December 24, 2012 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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December 24, 2012 Issue

Volume 90, Issue 52
December 24, 2012 Issue, Vol. 90 | Iss. 52
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Designing Proteins From Scratch
Rules integrate structure and function, enabling scientists to design better protein catalysts
Laser Tools Advance Chemical Analysis
New technologies achieve near-atomic-resolution crystal structures and blindingly fast spectroscopic measurements
Easier Path To Leading Antimalarial Drug
Continuous-flow strategy for scaling up natural product synthesis could bring down the cost of the drug artemisinin
Frustrated Lewis Pairs Go Hydrogenating
Lewis acid-base pairs with metal-like reactivity add new facet to synthetic chemistry
Membrane Unmixes Oil And Water
Hydrophilic-oleophobic combo could clean up oil spills, treat wastewater, purify fuels, separate emulsions
Adding Functionality To Aliphatics
An iridium catalyst transforms a primary C–H bond of an alcohol or ketone to an OH group, forming 1,3-diols
Integrating Man And Machine
Materials science developments advance the integration of electronics and tissue
Watching Nanocrystals Grow
Electron microscopy visually probes reaction dynamics in liquids
Chemistry Nobel Goes To GPCR Research
Scientists shed light on molecular workings of signaling proteins
Misfolded Proteins Link Brain Disorders
Studies this year suggest that the odd proteins of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s behave like the infectious agent of mad cow disease
Opioid Receptor Gang Of Four
Two teams raced to publish the structures of four membrane proteins that control pain and pleasure signaling in the body

News of the Week

Preliminary Hearing Ends In A Cliff-hanger For Chemistry Professor Charged With Felony Labor Code Violations

Lab safety: Judge to decide in February 2013 whether case against UCLA’s Patrick Harran goes to trial

Richard J. Engler Nominated To Chemical Safety Board

Labor, environmental leader awaits Senate action on nomination

Uptick Expected In U.S., European Chemical Output In 2013

Economy: After stumbling in 2012, chemical producers look to a tepid recovery

Fighting Soot In The Air

Clean Air: EPA tightens rules for fine-particle pollution; industry cries foul

Molecules Cooled To Near Zero

Physics: Supercooling, first done in atoms, now has been done to hydroxyl radicals, enabling quantum chemistry

Whistle-Blower Wins $8 Million In Pigment Dumping Case

U.S. CEO helps government make case against Japanese firm

Whole-Genome Sequencing Of Single Cells

Molecular Biology: New DNA amplification method improves sequencing of single cells?

Gene Pollution In China’s Rivers

Biotechnology: Lab plasmids that confer antibiotic resistance may have escaped to the environment

Polymer Linkers Play Important Part In Mechanochemical Reactions

Mechanochemistry: Seemingly innocuous molecular groups can boost reaction rate three orders of magnitude

PPG To Acquire AkzoNobel’s U.S. Paint Business

Acquisitions: Sale ends four-year run in the U.S. for the Dutch firm

Regulating Drug Compounders

Drug Safety: FDA pushes for new oversight of large compounding pharmacies