; S. W. Harcum, (864) 656-6865, harcum@clemson.edu

Upstream Processes: Advances in Cell Culture Process Development—Reactors. J. J. Chalmers, (614) 292-2727, chalmers.1@osu.edu; B. Belongia, (781) 533-2319, Brett_Belongia@Millipore.com

Upstream Processes: Advances in Metabolic Engineering. M. Antoniewicz, (302) 831-8960, mranton@udel.edu; R. Farmer, (617) 583-1733, farmer@metabolix.com

Upstream Processes: Advances in Microbial & Algal Fermentation Process Development. M. Castellanos, (410) 455-8151, mariajose@umbc.edu; C. Krishna, (253) 924-4546, Chundakkadu.krishna@weyerhaeuser.com; M. R. Mikola, (215) 652-4935, mark_mikola@merck.com

Upstream Processes: Advances in Systems Biology. G. Whited, (650) 846-7629, gregg.whited@danisco.com; V. Hatzimanikatis, vassily.hatzimanikatis@epfl.ch

Upstream Processes: Protein Expression & Post-Translational Modification. E. V. Shusta, shusta@engr.wisc.edu; M. Laird, (650) 467-4596, mlaird@gene.com

Biological Chemistry

Program Chair: S. Walker, (617) 432-5488, suzanne_walker@hms.harvard.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

ACS Chemical Biology Lectureship.


Chemical Biology.

Frontiers in Protein Science & Enzymology.

Molecular Biosystems Lectureship.

New Drug Targets.

Young Academic Investigators.

Business Development & Management

Program Chair: M. L. Hurrey, (617) 444-6165, Michael_Hurrey@vrtx.com

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Municipal & Industrial Water Treatment Applications of Chemistry.

Sustainability, Chemistry & Industry: A Profitable Combination?

Sustainable Practices in Industrial Chemistry Applications: Waste Management & Recycling.

Carbohydrate Chemistry

Program Chair: T. L. Lowary, (780) 492-1861, tlowary@ualberta.ca

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

General Papers. Glycobiology.

General Papers. Polysaccharides.

General Papers. Synthetic Chemistry.

General Posters.

Sustainability of the Sugar & Sugar-Ethanol Industries. G. Eggleston, (504) 286-4446, Gillian.Eggleston@ars.usda.gov

Young Investigators in Glycoscience.

Catalysis Science & Technology (Probationary)

Program Chair: B. Zhou, (609) 394-3102 ext. 211, bzhou@headwaters.com

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Catalysis for Sustainability: Catalyst for Biorenewable Energy Applications. V. S-Y. Lin, (515) 294-3135, vsylin@iastate.edu; G. W. Huber, (413) 545-0276, huber@ecs.umass.edu

Catalysis for Sustainability: CO2 Conversion & Utilization. A. M. Gaffney, (973) 893-3319, anne.gaffney@CBI.com

Catalysis for Sustainability: Electrocatalyst for Fuel Cells. U. S. Ozkan, (614) 292-6623, ozkan@chbmeng.ohio-state.edu

Catalysis for Sustainability: Photocatalysis for Fuel Synthesis. G. Mul, G.Mul@tnw.tudelft.nl; J. Notestein, (847) 491-5357, j-notestein@northwestern.ed

Catalyst by Design. J. G. Chen, (302) 831-0642, jgchen@udel.edu; I. E. Wachs, (610) 758-4274, iew0@lehigh.edu

Supported Molecular Catalysts. C. W. Jones, (404) 385-1683, christopher.jones@chbe.gatech.edu; W. Lin, (919) 962-6320, wlin@unc.edu

Cellulose & Renewable Materials

Program Chairs: S. J. Eichhorn, stephen.j.eichhorn@manchester.ac.uk; Y-L. Hsieh, (530) 752-7364, ylhsieh@ucdavis.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Biofabrication of Sustainable Materials. D. Klemm, c5koan@rz.uni-jena.de; T. Kondo, kondot@ss.ffpri.affrc.go.jp; P. Gatenholm, paul.gatenholm@chalmers.se

Cellulose-Based & Other Green Composite Materials. J. P. Hinestroza, (607) 255-7600, jh433@cornell.edu; P. Gañán, piedad.ganan@upb.edu.co

Deconstructing the Cell Wall Structure. Y-L. Hsieh; L. Salmen, lennart.salmen@stfi.se

Health & Nutrition of Polysaccharides (Cosponsored with AGFD). P. Williams, p.a.williams@glyndwr.ac.uk; G. Philips, g.o.phillips@newi.ac.uk

Micro & Nanofibers from Sustainable Materials. M. W. Frey, (607) 255-1937, mfw24@cornell.edu; Y-L. Hsieh

Modeling & Experimental Determination of Polysaccharide Structure & Properties: Anselme Payen Award Symp. Honoring Alfred D. French (Cosponsored with CARB). S. J. Eichhorn; W. T. Winter, (315) 470-6876, wtwinter@syr.edu; R. A. Bryce, richard.bryce@manchester.ac.uk; M. K. Dowd, (504) 286-4339, michael.dowd@ars.usda.gov; K. Rajasekaran, rajah.rajasekaran@ars.usda.gov

Poster Session. S. J. Eichhorn, Y-L. Hsieh

Solvent Interactions with Cellulose. P. Fardim, pfardim@abo.fi; P. Navard, patrick.navard@mines-paristech.fr

Synthesis & Characterization of Sustainable Polysaccharides of Controlled Nanostructure. K. Edgar, (540) 231-0674, kjedgar@vt.edu; T. Heinze, tim.liebert@uni-jena.de

