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Spring 2011 ACS National Meeting

Divisions issue calls for papers for the March 27–31 meeting in Anaheim, Calif.

August 23, 2010 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 88, Issue 34

Calls for papers for the Spring 2011 ACS National Meeting (March 27–31) have been issued. The preliminary program for the meeting in Anaheim, Calif., will be published in the Jan. 31, 2011, issue of C&EN; the technical program will be in the March 7, 2011, issue. The society bylaw governing presentation of papers appears below.

ACS’s Program & Abstract Creation System (PACS) opened on Aug. 23 for Anaheim abstracts. Access PACS at

Society Bylaw Governing Papers

Bylaw VI, Sec. 6, governs presentation at society meetings.

a. The term “paper” shall include any scientific presentation that can be reduced to writing.

b. No paper shall be presented at a national, regional, divisional, or other major meeting unless its title and author(s) appear on the program for the meeting. However, the President, with the concurrence of either the Chair of the Board of Directors or the Vice-Chair of the Council Policy Committee, may authorize an extraordinary symposium at a national meeting provided that

(1) the symposium has as its primary focus significant scientific developments too recent for programming deadlines, and

(2) the request for authorization for such a symposium has been made jointly by a member of the Society and one of the following: the Chair of a relevant Division of the Society, the Chair of the Committee on Divisional Activities, or the Chair of the Committee on Science.

c. No paper by a chemical scientist residing in the United States who is not a member of the Society shall appear on the program of a national, regional, divisional, or other major meeting of the Society unless it be a joint paper with one or more Society members, or unless for a national, regional, or national-divisional meeting the author has been invited to present the paper at a symposium organized by a Division of the Society or by Sections of the Society, and the Chair of such Division or of the host Section has certified to the Executive Director of the Society prior to publication of the program that presentation by the author of such paper is important to the success of the symposium.

d. Rules corresponding to paragraphs a, b, and c of this section for a cooperative meeting shall be subject to agreement in advance between the organizations concerned but should conform, insofar as possible, to this Bylaw and be subject to approval by the Executive Director of the Society.

e. The Society assumes no responsibility for the statements or opinions expressed by individuals in papers or discussions thereof.

f. The President shall have authority to exclude any paper from a program at any time prior to its scheduled presentation at a meeting of the Society.

Board Regulation VII, No. 3, supplements Bylaw VI, Sec. 6, as follows:

a. Authorship of papers shall be accredited only to individuals and not to companies or laboratories.

Note: Contact information for program chairs and symposium organizers is indicated only once in each listing.

b. Therapeutic Papers. It is the policy of the Society to encourage the presentation of chemical papers with pharmacological and physiological aspects but to discourage presentation, by other than qualified clinical investigators, of papers in which clinical interpretations are the principal contribution. Divisions shall adhere to this policy when determining the acceptability of papers for their meeting programs. The Divisions also are urged to exclude from their programs, and especially from any abstracts issued, statements recommending procedures for the treatment of human disease or announcement of any “cures” not confirmed by competent medical authority. Any author contributing a paper that includes discussion of the treatment of human disease must submit for review, by representatives of the appropriate Division, a complete manuscript in addition to an abstract.

Researchers supported by grants or contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense are required to submit proposal abstracts and manuscripts for review by DOD if so specified in the grant or contract. It is the responsibility of the authors to secure approval when necessary and to indicate to program chair that approval has been obtained or is expected.

Notes: Submission of papers for presentation at an ACS meeting does not constitute submission for publication in an ACS journal. Regulations for the acceptance of papers to be presented as part of divisional meetings vary for each division. However, publication of papers in ACS journals is based upon the earliest date of receipt of the complete paper by the appropriate editor.

The council has empowered officers of divisions to request any paper in advance, so that it may be passed upon and an indication made to the author as to whether he or she is to read the entire paper or to abstract it to allow time for discussion.

Special attention should be given to the misuse of trade names, secret formulas, or secret processes in papers at national meetings of the society.

It is requested that authors avoid the use of trade names in papers presented at ACS meetings. Chairs are responsible for enforcing this policy.



Program Chair: A. Mitchell, University of California, Davis, Food Science & Technology, 1 Shields Ave., Davis, CA 95616,

Abstracts due Oct. 22.

