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Issue Date: January 21, 2013

Close To Home In Sandy’s Aftermath

Department: Letters

Thank you for the photo of Belmar, N.J., and the corresponding article (C&EN, Nov. 19, 2012, page 10).

My in-laws live in Belmar. They made it through the storm without major damage, although their home is located within a block of the beach. The beach is now inaccessible; huge piles of sand, a broken boardwalk, nails, and wreckage make it too dangerous to walk on. A second row of piled sand blocks the view of and the path to the water from Ocean Avenue. Many homes are water-damaged. One I saw was burned from an electrical fire. Silver Lake is ruined; all the trees and shrubbery are gone. I didn’t see any swans or geese. Police are constantly patrolling to keep people out of dangerous areas and to prevent looting. It’s sad and surreal, but there is also opportunity, I guess, for those who have the means to rebuild or purchase. Many houses are for sale, including the house next door to my in-laws’ home.

Again, thank you for bringing attention to the national security issue, the New Jersey shore, and Belmar in particular.

Deborah Fox Walsh
Horsham, Pa.

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