Chemical Education

Program Chairs: J. M. Smist, (413) 748-3382, jsmist@spfldcol.edu; C. M. Muzzi, muzzicinzia@deanza.edu; E. J. Kantorowski, (805) 756-2796, ekantoro@calpoly.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Advances in Teaching Organic Chemistry. S. F. Hornbuckle, (770) 605-0226, susanhornbuckle@clayton.edu

Bridging the Gap in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM): Higher Education through Shared Ideas & Resources. A. A. Odukale, (805) 893-5770, aodukale@mrl.ucsb.edu; W. Hughes, (208) 426-4859, WillHughes@boisestate.edu; R. Savage, (805) 756-6441, rsavage@calpoly.edu; J. Edwards III, (850) 694-4878, famuchm@aol.com

Center for Workshops in the Chemical Sciences. C. B. Russell, (404) 385-8166, cianan.russell@chemistry.gatech.edu

Chemical Education & Large-Scale Change in K–12. D. Wink, (312) 413-7383, dwink@uic.edu; H. Sevian, (617) 287-7724, hannah.sevian@umb.edu

Chemistry Education Research: A Symp. by Graduate Students for Graduate Students. K. J. Linenberger, (513) 529-5401, linenbkj@muohio.edu; S. Underwood, (407) 340-2468, sunderw@clemson.edu

Cognition in Chemical Education. M. W. Briggs, (724) 357-2364, m.w.briggs@iup.edu; D. S. Domin, (708) 456-0300, ddomin2@triton.edu

Computers in Chemical Education. J. Barbera, (970) 351-2545, jack.barbera@unco.edu; J. R. VandenPlas, (928) 523-7087, Jessica.VandenPlas@nau.edu

Debugging the Myths about Teaching & Learning. D. Bunce, (202) 319-6550, diane@cua.edu

Education in Forensic Chemistry: Strengthening the Science in Forensic Science. E. A. Gardner, (205) 934-0668, eagard@uab.edu

Food Chemistry Courses in the Liberal Arts Curriculum. J. K. Vohs, (724) 805-2354, jason.vohs@email.stvincent.edu

General Papers. R. Subramaniam, (408) 864-8517, subramaniamram@deanza.edu

General Posters. D. Gray, (408) 864-5608, graydavid@deanza.edu; C. M. Ragain, (903) 566-7137, cragain@uttyler.edu

Green Chemistry Education in High School: Why Now? & How? J. King, (208) 721-0598, jking@communityschool.org; I. J. Levy, (978) 867-4877, irv.levy@gordon.edu

Green Chemistry, Sustainability, & Education: Collaborative Projects & Interdisciplinary Outcomes. D. G. Kovacs, (616) 331-3806, kovacsd@gvsu.edu

Improving Chemical Education through Undergraduate Research & New Teaching Methods. H. Ungar, (831) 708-2049, haungar@cruzio.com; D. R. Brown, (619) 421-6700 ext. 5664, dbrown@swccd.edu

Increasing Underrepresented Students' Participation in Chemistry: Lessons Learned the Hard Way & Mistakes Not To Be Repeated. T. Higgins, (312) 553-5791, tbhiggins@ccc.edu; M. K. Boyd, (619) 260-4545, mboyd@sandiego.edu

Inquiry Chemistry Lessons: Integrating Learning & Fun. J. I. Selco, (909) 869-4552, jiselco@csupomona.edu

Introductory Chemistry: Research on Student Learning. R. A. Krystyniak, (320) 308-2024, rakrystyniak@ stcloudstate.edu

NMR Spectroscopy in the Undergraduate Curriculum. L. J. Anna, (717) 871-2040, laura.anna@millersville.edu; D. Soulsby, (909) 748-8546, david_soulsby@redlands.edu; T. Wallner, (305) 899-3433, twallner@mail.barry.edu

NSF Catalyzed Innovations in the Undergraduate Curriculum. S. Hixson, (703) 306-1667, shixson@nsf.gov

Outreach Activities that Promote Service as a Scholarly Endeavor. M. T. Oliver-Hoyo, (919) 515-2212, maria_oliver@ncsu.edu

Partnerships with Industry: Building a Sustainable Workforce. B. J. Aronson, b_aronson@acs.org; N. Beach, (585) 647-2530, nbeach@paradigmenv.com; J. M. Sabourin, (989) 686-9249, jmsabour@alpha.delta.edu

Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL). R. S. Moog, (717) 291-3804, rick.moog@fandm.edu

Public Outreach: Better Living through Chemistry. M. Davis, (312) 553-3211, mdavis@ccc.edu

Research on Children Learning Chemistry. M. O'Donnell, (513) 529-5401, odonneme@muohio.edu; J. R. Raker, (330) 819-3313, jraker@purdue.edu; S. L. Bretz, (513) 529-3731, bretzsl@muohio.edu

Strategies for Enhancing Student Transfer & Success. M. S. Richards, (202) 776-8281, m_richards@acs.org; J. Clevenger, (775) 329-3923, clevenge@scsr.nevada.edu

Successful Mentoring Strategies To Facilitate the Advancement of Women Faculty. K. K. Karukstis, (909) 607-3225, kerry_karukstis@hmc.edu; B. L. Gourley, (765) 658-4607, bgourley@depauw.edu; L. W. Laura Wright, (864) 294-3375, laura.wright@furman.edu; M. Rossi, (845) 437-5746, rossi@vassar.edu

Successful Student Chapter Posters. N. Bakowski, (202) 872-6166, n_bakowski@acs.org

Sustainability in the Chemistry Curriculum: Global Climate Change. S. W. Keller, (573) 884-6893, KellerS@ missouri.edu; A. K. Bentley, (503) 768-7579, bentley@lclark.edu