AGFD International Year of Chemistry (IYC) Symposium. A. Mitchell; D. Weerasinghe,; M. Appell,; N. da Costa,

Agronomics Chemistry of Natural Resources: Local Production vs. Organic & Production Cost vs. Bringing it to Market (Cosponsored with AGRO).

Bioactives in Food & Natural Health Products: Fundamentals, Applications & Health Effects.

Bioactives in Natural Sweeteners. N. P. Seeram,

Cereal Grains: Chemistry, Nutrition & Health. J. Awika,

Effect of Agricultural Practices & Growth Conditions on Bioactive Compounds. A. Rimando, agnes.riman; L. Yu,

General Papers. A. Mitchell

General Posters. A. Mitchell

Graduate Student Symposium. C. Brine,

IYC Contribution of Women to Agricultural & Food Chemistry. A. Mitchell; D. Weerasinghe; M. Appell; N. da Costa

IYC Public Appreciation of Agricultural & Food Chemistry: Food Tastes Good! A. Mitchell; D. Weerasinghe; M. Appell; N. da Costa

Nanotechnology for Food & Agriculture. B. Park,; M. Appell

Tolerant Crops (Cosponsored with AGRO). D. Kendra,

Tree Nuts. A. Mitchell; F. Shahidi,

Undergraduate Symposium. C. Brine

Utilizing of Waste Products. A. Mitchell; F. Shahidi

Vitamins: Effectiveness of Supplements vs. Food. G. Lester,; M. Appell


Program Chair unavailable at press time.

Abstract due date unavailable at press time.


Program Chair unavailable at press time.

Abstract due date unavailable at press time.


Program Chairs: S. Banta, Department of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, 820 Mudd MC4721, 500 W 120th St., New York, NY 10027 (212) 854-7531,; Venkat Raghavan, Medimmune Corp., One MedImmune Way, Gaithersburg, MD 20878,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

Biofuels. G. Rorrer

Biophysical & Biomolecular. P. Tessier, N. Ratore


Emerging Topics in Protein Engineering. E. Boder

Recent Advances in Biotech Product Development. A. Amanullah, K. Barthouse

Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine. C. Chan

Upstream. F. Chaplen, S. Ahuja, S. Chary


Program Chairs: J. M. Bollinger Jr., Penn State University, 104 Chemistry Bldg., University Park, PA 16802,; D. G. McCafferty,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

Breakthroughs in Biochemistry. J. M. Bollinger Jr.

Discovery of New Drugs & Drug Targets. J. M. Bollinger Jr.

Discovery of Novel Natural Products & their Biosynthetic Pathways. J. M. Bollinger Jr.

Mechanisms of Post-translational Enzyme Activation & Cofactor Biogenesis. J. M. Bollinger Jr.

New Biochemical Methods & Insights. J. M. Bollinger Jr.

Novel Enzymatic Transformations & Mechanisms. J. M. Bollinger Jr.

The Biochemistry of C–H Bond Activation. J. M. Bollinger Jr.

The Biochemistry of Genetic Regulation, Maintenance & Mutation. J. M. Bollinger Jr.

Young Investigators. J. M. Bollinger Jr.


Program Chair unavailable at press time.

Abstract due date unavailable at press time.


Program Chair: T. L. Lowary, Department of Chemistry & Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Carbohydrate Science, University of Alberta, Gunning-Lemieux Chemistry Centre, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2G2, Canada, (780) 492-1861, fax (780) 492-7705,

Abstracts due Nov. 1.

Carbohydrate-Based Immunotherapeutics. S. Sucheck,; P. Andreana,

Click Chemistry Approaches in Carbohydrate Chemistry. Z. Witczak,

General Papers: Glycobiology. T. Lowary

General Papers: Polysaccharides. T. Lowary

General Papers: Synthetic Chemistry. T. Lowary

General Posters. T. Lowary

Hudson Award Symposium (Cosponsored by MEDI & ORGN). T. Lowary

Recent Developments in Characterizing Carbohydrate Structure & Dynamic. R. Woods,; D. Freedberg,


Program Chair unavailable at press time.

