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Volume 87 Issue 38 | p. 3 | Letters
Issue Date: September 21, 2009

Eliminate Bottled Water

Department: Letters

In response to your article "Bottled Water Under Scrutiny" (C&EN, July 13, page 22), I submit that we should look not to government agencies to monitor the quality of bottled water, but rather to consumers to eliminate this harmful commodity from our daily use altogether. Billions of petroleum-based bottles are wasted every year in this country after being used to supply a liquid that is readily available from our taps (and, as your article points out, is probably safer than what is sold in those bottles).

It is imperative that our society make the choice to stop purchasing bottled water and to redirect the billions of dollars spent on this environmentally hazardous product to purchasing goods produced by companies that make minimizing their environmental impact a priority. Only then will the bottled water industry appreciate the deleterious effect that their products have on the world we live in.

Brian Trinque

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