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Holiday Wishes à La Tweets

by A. Maureen Rouhi
December 24, 2012 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 90, Issue 52

I’m putting this page together on Dec. 20, my last day in the office this year. Tomorrow, I’m off to take a break from the daily grind and enjoy the winter holidays with family and friends. These holidays are a time of glad tidings and joyful wishes, whatever traditions we follow. For this last editor’s page of 2012, I invited C&EN staff to send glad tidings and joyful wishes to whomever and for whatever suits them. I asked: What do you wish—for the world, the country, for chemistry, your job, your loved ones, yourself?

To fit as many contributions as possible and to engage C&EN staff in a social media exercise, I asked for responses in tweet form: 140 characters or fewer. My harvest is an eclectic mix. The Dec. 14 slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., weighs heavily on us. Our country’s economic uncertainties and their impact on chemistry practitioners concern us. Yet we remain optimistic, with earnest hopes for a better world in 2013 for our loved ones, our country, and every nation.

“Wishing all federally funded scientists safety from the ‘fiscal cliff’ and particularly from sequestration!” —Celia Arnaud

“For my friends and family who struggled in 2012, and especially for those who lost loved ones in Connecticut on Dec. 14, I pray for healing, peace, and even joy, in the new year.”—Susan Ainsworth

“For my country to regain its sanity and enact laws to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and to require background checks at gun shows.”—Rudy Baum

“My geeky Christmas wish is for rational and honest use of science on Capitol Hill in 2013. And a jetpack.”—Craig Bettenhausen

“May 2013 bring peace, prosperity, and good health to our friends, readers, and the world. And I hope chemistry contributes to all of these causes!”—Robin Braverman

“Holidays remind me of the #good and #love in the world. Hoping @WorldPeace & @Santa come sooner. #mayanswerewrong (if you’re reading this)”—Sophia Cai

“I wish Congress would stop sequestration before it happens, start passing budgets on time without continuing resolutions, and put an end to the federal budget uncertainty.”—Britt Erickson

“In Germany most folks light a gazillion fireworks for Silvester aka New Year’s Eve & will wish others a ‘good slide’ in to 2013. Slide well all!”—Sarah Everts

“Snow brings delight, yet...
Cold wind bites at fluffy coat
Sun, return to shine”—A Corgi's Winter Haiku Wish, Ty Finocchiaro

“Good 2013 to humble journalists, who speak truth to power, who enlighten others’ lives with knowledge.”—Josh Fischman

“I wish for us all a warm childhood memory that brings happy smiles in good times but can be clung to in rough times, like now.”—Robin Giroux

“Sending heartfelt wishes to all those grieving a loss, wishing you comfort and peace.”—Cheryl Hogue

“I hope that each day of 2013, and not just Jan. 1, brings about feelings of hope and great possibility.”—Jeff Huber

“I hope that all of the world’s stray dogs, cats, and other companion animals are able to find food, shelter, and love this holiday season.”—William Schulz

“The world spends more than $1.7 trillion annually on weapons. I’d spend it on chemistry and science to make a better, healthier, and sustainable world. Just imagine, as Lennon said.”—Alex Scott

“I am keeping those who are job searching in my thoughts, and pray that 2013 brings some much-needed good news.”—Linda Wang

“For my father-in-law, whom I admire enormously for his courage, I wish for healing and renewal.” (Name withheld upon request)

For my part, my wish is for our leaders to get beyond ideology and work together to address the urgent challenges facing our nation and our planet.

What about you, dear reader? What do you wish—for the world, the country, for chemistry, your job, your loved ones, yourself?

On behalf of my C&EN colleagues, I wish you happy holidays and a happy new year.

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