Abstract due date unavailable at press time.


Program Chair: S. Murphy, Rayonier, Marketing & Research Center, 4474 Savannah Hwy., Jesup, GA 31545,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

CELL Poster Session. S. Murphy; Y. Hsieh,

Cellulose Biogenesis & Nanostructure. C. H. Haigler,; D. J. Cosgrove,; J. D. Kubici,

Composites from Natural Resources. P. Fardim,

Direct Cellulose Conversion to Chemicals & Fuels. M. Mascal,

Fibers & Natural Resources Nanotachnology (Cosponsored with ENVR). L. Lucia,; N. Savage,; O. Rojas,; T. Wagner,; P. Jones,

Frontiers in Biomass Fractionation. Y. Zhang,; X. J. Pan,

Functional Materials from Natural Resources. F. Liebner,; T. Rosenau,

New Approaches to Lignin as a Chemical Feedstock. T. Elder,; D. Harper,

New Lignin-Based Materials. M. Osterberg,; A.S. Jääskeläinen,

Anselme Payen Award Symposium: Polysaccarides for Sustainable Chemistry. C. Buchanan,; F. Meister,; P. Fardim,; T. Liebert,


Program Chairs: J. M. Smist, Department of Biology/Chemistry, Springfield College, Springfield, MA 01109, (413) 748-3382, fax (413) 748-3761, jsmist@; I. Levy, Gordon College, Wenham, MA 01984,

Abstracts due Nov. 1.

Advances in Teaching Organic Chemistry. S. Hornbuckle,

Applications of Visualization Techniques in the Classroom. T. Greenbowe,

Chemistry Education Research: A Symposium Focusing on the Presentation & Discussion of Graduate Student Research. C. Luxford,; D. Behmke,

Chemistry Misconceptions Research. S. Bretz,

Diversity in Chemistry: Research, Programs & Interventions. M. Grunert,

From Scribbles to Symbols: Investigating the Development of Representational Competence. S. Underwood,; N. Grove,

General Papers.

General Posters.

High-School Program. P. Shin,; J. F. Baumwirt,

Impact that General Education Courses Have on the Understanding of the Nature of Science. P. M. Mayo,

International Initiatives in the Study of Chemistry. M. Koether,

James Bryant Conant Award Symposium.

K–12/College Partnerships To Improve Chemistry Instruction. M. Brock,; E. A. Roland,

Meaningful Learning from Laboratory Work: Evidence & Assessment. J. D. Schroeder,; S. Sandi-Urena,

NSF-Catalyzed Innovations in the Undergraduate Curriculum. S. Hixon,

Online Resources for Chemical Education. J. Penn,; R. Belford,; R. Hanson,

Peer-Reviewed Chemical Education Research. D. Bunce,; S. Pazicni,; V. Williamson,

Pimentel Award Symposium.

Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL). R. Moog,

Research in Chemical Education. B. Gonzalez,; K. Monteyne,

Research in Chemical Education Award Symposium.

Research-Informed Curriculum Development. T. Overton,

Successful Student Chapters Posters. N. Bakowski,

Teaching Safety in the Chemistry Curriculum. D. Finster,

Ethics of Publishing. G. Bodner, gmbod; T. R. LeBon,

Undergraduate Research Posters. N. Bakowski

Unleashing Electrochemistry’s Potential: Resistance Is Futile. D. Yancey,; M. Weber,; S. Fosdick, sfos; K. Blythe,; E. Nettleton,; A. Stafford,

Using Visualizations & Representations To Teach & Learn Chemistry. M. B. Nahkleh; J. Weller,


Program Chair unavailable at press time.

Abstract due date unavailable at press time.


Program Chair: R. Bienstock, rachel


Abstracts due Oct. 18.