Sustainability in the Chemistry Curriculum: Water for a Thirsty Planet. K. Anderson, (608) 246-6496, klanderson@matcmadison.edu; J. A. Tripp, (570) 941-4231, trippj2@scranton.edu

Sustainability in the Chemistry Curriculum: What, Why Now & How? C. Middlecamp, (608) 263-5647, chmiddle@wisc.edu; M. Kirchhoff, (202) 872-4562, m_kirchhoff@acs.org

Symp. in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of CHEM Study: An Influential Post-Sputnik High School Chemistry Curriculum Improvement Project. H. Heikkinen, (303) 351-2559, heikk2000@comcast.net; L. L. Jones, (303) 351-2559, lorettajones@comcast.net

Teaching Science to Science Teachers: Informative Assessment for Science Educators. S. J. Varnum, (215) 204-6390, suebee@temple.edu

Ethics of Publishing. G. M. Bodner, (765) 494-5313, gmbodner@purdue.edu; T. R. LeBon, (818) 800-9728, tlebon@excite.com

Undergraduate Research Posters. N. Bakowski

Visualizations in Chemistry Education. R. M. Kelly, (408) 924-4940, rkelly@science.sjsu.edu

Chemical Health & Safety

Program Chair: D. M. Decker, (530) 754-7964, dmdecker@ucdavis.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Chemical Health & Safety Poster Session. D. M. Decker

Health & Safety: General Papers. L. M. Stroud, (919) 881-0282, fax (919) 789-4477, LMStroud@aol.com; D. M. Decker

Laboratory Design & Operation for a Sustainable Planet: Building Gates & Removing Fences. R. Stuart, (802) 656-5403, rstuart@uvm.edu; S. Fisher, (657) 278-2507, sfisher@fullerton.edu

Perspectives on Biofuels: Potential Benefits & Possible Pitfalls. F. Wood-Black, (580) 762-1636, fwblack@cableone.net

Teaching Safety.

Chemical Information

Program Chair: R. Guha, (814) 404-5449, rajarshi.guha@gmail.com

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

2010 CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence. G. Grethe, (510) 333-7526, ggrethe@comcast.net

Cheminformatics for the Discovery of New Materials. M. Haranczyk, (510) 486-7749, mharanczyk@lbl.gov

Fragment-Based Drug Design: Success Stories Due to Novel Computational Methods Applications. R. Bienstock, (919) 541-3397, biensto1@niehs.nih.gov; A. Tropsha, (919) 966-2955, alex_tropsha@unc.edu

General Papers. R. Guha

Green Chemistry: Multidisciplinary Use of Chemical Information Resources. R. J. Schenck, (614) 447-3699, rschenck@cas.org

Libraries & Large-Scale Digitization Initiatives (LSDIs). A. B. Twiss-Brooks, (773) 702-8777, atbrooks@uchicago.edu; L. R. Solla, (607) 255-1361, lrm1@cornell.edu; E. Kajosalo, (617) 253-9795, kajosalo@mit.edu

Metabolomics: A Field at the Boundaries between Chemistry & Biology. C. Steinbeck, steinbeck@ebi.ac.uk

Sustaining Faculty-Librarian Collaborations. J. R. Garritano, (765) 496-7279, jgarrita@purdue.edu; J. N. Currano, (215) 898-2177, currano@pobox.upenn.edu

Future of Scientific Publishing. B. Town, bill.town@kilmorie.com; W. A. Warr, Wendy Warr & Associates, wendy@warr.com

Visual Analysis of Chemical Data (Cosponsored with COMP). N. M. O'Boyle, oboyle@ccdc.cam.ac.uk; J-C. Bradley, (215) 895-2647, bradlejc@drexel.edu; A. Lang, (267) 872-3747, gameshoncho@hotmail.com

What Happened to My Library? Managing Organizational & Space-Related Challenges. E. Kajosalo; L. R. Solla; B. Thomsett-Scott, (940) 369-6437, bscott@library.unt.edu; A. B. Twiss-Brooks

Chemical Technicians

Program chair and abstract due date unavailable at press time.

Chemical Toxicology

Will not meet in San Francisco.

Chemistry & The Law

Program chair and abstract due date unavailable at press time.

Colloid & Surface Chemistry

Program Chair: J. Texter, jtexter@emich.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Biofunctional Architectures: Reversible Interactions & Surface Recognition Symp. E. E. Dormidontova, (216) 368-6373, eed@case.edu; T. L. Kuhl, (530) 754-5911, tlkuhl@ucdavis.edu

Contemporary Topics in Colloid Polymer Mixtures. M. L. Lynch, (513) 627-0392, lynch.ml@pg.com; E. M. Furst, (302) 831-0102, furst@udel.edu

Engineering the Biomolecular Interface. P. R. Van Tassel, (203) 432-7983, paul.vantassel@yale.edu

Fundamental Research in Colloid & Surface Science. J. Texter

Redox Chemistry at Environmental Interfaces. M. M. McGuire, (570) 577-3673, mmcguire@bucknell.edu

Surfactants & Amphiphilic Polymers: Fundamentals & Applications. R. Nagarajan, (508) 233-6445, Ramanathan.Nagarajan@us.army.mil

Computers In Chemistry

Program Chairs: J. D. Madura (412) 396-6341, madura@duq.edu; E. X. Esposito, (517) 639-0684, emilio.esposito@gmail.com

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Advances in Conformational Sampling. D. K. Agrafiotis, (610) 458-6045, dagrafio@prdus.jnj.com; P. Liu, (610) 458-6045, PLiu24@its.jnj.com

Chemical Computing Group Excellence Award. C. L. Simmerling, (631) 632-1336, carlos.simmerling@sunysb.edu

