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Volume 90 Issue 32 | p. 4 | Letters
Issue Date: August 6, 2012

Green Chemistry Articles

Department: Letters

I just read Rudy Baum’s editorial “Prospects for Rio+20” (C&EN, June 18, page 5). This in the same week that I was privileged to attend the Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference.

Although it is very disappointing to accept the little that will come from Rio+20, the green chemistry conference was energizing, and from the viewpoint of an attendee, a huge success.

I read or at least browse C&EN faithfully, and most weeks I read Baum’s editorial. I certainly knew of the Green Chemistry Institute but had no idea of the size it has become and what is happening as a result of its work. This should be profiled for the whole community of chemists to see. This was my first time to attend. I am a chemist by education and now teach an M.B.A. course titled “Business and Environmental Perspectives” after 20 years of working at the University of Minnesota helping businesses reduce waste and emissions. I will surely have some new material for my class as a result of this conference.

I actually use several articles from C&EN in my class and proudly tell students this magazine goes to a broad audience of chemists. I am concerned that when the new ACS publication on green chemistry is launched later this year, C&EN will carry far less on environmental issues—issues that are important for a general audience.

Reading your editorial prompted me to make time for an e-mail to encourage promoting more about a conference that was successful this week, and at the same time, to pitch for more coverage in C&EN of the Green Chemistry Institute and its work, before and after the new ACS publication hits the press.

By Donna Peterson
Roseville, Minn.

Rudy Baum responds: We at C&EN are excited about the debut of ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering and look forward to reading the scholarly papers it will deliver. However, the existence of the new journal will have no effect on C&EN’s coverage of the environment, which will remain a core element of our Government & Policy Department’s work.

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