Volume 90 Issue 13 | pp. 16-17
Issue Date: March 26, 2012

Cover Stories: Big-Picture Thinker

Bob Langer’s Quarter-Century Of Companies

Department: Science & Technology, ACS News | Collection: Entrepreneurs
News Channels: Materials SCENE, Biological SCENE, Analytical SCENE
Keywords: Priestley Medal, entrepreneur, drug delivery, Robert Langer

1987 Enzytech—Microsphere drug delivery (acquired by Alkermes)

1987 Opta Foods—Food ingredients (originally part of Enzytech, acquired by Sun Foods)

1988 Neomorphics—Biocompatible materials for tissue growth (acquired by Advanced Tissue Sciences and Smith & Nephew)

1992 Focal—Biodegradable materials for prevention of surgical adhesion (acquired by Genzyme)

1993 Acusphere—Imaging agents with porous microsphere technology

1993 EnzyMed—Combinatorial pharmaceuticals (acquired by Albany Molecular Research)

1997 Advanced Inhalation Research—Pulmonary drug delivery (acquired by Alkermes)

1998 Reprogenesis—Scaffolds for tissue growth (merged with Creative Biomolecules and Ontogeny to form Curis)

1998 Sontra Medical—Transdermal drug delivery (renamed Echo Therapeutics)

1999 Transform Pharmaceuticals—Polymorph crystallization (acquired by Johnson & Johnson)

1999 MicroCHIPS—Silicon-chip-based drug delivery

2000 Combinent Biomedical Systems—Transvaginal drug delivery

2001 Momenta Pharmaceuticals—Complex-sugar-based therapeutics

2003 Pulmatrix—Inhaled therapeutics

2004 Pervasis—Therapeutics for vascular healing

Polymeric scaffold.
Credit: InVivo Therapeutics
InVivo Therapeutics scaffold for spinal cord injury
Polymeric scaffold.
Credit: InVivo Therapeutics

2005 Living Proof—Hair and skin care products

2005 Arsenal Medical—Nanofiber-based drug delivery (now Arsenal Vascular and 480 Biomedical—Bioresorbable scaffolds)

The T2Dx from T2 Biosystems.
Credit: T2 Biosystems
The T2Dx from T2 Biosystems.
The T2Dx from T2 Biosystems.
Credit: T2 Biosystems

2005 In Vivo Therapeutics—Scaffolds for spinal cord therapy

2006 T2 Biosystems—Nanoparticle-based diagnostics

2006 Semprus BioSciences—Medical device coatings

2006 BIND Biosciences—Targeted nanoparticle-based therapeutics

Blood collection device.
Credit: Seventh Sense Biosystems
Seventh Sense Biosystem’s touch-activated phlebotomy device.
Blood collection device.
Credit: Seventh Sense Biosystems

2007 Selecta Biosciences—Targeted nanoparticles

2008 Seventh Sense Biosystems—Microneedle blood collection technology

2008 Taris BioMedical—Urological drug delivery

2009 Kala Pharmaceuticals—Mucosal drug delivery

2011 ModeRNA—Modified messenger RNA delivery

2011 Blend Therapeutics—Combination medicines

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