Drug Discovery. I. Visiers, (617) 444-1365, Irache.Visiers@mpi.com

Generalized Ensemble Simulation Methods. W. Yang, (850) 645-6884, yang@sb.fsu.edu

Hewlett-Packard Scholar Awards. C. L. Simmerling

Molecular Mechanics. E. X. Esposito

Molecular Pharmaceutics. Y. J. Tseng, yjtseng@csie.ntu.edu.tw

Poster Session. E. X. Esposito

Quantum Chemistry. E. X. Esposito

Scripting & Programming. R. E. Amaro, (858) 822-0169, ramaro@mccammon.ucsd.edu; E. X. Esposito

Thomas Kuhn Paradigm Shift. A. Nicholls, (505) 473-7385, anthony@eyesopen.com

Environmental Chemistry

Program Chair: S. R. Al-Abed, (513) 569-7849, al-abed.souhail@epa.gov

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

ACS Award for Creative Advances in Environmental Science & Technology (in Memory of Joseph J. Breen). R. A. Hathaway, (573) 334-3827, ruthhathaway@msn.com

Analytical Challenges for New Crop-Protection Products (Cosponsored with AGRO). G. P. Cobb, (806) 885-4567 ext. 226, george.cobb@tiehh.ttu.edu; K. L. Armbrust, (662) 325-3324, armbrust@mscl.msstate.edu

Antimicrobial Agents & Sustainability. R. U. Halden, (480) 727-0893, Halden@asu.edu

Aquatic Redox Chemistry: A Symp. in Honor of Donald L. Macalady (Cosponsored with GEOC). P. G. Tratnyek, (503) 748-1023, tratnyek@ebs.ogi.edu; T. J. Grundl, (414) 229-4765, grundl@uwm.edu; S. B. Haderlein, haderlein@uni-tuebingen.de

Assessing & Remediating Unprecedented Environmental Damages to a Fragile Ecosystem: Nearly Two Decades after Occurrence in Kuwait. G. P. Cobb; S. M. Presley, steve.presley@tiehh.ttu.edu

Atmospheric Chemistry of Persistent Organic Pollutants. K. T. Valsaraj, (225) 578-1426, valsaraj@lsu.edu; R. R. Kommalapati, (936) 261-1660, rrkommalapati@pvamu.edu

Biochars for Environmental Sustainability: Green Fuels, Carbon Sequestration & Long-Term Agricultural Production. D. A. Laird, (515) 294-1581, david.laird@ars.usda.gov; M. Chappell, (601) 634-2802, Mark.A.Chappell@usace.army.mil

Energy Sustainability of the Water Infrastructure Using Microbial-Fuel-Cell-Based Technologies. B. E. Logan, (814) 863-7908, blogan@psu.edu; B. E. Rittmann, (480) 727-0434; J. M. Regan, (814) 865-9436, jregan@engr.psu.edu

Fate & Transport of Pollutants in the Built Environment: Atmospheric Chemistry Moves Indoors. H. Destaillats, (510) 486-5897, HDestaillats@lbl.gov; C. J. Weschler, (732) 530-0961, weschlch@umdnj.edu

General Posters. S. R. Al-Abed

Influence of Natural Organic Matter on the Fate & Transport of Metals, Colloids & Nanoparticles in Aquatic Systems. G. Aiken, (303) 541-3036, graiken@usgs.gov; H. Hsu-Kim, (919) 660-5109, hsukim@duke.edu; J. N. Ryan, (303) 492-0772, joseph.ryan@colorado.edu

Metrics & Environmental Sustainability. D. L. Poster, (301) 975-8941, dianne.poster@nist.gov; N. F. Savage, (202) 564-8228, savage.nora@epa.gov

Nanoporous Materials for Environmental Applications. B. Deng, (573) 882-0075, dengb@missouri.edu; R. G. Luthy, (650) 723-3921, luthy@stanford.edu

Nanotechnology: Enabling Sustainable Solutions for Potable Water. D. D. Dionysiou, (513) 556-0724, dionysios.d.dionysiou@uc.edu; N. F. Savage

New Energy Technologies. J. Marwan, info@marwan-chemie.fta-berlin.de

Policies for Promoting Sustainable Chemistry. R. U. Halden

Sustainable Processes for Drinking Water & Wastewater Treatment. C. J. Clark II, (850) 410-6122, clayton.clarkii@famu.edu; A. T. Cooper, (850) 412-5005, adrienne.cooper@famu.edu; A. S. Lindner, (352) 392-2177 ext. 1026, alind@eng.ufl.edu

Sustainable Waste Management: Issues & Challenges. S. Al-Abed; T. Tolaymat, (513) 487-2860, tolaymat.thabet@epa.gov

Sustainable Water Production & Waste Treatment: Emerging Technologies for the Treatment & Utilization of Impaired Water Sources. B. Li (860) 486-2339, baikun@engr.uconn.edu

Fluorine Chemistry

Program Chair: V. A. Petrov, (302) 695-1958, Viacheslav.A.Petrov@usa.dupont.com

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

ACS Award for Creative Work in Fluorine Chemistry Symp. V. A. Petrov

Fuel Chemistry

Program Chairs: C-J. Liu, ughg_cjl@yahoo.com; V. Subramani, (630) 420-5583, velu.subramani@bp.com

Please see instructions at www.anl.gov/PCS/acsfuel.