Combichem. J. Medina-Franco,

Course Management Systems Integration or Info Resources for Natural Resources. A. Twiss-Brooks,; L. Solla,

Data Archiving, E-Science, Primary Data. L. Solla; R. McFarland,


Employment in Chemical Information. P. Scott

Geochem GIS, Environment. J. Andrea

Internet & Chemistry, Social Networking (Cosponsored with YCC). H. Rzepa,; S. Bachrach,

IP Issues with Natural Resources. P. Scott

Modern Analytical Laboratory, ELNS. D. Martin

Natural Products/Drug Discovery. R. Bienstock; X. S. Wang,

Open Data (Cosponsored with CSA). I. Sens,; P. Rusch,

Reaction Planning/Hendrickson. M. Walker,

Computational Toxicology & Natural Resources (Cosponsored with MEDI & TOXI). A. Tropsha,; A. Richards,; R. Judson,


Will not meet in Anaheim.


Program Chair unavailable at press time.

Abstract due date unavailable at press time.


Program Chair: J. Texter, School of Engineering Technology, Eastern Michigan University, Coating Research Institute, Ypsilanti, MI 48197,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

ACS Award Lectures. J. Walz,

Biomembrane Mechanics & Dynamics. S. Muralidharan,; N. Srividya,

Complex Fluids in Microfluidics. P. Spicer,

Dynamics in Colloidal Dispersions. A. Kabalnov,

Fundamental Research in Colloid & Surface Science. J. Texter

Hydrophobic Surfaces in Nature: Forces, Nanobubbles & Wetting. W. Ducker,

Molecular Processes at Oxide Surfaces. J. Kitchin,

Nanoparticles & Nanostructured Materials for Energy Applications. G. Cao,; H. Yang,

Reactivity, Transformations & Detection of Natural & Engineering Nanomaterials in the Environment. D. Cwiertny,; H. Shipley,

Theory & Modeling of the Individual & Collective Properties of Nanoparticles. Y. Yingling,; D. W. Brenner,


Program Chairs: J. D. Madura, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Center for Computational Sciences & Duquesne University, 308 Mellon Hall, 600 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15282, (412) 396-6341, fax (412) 396-5683,; E. X. Esposito, exe­Research, 32 University Dr., East Lansing, MI 48823, (517) 639-0684,; Michael Feig,; Melissa Landon,

Abstracts due Oct. 30.

Award Symposium.

Chemical Computing Group Excellence Award. C. Simmerling, carlos.simmerling

Drug Discovery. J. Tseng,; S. Wildman,

Hewlett-Packard Young Scholars Award. C. Simmerling

Material Science. E. X. Esposito

Membranes. Michael Feig

Methodology. E. X. Esposito

Molecular Mechanics. Michael Feig; E. X. Esposito

Poster Session. E. X. Esposito

Proteins. Michael Feig

Quantum Chemistry. E. X. Esposito

Waters. E. X. Esposito


Program Chair: S. R. Al-Abed, National Risk Management Research Laboratory, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 26 W. Martin Luther King Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45268, (513) 569-7849, fax (513) 569-7879,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

Advancement on Science & Technology of Recycling Printed Products (Oral & Poster submissions). H. Ng,

Analytical Methods for Quantifying & Characterizing Nanomaterials in the Environment (Oral & Poster submissions). J. Ranville,; L. Ferguson,; J. Field,

Biomass for Sustainable Energy, Contaminant Sorption & Carbon Sequestration (Oral & Poster submissions). G. Geme,

Carbon Cycle at the Natural Systems & Built Environment Interface (Oral & Poster submissions). L. Haselbach,; C. K. Keller,

Contaiminants of Emerging Concern in the Natural & Built Environment (Oral & Poster submissions). R. U. Halden,; T. Jones-Lepp,

Environmental Fate of Dispersants, Wetting Agents & Surface-Active Polymers (Oral & Poster submissions). M. Chappell,

General Posters. B. Nelson,; S. Al-Abed

It’s All in the Water. D. Garshott, garshodm; M. Benvenuto,; N. Savage, sav

Measurements & Methods in Environmental Nanotechnology (Oral & Poster submissions). D. Holbrook,; E. J. Petersen,; B. C. Nelson, bry

Nanotechnology & Renewable Resources: Designing the Future (Cosponsored by CELL). L. Lucia,; N. Savage; O. Rojas,; T. H. Wegner,; P. Jones,

New Energy Technology (Oral & Poster submissions). J. Marwan, info@marwan

New Perspectives & Approaches to Teaching Water Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions). W. Arnold, arnol ; P. Brezonik,

Occurrence, Detection & Removal of Pharmaceutical & Personal Care Products in Potable Water Sources (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Hernandez,; F. Rosario,; M. Wong,

Pharmaceuticals: Occurrence, Fate & Treatment (Oral & Poster submissions). D. Dionysiou,; W. Arnold; W. Cooper,; S. Snyder,


Program Chair unavailable at press time.

