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Volume 88 Issue 24 | p. 4 | Letters
Issue Date: June 14, 2010

PD Not The Same As Pd

Department: Letters

I received my edition of the May 24 issue of C&EN this morning. As per usual, I took my first cursory look before breakfast. When I arrived at page 9, I could not believe what I read on the bottom half of the page: “NEW START FOR PD(III) CHEMISTRY.” I have spent over 50 years in the classroom trying to make it clear to my students that PD does not equal Pd! To see such a gross error in such a learned journal is beyond belief!

But when national news anchors do not match plural nouns with plural verbs, I guess that I am expecting too much. They also butcher the subjective tense. I try hard to overlook an individual’s errors, but this headline is beyond my level of tolerance!

Darrell H. Beach
South Bend, Ind.

Editor’s Note: The headline in question contained a typographical error.

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