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Advances in Coal Conversion Chemistry. S. Eser, (814) 863-1392, seser@psu.edu; A. L. Chaffee, Alan.Chaffee@sci.monash.edu.au; K. Miura, miura@cheme.kyoto-u.ac.jp; J. Qiu, jqiu@dlut.edu.cn

Advances in Fuel Science & Technology. C-J. Liu; S-E. Park, separk@inha.ac.kr

CO2 Capture, Conversion & Utilization. B-L. Su Sr., bao-lian.su@fundp.ac.be; V. S-Y. Lin, (515) 294-3135, vsylin@iastate.edu

Fuel Chemistry & Electrochemistry for Fuel Cells. E. J. Cairns, (510) 486-5028, ejcairns@lbl.gov; S. Sui, ssui@sjtu.edu.cn; R. Kostecki, (510) 486-6002, r_kostecki@lbl.gov

Green Chemistry on Fuels of the Future (Cosponsored with CELL). B. W-L. Jang, (903) 886-5383, ben_jang@tamu-commerce.edu; R. Glaeser, roger.glaeser@chemie.uni-leipzig.de; M. Dong, dong@phys.au.dk; C-J. Liu

Hydrogen Storage. T. Gennett, (303) 384-6628, Thomas_Gennett@nrel.gov; L. Klebanoff, (925) 294-3471, Thomas_Gennett@nrel.gov; Y. H. Hu, (906) 487-2261, yunhangh@mtu.edu

Membrane Technology in Energy Sustainability. S. M. Stagg-Williams, (785) 864-2919, smwilliams@ku.edu; S. T. Oyama, (540) 231-5309, oyama@vt.edu

Separation & Catalysis Needs for Renewable Energy. S. Dai, (865) 576-7307, dais@ornl.gov; J. Liu, (509) 375-4443, Jun.liu@pnl.gov

Solar Cells & Solar Fuels. D. Wang, (310) 794-7238, donghai.wang@pnl.gov; Y. Lu, (310) 794-7238, luucla@ucla.edu; L. Sun, lichengs@kth.se; H. Jia, (734) 995-0183, hongfei.jia@tema.toyota.com

Theory & Simulation in Energy Production & Utilization. Q. Ge, (618) 453-6406, qge@chem.siu.edu; J. Li, junli@tsinghua.edu.cn; J. Wang, jgw@zjut.edu.cn


Program Chair: L. E. Katz, (512) 471-4244, lynnkatz@mail.utexas.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Advancing the Science of Natural Zeolites: A Symp. in Honor of Robert S. Bowman. E. J. Sullivan, (505) 667-2889, ejs@lanl.gov

Biogeochemistry of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Natural Systems. H. M. Liljestrand, (512) 471-4604, liljestrand@mail.utexas.edu

Environmental & Geochemical Aspects of Carbon Sequestration (Cosponsored with ENVR). D. E. Giammar, (314) 935-6849, giammar@wustl.edu; Y-S. Jun, (314) 935-4539, ysjun@seas.wustl.edu; C. J. Werth, (217) 333-3822, werth@illinois.edu

Frontiers in Analytical Chemistry as Applied to Natural Organic Matter. R. Cory, (612) 626-7981, rmcory@email.unc.edu

Predicting Molecular Properties of the Mineral-Water Interface: Challenges & Opportunities for High-Performance Computing. A. G. Kalinichev, (517) 355-9715 ext. 336, kalinich@chemistry.msu.edu; J. D. Kubicki, (814) 865-3951, kubicki@geosc.psu.edu; D. A. Dixon, (205) 348-8441, dadixon@as.ua.edu

Spectroscopic Investigations of Metal Interactions at Mineral/Water/Microbial Interfaces. C. S. Kim, (714) 628-7363, cskim@chapman.edu

Water & Renewable Energy Production. K. Kinney, (512) 232-1740, kakinney@mail.utexas.edu

History Of Chemistry

Program Chair: S. C. Rasmussen, (701) 231-8747, seth.rasmussen@ndsu.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 26.

100+ Years of Plastics: Leo Baekeland & Beyond. E. T. Strom, (817) 272-5441, tomstrom@juno.com

General Papers. S. C. Rasmussen

Undergraduate Symp. in the History of Chemistry. S. C. Rasmussen

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry

Program Chair: J. T. Ciszewski, (513) 569-7380, iecprogramchair@gmail.com

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Chromatographic Separations.

General Papers. J. T. Ciszewski

General Posters. J. T. Ciszewski

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Student Research Symp.

Ionic Liquid Application to Biomass & Biofuels. R. D. Rogers, rdrogers@bama.ua.edu

Joe Breen Green Chemistry Student Poster Session. M. Kirchhoff, (202) 872-4562, m_kirchhoff@acs.org

Process Intensification.

Sustainability in Action. M. A. Abraham, (330) 941-3009, martin.abraham@ysu.edu; G. L. Adams, (651) 204-3371, gla@ehsstrategies.com; R. Peoples III, (202) 872-4523, b_peoples@acs.org

Sustainable Developments in Wine Production (Cosponsored with YCC).

Waste & Biomass Valorization. S. D. Alexandratos, (212) 650-3914, alexsd@hunter.cuny.edu; A. Nzihou, ange.nzihou@mines-albi.fr

Inorganic Chemistry

Program Chairs: B. T. Donovan-Merkert, (704) 687-4436, bdonovan@uncc.edu; M. Millar, (631) 632-7909, michelle.millar@sunysb.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

ACS Award for Distinguished Service in Inorganic Chemistry.

ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry.

ACS Award in Organometallic Chemistry.