Abstract due date unavailable at press time.


Program Chair: V. Subramani, BP Products North America, 150 West Warrenville Rd., Bldg. 701, Office #1131, Naperville, IL 60563, (630) 420-5583,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

Advances in Analytical Characterization of Hydrocarbon Resources. J. Griffith,; M. Afeworki,

Advances in Fuel & Energy Technologies. V. Subramani

CO2 Capture, Sequestration, Conversion & Utilization. C. Song,

Fuels, Chemicals, Materials & Energy from Coal, Biomass, Natural Gas, Coal-Bed Methane & Other Natural Resources. Y. Wang,; T. V. Choudhary,; D. Wang,; S. Ha,

Gas Hydrates, Clathrates & Alternative Energy Sources: Production & Processing Chemistry. A. K. Sum,; C. A. Koh,; E. D. Sloan,

Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology in Fuels & Energy Production. L. Dai, lim; M. F. Durstock,; J. I. D. Alexander,

Role of Catalysis in Fuel Cells. E. Fox,; T. Gennett, thom; U. Ozkan,

Solar Energy Conversion & Utilization for Fuels & Energy Production. R. Koodali,; C. Sattler,; M. Anpo,; M. Matsuoka,

Spectroscopic Techniques To Elucidate Reaction Mechanisms & Structure-Activity Relationships in Fuel Science. H. Idriss,; C. L. Marshall,; J. Spivey,; S. Vasireddy,

Ultraclean Fuels Production & Utilization for Sustainable Transportation. C. Song; E. Fox; S. Chattopadhyay,; X. Guo,


Program Chair: J. Brandes, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, 10 Ocean Science Cir., Savannah, GA 31411,

Abstracts due Oct. 25.

General Geochemistry Papers. J. Brandes

General Geochemistry Posters. J. Brandes

Geochemistry Medal Awards Symposium. A. Bishop,

Geochemistry of Biofuels. L. Katz, lynn; J. Olanrewaju; olan

Oil Spill & Oil Plume Biogeochemistry. J. Brandes; T. Pease

Roles of Geochemistry in Nuclear Fuel Production & Radioactive Waste Management (Oral & Poster submissions). J. Olanrewaju


Program Chair: S. C. Rasmussen, Department of Chemistry & Molecular Biology, North Dakota State University, NDSU Dept. 2735, P.O. Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050, (701) 231-8747, fax (701) 231-8831,

Abstracts due Oct. 29.

General Papers. S. C. Rasmussen

Pioneers of Quantum Chemistry (Cosponsored with COMP & PHYS). A. Wilson,; E. Strom, tom

What’s in a Name? Histories of Units & Constants (Cosponsored with CHED). C. Giunta,


Program Chair unavailable at press time.

Abstract due date unavailable at press time.


Program Chairs: M. Millar, Department of Chemistry, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3400, (631) 632-7909, fax (631) 632-7960,; N. Radu, DuPont, PO Box 80328, Wilmington, DE 19880,

Abstracts due Oct. 25.

Bioinorganic Chemistry: DNA & RNA (Oral & Poster submissions). M. Millar

Bioinorganic Chemistry: Enzymes & Coenzymes (Oral & Poster submissions). M. Millar

Chemistry of Materials (Oral & Poster submissions).

Coordination Chemistry: Characterization & Applications (Oral & Poster submissions). D. Crans,

Coordination Chemistry: Synthesis (Oral & Poster submissions). D. Crans

Early Transition Metal Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions).

Electrochemistry (Oral & Poster submissions). B. Donovan-Merkert, bdono

Environmental Aspects of Inorganic Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions). B. Donovan-Merkert

Heme Modification, Transport & Regulation. E. Hegg,; K. Bren,

Inorganic Catalysts (Oral & Poster submissions).

