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Volume 90 Issue 8 | p. 5 | Letters
Issue Date: February 20, 2012

A Modest Proposal

Department: Letters

As a “home brewer” of biodiesel from waste vegetable oil, I find it always exciting to read about biodiesel in C&EN (Jan. 16, page 31). I have been producing and using it in dozens of different makes/models for the past six years with great success!

I was greatly concerned when I read that the Navy is using algae-based biofuels for aviation and marine purposes, and I would like to make a competitive bid. The Navy contract is for $12 million for 450,000 gal, which comes to $26.67 per gal. My fuel costs between $0.24 and $1.08 to produce; I’ll mark it up only 1,300% and save the taxpayers $6 million dollars.

By Barry Latham
Homewood, Ill

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