ACS National Award in Inorganic Chemistry: Plenary Session. F. A. Walker, (520) 621-8645, awalker@u.arizona.edu; B. T. Donovan-Merkert

Bioinorganic Chemistry: DNA & RNA (Oral & Poster submissions). M. Millar

Bioinorganic Chemistry: Enzymes & Co-Enzymes (Oral & Poster submissions). M. Millar

Chemical Applications of Mossbauer Spectroscopy (Oral & Poster submissions). V. K. Sharma, (321) 674-7310, vsharma@fit.edu

Chemistry of Materials (Oral & Poster submissions). B. T. Donovan-Merkert

Computational Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions). B. T. Donovan-Merkert

Coordination Chemistry: Characterization & Applications (Oral & Poster submissions). D. C. Crans, (970) 491-7635, crans@lamar.colostate.edu

Coordination Chemistry: Synthesis (Oral & Poster submissions). D. C. Crans

Electrochemistry (Oral & Poster submissions). B. T. Donovan-Merkert

Environmental Inorganic Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions). B. T. Donovan-Merkert

F. Albert Cotton Award in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry.

General Inorganic Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions). B. T. Donovan-Merkert

Inorganic Catalysts (Oral & Poster submissions). B. T. Donovan-Merkert

Inorganic Chemistry for a Sustainable Future (Oral & Poster submissions). B. T. Donovan-Merkert

Inorganic Spectroscopy (Oral & Poster submissions). S. Ronco, (520) 571-1111, sronco@rescorp.org

Lanthanide & Actinide Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions). B. T. Donovan-Merkert

Main Group Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions). B. T. Donovan-Merkert

Nanoscience: Characterization & Applications (Oral & Poster submissions). S. S. Wong, (631) 632-1703, sswong@notes.cc.sunysb.edu

Nanoscience: Synthesis (Oral & Poster submissions). S. S. Wong

Organometallic Chemistry: Applications to Materials & Polymer Science (Oral & Poster submissions). N. S. Radu, (302) 695-3363, nora.s.radu@usa.dupont.com

Organometallic Chemistry: Applications to Organic Transformations (Oral & Poster submissions). N. S. Radu

Organometallic Chemistry: Catalysis (Oral & Poster submissions). N. S. Radu

Organometallic Chemistry: Synthesis & Characterization (Oral & Poster submissions). N. S. Radu

Undergraduate Research at the Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry. J. J. Smee, (903) 566-7069, jsmee@uttyler.edu; B. S. Williams, (909) 607-1603, swilliams@jsd.claremont.edu

Medicinal Chemistry

Program Chair: J. Zablocki, (650) 384-8547, jeff.zablocki@gilead.com

General Guidelines for Authors: For organized symposia invited lectures, submit a short abstract of up to 250 words that fits into the allotted space. The abstract can include a structure. Papers for general oral sessions require a 400–1,000-word abstract that indicates why the talk is deserving of an oral slot as opposed to a poster. These abstracts should include key biological findings to the disease state or the field of study (note if clinical candidate talk), key SAR description, and the significance of the work. For posters, submit an abstract of up to 250 words.

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

ACS-AFMC Joint Symp. J. McCarthy, (317) 274-3642, james.ray.mccarthy@gmail.com; J. Zablocki

An Update on Modulating Beta-Amyloid Production as a Method To Treat Alzheimer's Disease. J. E. Macor, (203) 677-7092, john.macor@bms.com

Beyond Amides: Next Generation of Peptide Therapeutics. J. Moss, jmoss@ppl-sd.com

Design of Multitargeted Ligands for the Treatment of Complex Diseases. J. A. Butera, (732) 274-4289, buteraj@wyeth.com; A. M. Gilbert, gilbera@wyeth.com

Direct Approaches for Identifying all of the Cellular Targets of Small-Molecule Drugs & Mapping their Binding Cavities. B. F. Cravatt, (858) 784-8633, cravatt@scripps.edu

First-Time Disclosures. A. J. Robichaud, (732) 274-4447, robicha@wyeth.com

General Oral Session. J. Zablocki

General Poster Session. J. Zablocki

Lean Thinking & Six Sigma: How Have They Affected Drug Discovery? J. E. Macor; P. L. Ornstein, (317) 276-3226, ornsteinpl@lilly.com

Medicinal Chemistry in Rare, Orphan & Neglected Diseases. R. Muthyala, (612) 624-7120, muthy003@umn.edu; C. N. Eid, (845) 602-8242, eidc@wyeth.com

Mimicking the Effects of Bariatric Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes. S. M. Sparks, (919) 483-1104, steven.m.sparks@gsk.com

NPC1L1 & Second-Generation Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitors. R. DeVita, robert_devita@merck.com; D. A. Burnett, (908) 740-3472, duane.burnett@spcorp.com

Selective CCK Receptor Modulators. S. D. Edmondson, (732) 594-0287, scott_edmondson@merck.com

Selective Targeting of Thyroid Hormone Action for Novel Metabolic Disease Therapeutics. J. T. Koh, (302) 831-1947, johnkoh@udel.edu; P. Webb, (415) 476-6789, pwebb@tmhs.org

Synthesis of Prodrugs: Strategies to Improve Oral Bioavailability. S. Venkatraman, (908) 740-3758, Srikanth.Venkatraman@spcorp.com; A. Palani, (908) 740-7158, anandan.palani@spcorp.com

Update on Nuclear Hormone Receptor- Based Drug Approaches: A Tribute to Ron Magolda. A. J. Robichaud; F. Wu, (203) 791-6317, frank.wu@boehringer-ingelheim.com

Nuclear Chemistry & Technology

Program Chair: S. S. Jurisson, (573) 882-2107, JurissonS@missouri.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Advances in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: From Separation to Final Disposal: A Symp. in Memory of Dr. Charles Madic. L. H. Delmau, (865) 576-2093, delmaulh@ornl.gov; P. Paviet-Hartmann, (702) 895-5488, Patricia.Paviet-Hartmann@unlv.edu

Analytical Chemistry in Nuclear Technology. C. J. Coleman, (803) 725-1160, charles02.coleman@srs.gov; D. Hobbs, (803) 725-2838, david.hobbs@srs.gov; D. E. Hobart, (505) 667-0205, dhobart@lanl.gov

Glenn Seaborg Award Symp.