Inorganic Spectroscopy (Oral & Poster submissions). S. Ronco,

Lanthanide & Actinide Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions).

Late Transition Metal Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions). B. Donovan-Merkert

Magnetic Spectroscopic Approaches to the Study of Metals in Biology. M. Rivera,; P. Basu,

Main Group Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions).

Nanoscience (Oral & Poster submissions). S. Wong,

Organometallic Chemistry: Applications to Materials & Polymer Science (Oral & Poster submissions). N. Radu


Organometallic Chemistry: Applications to Organic Transformations (Oral & Poster submissions). N. Radu

Organometallic Chemistry: Catalysis (Oral & Poster submissions). N. Radu

Organometallic Chemistry: Synthesis & Characterization (Oral & Poster submissions). N. Radu

Recent Advances in Structural Main Group & Organometallic Chemistry. J. Figueroa,; C. Riordan,

Undergraduate Research at the Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry. L. Watson,; S. Smith,


Program Chair: J. Zablocki, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Gilead Sciences, 362 Lakeside Dr., Foster City, CA 94404, (650) 384-8547, fax (650) 475-0450,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

Academic Drug Discovery Centers. J. Zablocki; P. Woster,; C. Bewley,; J. Barrish;

Avoiding the hERG Trap: Solublization Strategies Beyond the Basic Amine. D. Hangauer,; T. Ramsey

Bile Acid Receptor Modulators. Y. Xu,

EFMC: Drug-Target Residence Time. M. Lamb,; K. Augustyns,

First-Time Disclosures. A. J. Robichaud,

General Oral Session. J. Zablocki

General Poster Session. J. Zablocki

Kinase Inhibitors: Next Wave Kinase Inhibitors for Cancer. A. Palani,; J. Chmielewski,; T. Scanlan,; K. Shah,; W. Young,

Lunch-N-Learn Case Study: Medicinal Chemistry: Lifelong Learning Out of School. M. Lamb; J. Barrish,

Natural Products & Natural Product-like Compounds. T. Bannister,; D. Newmann; F. Koehn

Recent Advances in Pain Therapeutics. R. Devita,; D. Paone; S. Hoyt

Revisiting Lipinski’s Rules (or, Bending the Rule of 5). J. Macor,; P. Scola,

Smissman Award Symposium. L. Hurley,

Strategies & SAR of Influx & Efflux Transporters & their Impacts on Pharmacokinetics. E. Kerns,; J. Butera,; L. Di,

Targeting the Ubiquitylation System. F. Wu,


Program Chair: Michael G. Bronikowski, SRNL, Bldg. 773A, Aiken, SC 29808,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

Actinide Materials: Complexity, Nanostructural & Extreme Environments.G. Sigmon,; P. Burns,; R. Ewing,; A. Navrotsky,

Chemistry of Nuclear Fuels in Energy Production (Cosponsored with FUEL).D. Peterman,; L. Delmau,; V. Subramani,

Recent Developments & Future Perspectives for Heavy Element Chemistry.R. Sudowe,; R. Henderson,

Seaborg Award.


Program Chairs: A. F. Abdel-Magid, Chemical Development, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development (Retired), Spring House, PA 19477, (215) 913-7202,; B. Gawley, University of Arkansas, Department of Chemistry, 119 Chemistry, Fayetteville, AR 72701,

Abstracts due Oct. 25.

Celebration of International Organic Chemistry.G. Molander,

Asymmetric Reactions & Syntheses (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Abdel-Magid; B. Gawley

Biologically Related Molecules & Processes (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Abdel-Magid; B. Gawley

Chemistry of Natural Resources (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Abdel-Magid; B. Gawley

Heterocycles & Aromatics (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Abdel-Magid; B. Gawley

Material, Devices & Switches (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Abdel-Magid; B. Gawley

Metal-Mediated Reactions & Syntheses (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Abdel-Magid; B. Gawley

Molecular Recognition & Self-Assembly (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Abdel-Magid; B. Gawley

Multivalent Agents in Therapeutic Development.M. Cloninger,

New Reactions & Methodology (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Abdel-Magid; B. Gawley

Peptides, Proteins & Amino Acids (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Abdel-Magid; B. Gawley

Physical Organic Chemistry: Calculations, Mechanisms, Photochemistry & High-Energy Species (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Abdel-Magid; B. Gawley

Recent Progress in Catalytic & Biomimetic Chemistry.A. Schepartz,; S. Gellman,

Total Synthesis of Complex Molecules (Oral & Poster submissions). A. Abdel-Magid; B. Gawley


Program Chair: K. Fjare, Conoco-Phillips, 1000 S. Pine St., Ponca City, OK 74602, (580) 767-7264,

Abstracts due Oct. 25.

