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As Thanksgiving approaches, I acknowledge life’s blessings. I asked C&EN colleagues for what they would give gratitude as we observe this quintessential American holiday this week. Many answers are similar: family, good health, employment. Following are some reasons to give thanks in 2012 according to some C&EN folks:

“… for good friends who are always there when I need them for a laugh or a hug, for coworkers who are supportive team players, and for family members who fill my life with love.”—Susan Ainsworth

“… for my family and friends—especially for my husband as we celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary.”—Celia Arnaud

“… for my marriage of more than 31 years to a woman whom I adore, and who is also my best friend, and for two wonderful sons who are living happy, productive lives. I’m thankful for the incredible opportunities I have had in my life. And, as R.E.M. sang, I’m thankful for having the prospect of taking a few more trips around the sun.”—Rudy Baum

“In light of the hurricane, I’m thankful to live at the top of a hill, 18 feet above sea level.”—Craig Bettenhausen

“… for my health. It’s incredible to be here 10 years after having received news of having a life-threatening illness. And my colleagues and superiors at C&EN and ACS made recovery possible by my not having to worry about losing my job.”—Robin Braverman

“… that my legs still allow me to dance and for the enjoyment it brings me.”—Arlene Goldberg-Gist

“… for all the first responders, civil servants, and volunteers who are continuing to work tirelessly to assist those touched by Hurricane Sandy. Without their assistance, so many of the people suffering the devastating consequences of the storm would have less than nothing.”—Elaine Jarrett

“… for the readers of this magazine: Their passion for chemistry, attention to details, and desire to learn more make this job a challenge and an adventure every day.”—Bethany Halford

“… that my friend who is hosting Thanksgiving dinner is letting me bring the pies.”—Cheryl Hogue

“… for spending Thanksgiving with both my fiancée and my family.”—Jeff Huber

“… for the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. I’m always proud to get my ‘I voted’ sticker!”—Jyllian Kemsley

“… for my family, both at home and at work.”—Susan Morrissey

“Thanksgiving this year is for my father. ... Without medical and pharmaceutical advancements, my children would not know their grandfather. So this year I am giving thanks to science.”—Pamela Rigden Snead

“I’m grateful to live in a world brimming with beauty, including shiny blue lizards that dart across a hiking trail, ‘The Pearl Fishers Duet’ from Georges Bizet’s opera, or words of solace between strangers.”—Sophie Rovner

“I give thanks for the animals I share my life with.”—William Schulz

“I am grateful that we still have 164,000 readers.”—Jean-François Tremblay

“I am thankful that I have a warm bed to sleep in at night and can eat whatever I want to eat. Outside my apartment is a disheveled man who sleeps on a bench and eats only what he can find. The only thing that differentiates us is a loving family and a regular paycheck.”—Linda Wang

“I am grateful for the new Administration, which will try to ensure that my family has health care. I am grateful that during the next four years, it is likely that science will be given its due respect and prominence in helping us make decisions that affect the planet and its people. I am grateful to have a daughter who delights me and reminds me every day why I wanted to become a parent.”—Elizabeth Wilson

“I’m grateful to have a job—not to mention one that’s intellectually rewarding and keeps my family together.”—Amanda Yarnell

This year, I am especially grateful for the grace to give and receive forgiveness. For what do you give thanks? Join the conversation.


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Bob Buntrock (November 27, 2012 4:22 PM)
Great thanks offerings. For mine, I’ll paraphrase Rudy Baum’s.

… for my marriage of more than 51 years to a woman I love and adore who is also my best friend, and for being blessed two wonderful “kids” (both adopted) who are leading successful lives and sharing great marriages, and for their collective five children (it’s great being a grandparent), and for a great ride in my chemical career, looking forward to being a Chemist for Life.

Bob Buntrock
Orono, ME

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