Lanthanides & Actinides: A Chemist's Perspective. L. C. Francesconi, (212) 772-5353, lfrances@hunter.cuny.edu; C. Cutler, (573) 882-4211, cutlerc@missouri.edu

Organic Chemistry

Program Chairs: S. M. Sieburth, (215) 204-3037, scott.sieburth@temple.edu; A. F. Abdel-Magid, (215) 913-7202, afmagid@comcast.net

Abstracts due Oct. 19. Oral & poster submissions accepted for all topics.

Asymmetric Reactions & Syntheses.

Biologically Related Molecules & Processes.

Chemistry for a Sustainable World.

Heterocycles & Aromatics.

Material, Devices & Switches.

Metal-Mediated Reactions & Syntheses.

Molecular Recognition & Self-Assembly.

New Reactions & Methodology.

Peptides, Proteins & Amino Acids.

Physical Organic Chemistry: Calculations, Mechanisms, Photochemistry & High-Energy Species.

Total Synthesis of Complex Molecules.

Petroleum Chemistry

Program Chair: K. Fjare, (580) 767-7264, kristi.a.fjare@conocophillips.com

Abstracts due Nov. 5.

3rd Intl. Symp. on Hydrogen from Renewable Sources & Refinery Applications. V. Subramani, (630) 420-5583, velu.subramani@bp.com; C. Song, (814) 863-4466, csong@psu.edu; S. Katikaneni, Sai.katikaneni@aramco.com

Advances in High-Throughput Catalyst Development & Screening. C. Zhang, (509) 492-1658, conrad.zhang@kior.com

Chemistry of Petroleum & Emerging Technologies. K. Fjare

CO2 Sequestration & Utilization for Enhanced Oil Recovery. J. M. Andresen, john.andresen@nottingham.ac.uk; S. Katikaneni

Heavy Oil Production, Processing & Fouling. J. F. Schabron, (307) 721-2445, jfschabr@uwyo.edu

Middle Distillates & Lube Oils. C. S. Hsu, (630) 420-5437, sam.hsu@bp.com

Poster Session. K. Fjare

Physical Chemistry

Program Chair: M. A. Johnson, (203) 432-5226, mark.johnson@yale.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Dynamics in Clusters & Floppy Systems: Theory & Experiment. J. M. Lisy, (217) 333-2898, j-lisy@uiuc.edu; A. B. McCoy, mccoy@chemistry.ohio-state.edu

Fluorescent Probes in Biophysics & Chemistry. C. Burda, (216) 368-5313, burda@case.edu; K. Hamad-Schifferli, (617) 452-2385, schiffer@mit.edu; H. Mattoussi, (202) 767-9473, hedi.mattoussi@nrl.navy.mil; S. Weiss, (310) 794-0093, sweiss@chem.ucla.edu

Measuring & Manipulating Condensed-Phase Chemistry in Time & Frequency: Celebrating 50 Years of the Laser. N. E. Levinger, (970) 491-1331, levinger@lamar.colostate.edu; V. Kleiman, (352) 392-4656, kleiman@chem.ufl.edu

Multiscale Nanomaterials, Polymer & Biomolecular Dynamics. R. Hernandez, (404) 894-0594, hernandez@gatech.edu; C. F. Landes, (713) 348-4561, cflandes@rice.edu

Optical Science & Emerging Energy Technologies. R. A. Walker, (301) 405-8667, rawalker@umd.edu; J. C. Owrutsky, (202) 404-6352, jeff.owrutsky@nrl.navy.mil

Physical Chemistry of Ionic Liquids. J. F. Wishart, (631) 344-4327, wishart@bnl.gov; E. W. Castner Jr., (732) 445-2564, ed.castner@rutgers.edu

Physical Chemistry Poster Session. M. Johnson

Recent Advances in Observational & Experimental Astrochemistry. T. Orlando, (404) 894-4012, thomas.orlando@chemistry.gatech.edu; G. A. Blake, gab@gps.caltech.edu

Polymer Chemistry

Program Chairs: K. L. Kiick, (302) 831-0201, kiick@udel.edu; G. N. Tew, (413) 577-1612, tew@mail.pse.umass.edu; J. G. Linhardt, (585) 338-5256, Jeffrey_Linhardt@bausch.com

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Engineering the Biology-Materials Interface (Oral & Poster submissions). V. Rotello, (413) 545-2058, rotello@chem.umass.edu

Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research (Oral & Poster submissions). H. N. Cheng, (302) 995-3505, hcheng@herc.com; C. J. Ellison, (512) 471-6300, ellison@che.utexas.edu; T. E. Long, (540) 231-2480, telong@vt.edu; E. H. Martin, (215) 641-7034, emartin@rohmhaas.com

General Topics in the Characterization of Polymers (Oral & Poster submissions). D. Garcia, (610) 878-6731, dana.garcia@atofina.com; D. J. Nelson, (405) 325-2288, djnelson@ou.edu

General Topics in the Design & Synthesis of Polymers (Oral & Poster submissions). D. Garcia; D. J. Nelson

Nanoscience in Polymer Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions). D. J. Nelson

Nanostructured & Electroactive Polymers (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Hopkins, (626) 395-6335, alanhoppy@hotmail.com; A. Briseno, (413) 577-1210, abriseno@mail.pse.umass.edu; R. M. Villahermosa, (310) 336-1301, randy.villahermosa@aero.org; S. R. Halper, shalper@aero.org

New Catalysts in Polymer Synthesis (Oral & Poster submissions). L. Jia, (610) 758-5715, lij4@lehigh.edu; G. W. Coates, (607) 255-5447, gc39@cornell.edu

Nonconventional Functional Block Copolymers (Oral & Poster submissions). P. Theato, theato@uni-mainz.de; A. F. M. Kilbinger, akilbing@uni-mainz.de; E. B. Coughlin, (413) 577-1616, coughlin@mail.pse.umass.edu

Paul J. Flory Polymer Education Award (Oral & Poster submissions).