Acid/Base & Zeolite Catalysis (Cosponsored with FUEL).D. King,; V. Subramani,; M. O. Coppens,

Advances in Membrane Reactors (Cosponsored with FUEL).S. Oyama,; T. Tsotsis,

Chemistry of Petroleum & Emerging Technologies (Cosponsored with FUEL).T. Gardner,

Future Fuels (Cosponsored with FUEL).C. Hsu,

Heavy Oils, Resids & Bitumen: Upgrading Chemistry & Process (Cosponsored with FUEL).J. Schabron,; P. Rahimi,; P. Robinson,

Poster Session (Cosponsored with FUEL). T. Gardner

Renewable Platform Chemicals & New Chemical Building Blocks (Cosponsored with FUEL).I. Hermans,; K. Fjare


Program Chair: S. Hammes-Schiffer, 104 Chemistry Bldg., Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

20 Years of Tunneling Pathways.D. Beratan,; J. N. Onuchic,

Chemical Carbon Mitigation: A Physiochemical Approach.A. Bocarsly,; E. Carter,

Chemical Reaction Dynamics at Surfaces: Advances in Experiment & Theory (Cosponsored with COLL).J. Morris,; D. Troya,

Fragment & Local Orbital Methods in Electronic Structure Theory (Cosponsored with COMP).S. Hirata,; J. Z. H. Zhang,

Infrared Spectroscopy of Gas & Condensed Phase Biomolecules (Cosponsored with BIOL).M. Zanni,; T. Zwier,

Membrane Protein Structure & Function (Cosponsored with BIOL). T. W. Allen,; F. Separovic,

Physical Chemistry Awards Symposium. S. Hammes-Schiffer

Physical Chemistry Poster Session. S. Hammes-Schiffer

Quantum Information, Quantum Computation & Chemistry: Experiment & Theory (Cosponsored with COMP).A. Aspuru-Guzik,; K. Brown,

Zewail Prize Symposium.S. Hall,


Program Chairs: K. L. Kiick, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Delaware, 201 DuPont Hall, Newark, DE 19716, (302) 831-0201,; G. N. Tew, Department of Polymer Science & Engineering, University of Massachusetts, 120 Governors Dr., Conte Research Bldg. A617, Amherst, MA 01003, (413) 577-1612, fax (413) 545-2873,; J. G. Linhardt, Polymer & Surface Science, Bausch & Lomb, 1400 N. Goodman St., Rochester, NY 14603, (585) 338-5256, fax (585) 338-0042,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

Aerogels, Foams & Nanoporous Materials (Oral & Poster submissions).M. Meador,; D. Schiraldi,

Batteries & Fuel Cells (Oral & Poster submissions). K. Page

Bioinspired Self-Assembly of Macromolecules (Oral & Poster submissions).R. Kasi; J. Montclare,

Energy & Materials (Oral & Poster submissions). S. Clarson

Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research (Oral & Poster submissions). H.N. Cheng; E. Martin; C. Ellison

Functionalized Polyolefins & ROMP Materials (Oral & Poster submissions).K. Wagener,

General Topics in the Characterization of Polymers (Oral & Poster submissions).D. Garcia,

General Topics in the Design & Synthesis of Polymers (Oral & Poster submissions). D. Garcia

Materials & Chemicals from Renewable Resources (Oral & Poster submissions). P. Smith; R. Gross

Nanoscience in Polymer Chemistry (Oral & Poster submissions). D. Nelson

Polymer Precursor-Derived Carbon (Oral & Poster submissions).D. Smith,; W. Hofman; A. Naskar

Post-Polymerization Functionalization Methods (Oral & Poster submissions). M. Demirors

