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Issue Date: February 16, 2009

Other Problems With Nobel Prizes

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National Meeting Program Moves Online

ACS national meeting and exposition preliminary and final technical programs will no longer be printed in their entirety in C&EN. They will now be available on the ACS website. The full ACS governance committee agendas, the ACS division technical program summary grids, and the full technical program, which have traditionally appeared in C&EN, will be online only. For the upcoming meeting in Salt Lake City, all program information is online at www.acs.org/saltlakecity2009.

This initiative is in accordance with the society's goals of environmental and financial sustainability. Paper will be saved, as will postage and production expenses. Because there will be no lead time required for printing and mailing, national meeting program material will be available earlier than ever before.

Specifically, committee information is available at www.acs.org/spring2009agenda. To access the division technical program summary grids and the online technical program, visit www.acs.org/saltlakecity2009 and select the "Technical Program" link on the left navigation.

C&EN will print essential information in a preliminary program approximately eight weeks before each national meeting. For the meeting in Salt Lake City, this appeared in the Jan. 26 issue. Additional information will appear in the issue of C&EN that is published approximately four weeks prior to the meeting. For the Salt Lake City meeting, this information will appear on March 2.

The technical program will be available online by Feb. 23, one week earlier than in the past. Links to the program will appear in a box in both the online and print versions of C&EN, as well as on the front page of www.acs.org. We encourage divisions to link to the meeting program from their websites. The entire technical program will be available in searchable PDF format on C&EN Online on March 2.

As always, the on-site meeting program book will be distributed in Salt Lake City.

Please direct any questions to Denise Creech at d_creech@acs.org.

I READ with some dismay Rudy Baum's editorial on the Nobel Prizes (C&EN, Oct. 20, 2008, page 5). Since the print subscription brings the issues somewhat late to my desk in India, I am responding only now by adding my own two bits.

People will remember the ruckus created by the AIDS virus and subsequent investigation into Robert Gallo's research by the Office of Research Integrity, as Rudy Baum himself observes. I do not want to defend the prizes, but I would have liked Baum to reflect on this year's chemistry prizes instead.

That the U.S., land of opportunity, booted Douglas Prasher (who isolated the gene for the green fluorescent protein) out of science and research is probably more worthy of an editorial reflection and investigation than someone missing the prize. We all have to reflect on this and probably need to take corrective steps to prevent its repetition in the future.

Gurunath Ramanathan
Kanpur, India

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