Polymer Innovations & the Global Economy: Sustainability Challenges & Commercial Opportunities (Oral & Poster submissions). D. W. Smith Jr., (864) 656-5020, dwsmith@clemson.edu; R. Advincula, (713) 743-2701, radvincula@uh.edu; K. O. Havelka, (440) 796-4712, kohavelka@gmail.com

Polymers for Energy Applications (Oral & Poster submissions). M. A. Hickner, (814) 867-1847, hickner@matse.psu.edu; Q. Wang, (814) 863-0042, wang@matse.psu.edu

Renewable & Recyclable Polymers (Oral & Poster submissions). G. F. Payne, (301) 405-8389, payne@umbi.umd.edu

Synthetic & Biological Macromolecules for Emerging Nanotechnologies III (Oral & Poster submissions). S. Clarson, (513) 556-5430, stephen.clarson@uc.edu; S. V. Patwardhan, Siddharth.Patwardhan@ntu.ac.uk; K. Shiba, kshiba@jfcr.or.jp; I. Yamashita, yamashita.ichiro@jp.panasonic.com

Undergraduate Research in Polymer Science (Oral & Poster submissions). S. E. Morgan, (601) 266-5670, sarah.morgan@usm.edu; S. Nazarenko, (601) 266-4868, sergei.nazarenko@usm.edu

Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering

Program Chairs: T. R. Younkin, (971) 214-9973, todd.r.younkin@intel.com; J. Pyun, (520) 626-1834, jpyun@email.arizona.edu; C. Soles, (301) 975-8087, christopher.soles@nist.gov; T. S. Emrick, (413) 577-1613, tsemrick@mail.pse.umass.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Bio-Inspired Self-Assembly of Macromolecules. J. K. Montclare, (718) 260-3679, jmontcla@poly.edu; R. M. Kasi, (860) 486-4713, kasi@mail.ims.uconn.edu

Cooperative Research Award Symp. K. N. Wiegel, (715) 836-4815, wiegelkn@uwec.edu

Emerging Technologies for Polymeric Coatings. J. A. Baghdachi, (734) 487-3192, jamil.baghdachi@emich.edu

First International Symp. on Polybenzoxazine. H. Ishida, (216) 368-4285, hxi3@po.cwru.edu

General Papers. New Concepts in Polymeric Materials. T. S. Emrick

Green Chemistry, Materials & Sustainability. C. Soles; T. R. Younkin; J. Pyun

Joint PMSE/POLY Poster Session. T. S. Emrick

Nanostructured Materials for Photovoltaics & Solar Electric Power: Synthesis, Characterization & Device Fabrication. O. L. A. Monti, (520) 626-1177, monti@email.arizona.edu

Peptide-Based Polymers & Conjugates for Nanomedicine & Biomedical Applications. J. J. Cheng, (217) 244-3924, jianjunc@illinois.edu; J. Messerman, (865) 576-2394, messmanjm@ornl.gov

PMSE Young Investigator Symp. C. Soles; T. R. Younkin; J. Pyun

Polymeric Nanocomposites from Inorganic Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Assembly & Applications. E. Zubarev, (713) 348-3761, ez@rice.edu

Supramolecular Polymeric Materials & Polymerization. R. K. O'Reilly, r.k.o-reilly@warwick.ac.uk

Professional Relations

Program Chair: R. D. Libby, (610) 861-1436, rdlibby@chem.moravian.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Genesis of a Chemical Business. A. C. Myers, (765) 497-8340, amyers@basinc.com

Rubber Division

Will not meet in San Francisco.

Small Chemical Businesses

Program Chair: J. E. Sabol, (262) 498-8005, jsabol@chem-consult.com

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

A Critical Look at Global Warming Data. P. J. Bonk, (401) 935-3534, peterjbonk@gmail.com

Algae as a Feedstock for Energy, Chemistry & Environmental Remediation. J. Trent, (650) 604-3686, jonathan.d.trent@nasa.gov

Best Practices for Entrepreneurs. J. E. Sabol

Chemical Businesses Launched from Academic Research. M. S. Chorghade, (508) 651-7809, chorghade@comcast.net

Green Chemistry Is Good for Profitability. N. A. Vaidya, (408) 834-8597, niteen@chirosolve.com

Sustainable Energy Sources & Light-Footprint Usage. J. E. Sabol

Sustainable Innovations in Agriculture & the Food Industry. J. E. Sabol

Sustaining a Chemical Business through Federal R&D Grants. C. White, (650) 269-0401, chris.activespectrum@gmail.com

Sustaining a Work-Life Balance. K. M. Tkaczyk, (775) 782-7095, karen@mcmillantranslation.com

True Stories of Success from Chemical Entrepreneurs. R. Holcomb, (650) 223-4757, rob.holcomb@gmail.com

Women Chemists Committee

Program Chairs: D. A. Brooks, (317) 433-4950, brooks_dawn_a@lilly.com; J. M. Iriarte-Gross, (615) 904-8253, jiriarte@mtsu.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

Younger Chemists Committee

Program Chair: S. R. Pazicni, (608) 262-8546, pazicni@chem.wisc.edu

Abstracts due Oct. 19.

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