Undergraduate Research in Polymer Science (Oral & Poster submissions). S. Morgan; S. Nazarenko


Program Chairs: A. Nelson, IBM Almaden Research Center, 650 Harry Rd., San Jose, CA 95120, (408) 927-2449,; J. Pyun, University of Arizona, Department of Chemistry, 1306 East University Blvd., P.O. Box 210041, Tucson, AZ 85721-0041, Phone: (520) 626-1834, fax (520) 621-8407,; C. M. Stafford, Polymers Division, National Institute of Standards & Technology, MS 8542, 100 Bureau Dr., Gaithersburg, MD 20899, (301) 975-4368,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

Bio-inspired Self-Assembly of Macromolecules (Cosponsored with POLY).C. Tang,; J. Montclare,; R. M. Kasi,

Clay/Polymer Composites: From Nanoplates to Nanotubes.A. Takahara,; Y. Lvov;; N. Kotov,

Cooperative Research Award Symposium.K. Wiegel,

Fundamental Topics in Polymeric Composites: Synthesis, Characterization & Processing. A. Nelson; J. Pyun; C. Stafford

Fundamental Topics in Self-Assembly & Processing of Polymers. A. Nelson; J. Pyun; C. Stafford

Fundamental Topics in the Physics & Theory of Novel Polymeric Systems. A. Nelson; J. Pyun; C. Stafford

General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials.D. Schiraldi,

Joint PMSE/POLY Poster Session. D. Schiraldi


Program Chair: R. D. Libby, Chemistry Department, Moravian College, 1200 Main St., Bethlehem, PA 18018, (610) 861-1436, fax (610) 625-7918,

Abstracts due Nov. 8.

Chinese-American Chemical Society (CACS) 30th Anniversary Symposium.L.Hu,

Town Hall Forum & Poster Session.A. C. Myers,


Will not meet in Anaheim.


Program Chair: J. E. Sabol, Chemical Consultant, P.O. Box 085198, Racine, WI 53408-5198, (262) 498-8005,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

Algae as a Natural Resource for Chemicals, Materials & Environmental Remediation.J. Sabol; J. Trent,

Best Practices for Entrepreneurs Panel Discussion. J. Sabol


Carbon Dioxide as a Natural Resource for Chemicals, Materials & Environmental Remediation. J. Sabol

Financial Aspects of Starting, Maintaining & Exiting Your Business.D. W. Gleeson,

Making a Science Fellowship Part of Your Career Path. J. Sabol

Making Running for Elected Office Part of Your Career Path. J. Sabol

Small Businesses in Petroleum & Mining.J. Gerlach,

Small Business Spin-Offs into the Commercial Sector. J. Sabol

Small Chemical Businesses Poster Session. J. Sabol

True Stories of Success from Chemical Entrepreneurs. J. Sabol


Program Chair: E. Warren, U.S. Geological Survey, 345 Middlefield Rd., MS 480, Menlo Park, CA 94025,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

Chemistry & the Environment Film Series. E. Warren


Program Chairs: D. Nelson, University of Oklahoma, Department of Chemistry, 620 Parrington Oval, Norman, OK 73019,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

Community Colleges Contribution to Alternative Energy Systems Education & Training.K. Alfono,; D. Nelson

Hollywood Chemistry. D. Nelson


Program Chair: J. Benham, 3773 Village Ct., St. Paul, MN 55125,

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

International Collaboration in the Chemical Sciences: Best Practices (Cosponsored with PRES). J. Benham

Scientific Freedom & Human Rights in Chemistry & Related Sciences. J. Benham


Program Chair: J. M. Iriarte-Gross, Department of Chemistry, Middle Tennessee State University, MTSU Box X161, Murfreesboro, TN 37132, (615) 904-8253, fax (615) 898-5182,; A. Charlebois, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Department of Chemistry & Geology, M-Sb1-01, 285 Madison Ave., Madison, NJ 07940

Abstracts due Oct. 18.

International Women in Science: Challenges & Triumphs.J. Cohen,

Recognizing & Preventing a Hostile Work Environment (Cosponsored with CHAL). A. Charlebois

Women Leaders in the Global Economy. J. Bryant,; S. Paisner,


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